Travel day to Oakdale Wisconsin

  Sunday (7/9) was another travel day, we were all packed up and rolling by 9 and headed 220 miles east to our next destination at the Oakdale Wisconsin KOA for a 1 night stay.

 Once again it was a pretty ho-hum freeway driving day but it got us where we needed to be. Actually we picked Oakdale as a stopping spot because we had one night to kill before getting to our first planned reservation on the 10th. If you remember a number of updates back we mentioned that we did something that we don’t normally do, make numerous reservations in advance because we had heard it’s rough to just wing it in the Northeast because of the short summer window and I started them in Madison Wisconsin on July 10th.

 Anyway once we were set up in our site and had a bite to eat we took off on our normal driving tour of the area. To be honest there wasn’t much to see in Oakdale with a population of 290 so we drove about 15 miles north to a small town called Tomah which had a population of 9,000. There was a bit more to see and a nice lake to drive around but it still didn’t occupy a bunch of time so we headed back to Oakdale and then another 8 miles south to Camp Douglas which has a population of 614. Ok, we gave up after that and just headed home LOL!!

 By that time it was time for dinner and we just chilled the rest of the night. Oh we had another nice thunder & lightning storm in the middle of the night but there was no wind involved so we pretty much slept right through it.

 Hey, this might be our shortest update ever LOL!!!

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