Headed to Rapid City South Dakota

Well here we are, Monday (6/26) and with it came another travel day. We were only going to travel 55 miles to our next destination so the hardest part of the day was going to be hanging around our site in Spearfish as long as we could and poke along as long as we could between campgrounds so that we didn’t get there to early LOL!! That goes completely against the grain of how I normally operate on travel days.

But we managed just fine. We rolled out of our site at 10am, then found a spot to hook up the truck and poked along on I-90 East. I nestled in behind a guy pulling a 5th wheel that wasn’t in any hurry either. Well the speed limit was 75 and we ran 65 so we weren’t going crazy slow.

Once we rolled into the campground we went inside to check in and see if we would be lucky enough that our site was empty. The lady at the desk said that the computer didn’t show it empty but if we wanted to take a drive by the site to check we could, and we did, and it was empty!!! So we headed back to the office, checked in and headed to our new home for the next 4 nights.

Because we were getting so close to the 4th of July and had no place planned to stay we asked if by chance we could hunker down here until the 5th but no way Jose, they were full starting the 1st. Hmmm, we have been down this road before by not planning far enough in advance around holidays and then scrambling to find any old spot we could. After almost 5 years you would think we would have learned by now.

After getting set up we checked out the park a little and took a short driving tour before returning home and tossed a couple pork chops on the BBQ and chilled outside until the sun went down.


Tuesday morning (6/27) I walked over to the Pickleball Courts to check out the local talent while Diane was getting ready for a day trip we had planned. I guess they gather each morning at 8 to play but only 8 or 9 people showed up this particular morning. It was pretty breezy so maybe that’s why the turnout was light but I’m beginning to think that South Dakota has a middle name “Windy”. South “Windy” Dakota, yup I think that’s it LOL!!

By about 9 we were ready to roll. Our plan for the day was drive to Custer State Park. I have been here twice before on motorcycle rides and Diane was with me on one of those rides but we figured we were in the area so why not go a 3rd time.

As soon as we got to the park we paid or $20 entry fee (per carload and good for 7 days) and then headed to the visitor center. We watched the information movie first thing (in some VERY comfy chairs on a GREAT screen I might add) and then walked around a bit before heading out on a drive.

We figured we would drive through again during our visit so our main focus today was to drive the Wildlife Loop and then drive into Custer for some lunch and then drive back through the park again on our way home.

On our way through going we only happened across 1 lonely Bison, a few Prong Horn and a couple deer. Completely different from our other visits.

At the end of Wildlife Loop we made a stop at Legion Lake and took a short hike around it and then made another stop at Stockade Lake before heading on to the town of Custer.



After a short driving tour in town we stopped at the Sage Creek Grille for a light lunch and then drove up the road to Bobkat’s Purple Pie Place for desert. Mmmmmm Rhubarb pie alamode.


After our bellies were good & stuffed we headed back to Custer State Park and the Wildlife Loop, this time with different results that were more reminiscent of our previous visits.



Once leaving the park we took a little longer route home through Keystone but we didn’t stop. By that time the day was growing long and there was a pretty big dark bank of clouds right behind us.

Once we got home we put the chairs out to watch the clouds but that was short lived because the wind picked up and the rain started coming down. The next thing I knew I was pulling in one of the slides to protect from the strong wind and driving rain, dang!!

After the front went by I ran the slide back out and we spent the rest of the evening just chilling.

It was a another good day other than the little storm.

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2 Responses to Headed to Rapid City South Dakota

  1. Connie says:

    Love the Black Hills region….a fav for sure!

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