Clyde Holliday State Park

 We mentioned in our last update that Tuesday (6/6) rolled around and we lifted our jacks and started our move east.

 We lifted our jacks at about 8:45 and made our way to Gordy’s Truck Stop to fill up with fuel and dump our tanks. I know I have mentioned this before but if you spend I think $50 on fuel you can use the dump station for free at Gordy’s so keep that in mind if you are in the area. Otherwise there is an $8 fee.

 Diane drove the truck when we left Bob & Karen’s so she could stop at the fruit stand while I fueled and dumped and then we hooked up in the truck parking lot which worked out well because we have used the dump station before with the truck (or Jeep back in the day) hooked up and we were long enough that we sort of blocked one of the exits.

 After hooking up we finally hit the road close to 10, about an hour later than I normally like but oh well.

 We drove HWY 97 north through Bend and to Redmond where we cought HWY 126 to Prineville where 126 turned into HWY 26 which we drove the remainder of the way. Hwy 26 takes you through a few small towns but mainly has you wandering through some very pretty country on some great motorcycle roads that we have ridden a few times in our previous life and have done 3 times now in the motorhome. It’s all good 2 lane roads with a few up and down grades and a few sections of 30 MPH twisties but nothing to worry about even in the biggest of rigs.

 Once we reached Clyde Holliday State Park we unhooked the pickup in the rest area parking lot that is located just outside of the park and I took a drive through to see what was available and to my surprise good ol site #13 was available, the same site we had stayed in the last two time we have been here. I think the only reason it was available is because the sprinklers were running and hitting the site so everyone drove on by because the campground was pretty full.

 I tossed a chair in the middle of the parking pad and hunted down the park ranger to ask if I could move the sprinklers and then headed out to get Diane and the motorhome. Site #13 (and most of the sites) is long and nice and level so setting up was a breeze and we were all settled in by about 1:30.  A nice 175 mile travel day under our belt.

The campground is hidden in the tree's so if TV is important to you,,,, good luck LOL!!

The campground is hidden in the tree’s so if TV is important to you,,,, good luck LOL!!

 We have now stayed at Clyde Holliday State Park in June, July and August and I’ll say that our stay this time certainly has more mosquitos and the Cottonwood Trees were really puffing out the pollen compared to our previous stays but that does not take away from the very pretty setting.

Site #13

Site #13

 Here is a link to one of our other stays ere in case you are interested.

 Because we have stayed in this area a couple times and have done a good amount of touring AND we are headed to areas we have never been we decided to do something we don’t normally like to do and spend just 1 peaceful night here. AND we have already altered the route that I had made in Jell-O for our route to Michigan LOL!! That didn’t take long but that’s the beauty of this life style, if you want to make a change just do it, no worries.

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