A short but sweet stay in Eugene Oregon

**Of course we are behind on updates so this is a catchup.**

Well we have been settled in at Eugene for a few days now and if nothing else it has been a great time to check for leaks in the RV and truck because there sure wasn’t a shortage of water falling from the ski LOL!!! In all seriousness if all we had to do was sit inside we don’t mind the Oregon rain now and again, it’s a little refreshing after all of the dry, warm, blue skied days we have experienced over the winter down south. *** (Imagine that screeching sound of a needle scrapping across a record and I’m assuming most of our followers are old enough to have experienced records) *** WHAT THE HELL ARE WE SAYING!!!! It’s damn miserable LOL!!!

(4/25) As we mentioned in our last update we didn’t do much Monday other than travel to Eugene and pretty much chill the rest of the day but Tuesday we ventured out. I stopped in at Freightliner and set up an appointment for early Friday morning to have service done on the motorhome, I called to have our mail sent to our next stop, I actually contacted our next stop and moved our arrival date up by 3 days because we figured there was no real good reason to make a short 3 day stop between here and there and have to set up and tear down in the rain just to be stuck inside, and we went out for a drive around town because it looked like the best weather day to do it. Other than that we can call Tuesday a 1 paragraph day LOL!!!

Wednesday (4/26) after being woken by heavy rain beating on the roof we chilled around home until about 11am when we headed over to our friends Lee & Coleen’s house for a visit. When we got there our mutual friends Jimmie & Ted where also there to join us for a great Taco lunch and a short visit on their way to Hood River for a getaway.

After lunch while sitting around visiting Deana (One of Lee & Coleen’s daughters) stopped in to say hi. She had hoped to make it for lunch but she is one of those top notch realtors and of course they cater to the customers schedule and wasn’t able to make it in time but there were plenty of leftovers so she didn’t go un-feed.

After lunch and visiting Jimmie & Ted and Deana headed off to do their things and Coleen & Lee and Diane & I dove into a game of Chicken Foot. Out of all the times we have played Chicken Foot together I had yet to win a game until this time, I think they were just feeling sorry for me but hey, a win is a win LOL!!

As always we had a lot of laughs playing and afterwards sat around catching up and telling stories until we looked up at the clock and realized it wasn’t far from 8 o’clock!!! Damn we were all going to turn into pumpkins soon so we said our (see ya later’s) with a plan to meet the following day for lunch and away we went headed for home. A great day.

Thursday (4/27) even after a good night’s sleep I woke up in a lazy mood, and Diane, well I think she just woke up in her normal lazy morning mood LOL!!! So it was a good thing we had nothing planned until 1pm when we were to meet Lee & Coleen and Deana at Papa’s Soul Food & BBQ joint for lunch.

Lee & Coleen introduced us to Papa Souls last year during our visit and everyone enjoyed it so much that it just made sense to eat there again this year. And just like last year after everyone (well that we thought was everyone) arrived we were surprised by Deana’s daughter (and of course Lee & Coleen’s granddaughter) Bailey joining us.

I can’t remember what everyone had but I had the fried catfish with fried okra & yams and it was very good. Diane also had the catfish but had beans instead of Okra and enjoyed hers as well and we both had leftover catfish to take home.









After lunch we said our “see ya later’s” to Deana & Bailey and jokingly set another lunch date for the same place & same time next year LOL. Heck why am I laughing, it will probably happen.

It so happened that Lee & Coleen and Diane & I all wanted to go to a World Market store just up the road so we all said our “see ya later’s” there after our huge shopping sprees (NOT).

We all know each other from when we lived in Grants Pass and Lee & I have gone on a number of day rides and week-long boy’s rides on motorcycles so it’s always fun to get together. We will be looking forward to the next time.

After lunch we headed over to Café’ Yumm’s so Diane could pick up a couple jars of their Yumm Sauce. It’s one of her favorite little things and we just can’t get it anywhere else in our travels so it’s a must when we are in the area.

There wasn’t anything else we really wanted to do in the area so we just headed home and putzed around the rest of the day. I took the bikes of the back of the motorhome and mounted them on the pickup in preparation for our service appointment the following morning on the motorhome and I disconnected the water I septic hose so I didn’t have to mess with it Friday morning and we could make a quick & early 7:15 departure with as little to do as possible.

 Friday morning (4/28) we did our morning routine at a faster than normal pace, lifted jacks about 7:15 and headed to the local Freightliner shop for our appointment to have the engine serviced on the coach. And as you RV owners know having service done on a RV is a far cry from just driving through a quick lube LOL!!

Oh, you might remember in a couple of our previous updates we talked about a Freightliner recall on a brake pedal spring that we were really not having a problem with but decided to have the recall done anyway just in case only to THEN have the problem rear its ugly head. Well we asked this shop to have a look at that issue as well.

After dropping off the coach I figured best case scenario we would have to kill time at least until noon so we started out by heading to an Elmer’s Pancake House for breakfast.

After breakfast we headed over to Cabela’s (Cabela’s is ALWAYS a great place to kill a little time) and then Diane went into a couple other shops at the mall while I waited in the truck.

From the mall we just headed back to freightliner and chilled in the truck, Diane did some reading and I wasted time by walking around looking at trucks and whatever else I could find to do. I also had a talk with the shop manager about what all happened with the brake pedal.

About 1pm we saw our home roll out of the shop so I made my way to the office to square up. While doing so I was told that the Freightliner shop that did the original recall work on the brake pedal had routed the return spring the wrong way which in turn didn’t pull the pedal all the way up like it’s supposed to when released so they re-installing the spring and that was all that was needed.

Once we finished at Freightliner I drove the coach over to the fuel station and filled up and hooked up the truck and headed south 142 miles towards our next stop in Grants Pass.

We rolled into Jacks Landing in Grants Pass a little after 4pm and got all set up in the same site we have camped in while visiting the area the last 2 times. We sort of like this site because we have sort of a private side yard on our driver’s side and no neighbor. But we make up for that nicety by not having much of a patio on our passenger side.

And we have liked this site in the past because it provided enough space to park the Jeep and Diane’s Prius and the trike when we got here and took them out of storage but now that they have been sold it’s not as big a deal so the next time we come we may just try a different site (if we stay here at all).

In all honesty Jacks Landing is the noisiest and tightest campground we have stayed at in the last 12 months (and we have made that same statement every time we come here) but it is just convenient for taking care of the real life stuff we come here to do like doctors, dentists, financial advisor appointments, going to the storage unit and going out to dinners and visiting friends so we just deal with it.

And in the past it was only $430 per month plus electricity here at Jacks so compared to the state park located 14 miles outside of town where we would certainly stay if we did not stay at Jack Landing that costs $26 per night with just electric & water (and dump station) it was a great deal. However Jacks has new owners and now it costs $530 per month plus electricity for the first month so even though still cheaper than the state park it has certainly changed our thoughts on the place. And to add insult to injury when I tried to pay with credit card they asked for cash or check LOL!! Damn,, no kickback for us.

Anyway, we are all set up and have started taking care of things on our list and have appointments lined up periodically throughout the month so let the real life stuff roll LOL!! And of course we are itching to see friends which is the best part of coming to Grants Pass.

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2 Responses to A short but sweet stay in Eugene Oregon

  1. Paul Waters says:

    Morning Dave and Diane, this is Paul and Kathy Waters. We met twice out in Quartzite in January. Not sure with all the folks in your life that you remember. We’re the Packer fans from Wisconsin. Heard your heading our way this summer. That’s great. We would like to open the door to our place in westcentral wisconsin. We live about 90 miles east of Minneapolis MN. Rural area but beautiful. Anyway we have electric and water. Not sure your plans but we welcome you with open arms. Would love to show you some Midwest hospitality.
    Give us a call at
    Paul Waters
    E9196 1040th ave
    Colfax,WI 54730

    Sent from my iPad

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Hi guys, well of course we remember you lol!!! Thanks for the invite, we will be leaving Grants Pass on June 1st and we have our first actual reservation in Madison Wisconsin on July 10th so it will depend on the timing and the route we take to get there but we would love to see you guys. I have your info safely stored so we will get in contact when we get a little closer. Hope all is well on your end. (Oh and we have other Packer fans as friends and that has never cause a problem amazingly enough LOL!!!)

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