Travel day, a short stay in Yreka and another travel day.

Sunday (4/23), another travel day. Yup after a short 2 day stay at Washoe Lake State Park it was time for another move.

We were ready to roll out of our campsite at 8:30 and rolled down the road a piece to a large gravel turnout where we hooked up the truck and was on the road at 9. ** (note) For those of you that have stayed at Washoe Lake State Park and experienced the lack of water guess what!!?? We actually saw a person skiing on the lake today LOL!!! How is that for a change?

For many of my old riding buddies our route today will be very familiar and one that Diane and I have ridden or drove dozens of times at all times of the year and have always loved it. In fact I think I might have mentioned in one of our updates that I told Diane that when I die she should spread my ashes along parts of this route LOL!!

Once hooked up we made our way to HWY 580 and headed towards Reno where we switched onto HWY 395 headed towards Susanville Ca.. Once a few miles beyond Susanville we switched over to HWY 44 where my favorite section of the run starts and we finally get into the trees once again Awwwww.

We drove 44 about 52 miles to Old Station Ca. where we switched over to HWY to HWY 89 and drove another 80 miles or so through McCloud Ca. and on to I-5.

With all of the rain this part of the country has seen this winter there is water in places we have never seen water before. And probably water where there shouldn’t be water but man oh man did it make for a beautiful drive. In fact I told Diane she was lucky that we were not just driving it in the pickup or on a motorcycle because I would have stopped more times than you could shake a stick at for pictures. But we had to settle for the memory and pictures out the windshield.

Along this route is where I knew there were side roads into the tree’s that we might swing into to spend the night but they all looked pretty wet and tacky so with visions of us buried up to our axles I thought better of the idea. There were a couple gravel spots right along the highway that we could have spent the night but I wasn’t much into that idea either.

Another idea I had was stopping at a campground in McCloud that we have seen dozens of times while riding by but as we came across it we noticed it wasn’t open yet for the season so that was another idea shot dead LOL!! Ok on to our 3rd possibility, a campground in Yreka Ca.

Once we jumped on the I-5 Freeway all the fun was over and Diane grabbed the phone to call ahead to the Yreka RV Park to see if that had a spot for us to spend the night and they did. So she told them we were about 50 miles away and would see them soon. They told Diane the office would be closed until 2 so just grab any site we wanted and square up when they opened.

We rolled into the RV park at 1:30 and went directly to our site after unhooking the truck and was all settled in by 2. Another long travel day for us of 280 miles but it seemed to go by pretty quick with all the great scenery we were able to enjoy.

Today’s run had that, I’m home and on familiar grounds feeling. You know what we mean.

Diane went up to the office once we were all set up and then we just relaxed a bit (meaning I took a nap and Diane did some reading) before jumping in the truck to do a driving tour around town.

We have been through Yreka numerous times on the freeway with maybe a stop at the Black Bear Diner for breakfast or a piece of blackberry cobbler but have never taken the time to wander the side streets of town.

Yreka sits at 2,500 feet elevation in the Shasta Valley, south of the Siskiyou Mountains and north of Mount Shasta and has a population of just under 8000 people.

In March 1851 Abraham Thompson, a mule train packer, discovered gold near Black Gulch while traveling along the Siskiyou Trail from Southern Oregon. This discovery sparked an extension of the California Gold Rush from California’s Sierra Nevada into Northern California. By April 1851, 2,000 miners had arrived in “Thompson’s Dry Diggings” to test their luck, and by June 1851, a gold rush “boomtown” of tents, shanties, and a few rough cabins had sprung up. Several name changes occurred until the little city was called Yreka, apparently taken from a Shasta Indian word meaning “north mountain” or “white mountain,” a reference to nearby Mt. Shasta.

Another story of how the town got its name goes like this. A stranger was wandered around camp and happened across a bakeshop with a canvas sign which had not yet been put up but had been painted and stretched too dry in such a way that the word BAKERY, all but the B, showed through and was reversed. The stranger read it wrong end first, YREKA, and supposed that that was the name of the camp. The campers were satisfied with it and adopted it.

Yreka isn’t very big so our driving tour didn’t take very long but we sure did enjoy looking at some of the old homes and we thought it was very cool that most of them had plaques showing the date they were built and a lot of them were pre 1900’s. Every house in the pictures we are sharing are pre 1900.

Remember the Black Bear Diner we mentioned earlier? Well while driving around we drove by it and I said to Diane, (boy wouldn’t we make my buddy Rich envious if we stopped in and had a piece of Blackberry Cobbler!!). Her response was, (well not really because they now have a Black Bear Diner in Grants Pass where he lives and he can go whenever he wants). Well damn, I knew that but I thought it just might work, my luck Diane was on her game and caught me LOL!!

This is believed to be the first log home to be built in Yreka in 1853.

This is believed to be the first log home to be built in Yreka in 1853.

After our driving tour we headed home ad spent the rest of the evening in front of the TV.

Monday (4/24) was another travel day. After just one night in Yreka it was time to lift our jacks and make another move.

**note, we drove through one of the other campgrounds in town and can say if you need a spot to lay over for a night in Yreka you should use the Yreka RV Park, it was easy off & on I-5, sites where ok sized and all were pull throughs (we are 65’ hooked up so we needed to disconnect the truck but if you are a little shorter you wouldn’t need to).

We were ready to roll at 8:30 and after hooking up the truck we were headed to the freeway at 8:45 headed north 220 miles towards Coburg just north of Eugene.

We had high hopes for a relatively dry travel day but certainly didn’t have our hopes set to high which was a good thing because once we rolled into Oregon we had some stretches of downpours. One section in particular was downright horrible and wouldn’t you know it, it was right were road construction had things torn up pretty good and the lanes squeezed pretty tight with concrete barriers (no pictures of that area, I think we both had our eyes closed).

I was speaking my peace pretty freely by this time about our decision to visit Oregon in May and told Diane that the next time I mention coming to Oregon in May to grab the biggest and hardest thing she can find and smack me right upside the head hard enough that I won’t even wake up until June. About then is when she told me to shut up and drive LOL!!

We rolled into the Armitage County Park Campground about 1 and promptly got set up and settled in. Neither of us felt much like going out in the rain so other than a short jaunt over to Cabela’s (looking for a new camp stove setup) we just stayed around home. But I’m thinking if we want to do anything at all over the next couple weeks we will need to dig our webbed feet out of the closet and buck up.

That’s it for now, we will be here for 4 nights before making another move.

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5 Responses to Travel day, a short stay in Yreka and another travel day.

  1. colibabas says:

    Welcome to our world of cloudy days and rain! That sure looked like a beautiful drive.
    Safe travels!

  2. steve dwyer says:

    I noticed they do tend to have those construction zones in places where the visibility is bad!!

    Nice pictures of the old homes in Yreka.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      No doubt the rain made it worse but after getting set up and reflecting back on that section I’m surprised they didn’t just take it to 1 lane. Hell maybe they did and I just couldn’t tell and I was trying to drive in 1/2 of it LOL!!! That would be like me to do. We have to drive back through that section at the end of the week so I will be sure to watch for that and see.

  3. Jim and Barb says:

    Cool houses in that town. It is fun to explore towns like that and see the architecture and detail in some of those homes.

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