Another visit to Washoe Lake State Park on our way north

Friday (4/21) rolled around and with it a travel day. Only being in this spot for 2 nights we didn’t have much to put away (like we ever really do) and we were packed up and ready to roll by 8:30.

We drove north on HWY 95 just a few miles until we reached the outskirts of Schurz where we veered of onto ALT 95 and stayed on that until we reached Silver Springs where we jumped onto HWY 50 and drove it to Carson City. At Carson we hit HWY 580 and drove it just a few miles outside of town to exit 44. At exit 44 we turned right on Eastlake BLVD and drove just a few miles farther to Washoe Lake State Park making our travel day 110 miles.

If these tree's had leaves it would be pretty I'm sure.

If these tree’s had leaves it would be pretty I’m sure.

We unhooked before going into the park because we knew it was a rather narrow single lane one way loop where we were going and I hate unhooking in places like that and have someone pull up behind us unable to get by and I’m sure they like it even less LOL!! After unhooking Diane took a drive through the campground to scout out a spot.

A short time went by and Diane returned, rolled down the passenger window and said, (you better get in and go for a ride because there are only a couple sites left and I’m not sure we will fit). Well dang, we have stayed here a couple times before and never saw it more than ¼ full so between that and the cold forecasted nights and the dump station being closed due to high waters we didn’t think it would be busy at all. I guess we should have come on Thursday instead of hanging around Walker Lake an extra day.

After our little tour we went back to get the rig and headed to a site I figured we would fit in if we got the shoe horn out. It was a little tight backing in but not all that bad and after getting set up we had plenty of room, life is good.

After getting set up and having a little lunch we headed out for a walk to the lake and man what a difference from our other visits!! There is so much more water that it took away a lot of the walking trails but we enjoyed it none the less. It was just different.

After our walk we jumped in the truck (ya know I still want to say Jeep LOL!!) and took a drive down to a wild life observation area and then to another day use area to take in the sights. We hope you enjoy the pictures.

Diane is enjoying a little different view than we have seen in months. Tree's, water, snow capped mountains, we really are more at home in this setting.

Diane is enjoying a little different view than we have seen in months. Tree’s, water, snow capped mountains, we really are more at home in this setting.

Once back home we kicked back outside a bit and then took a stroll around the campground and yacked with a couple of our new neighbors before making dinner and chilled the rest of the evening.

The Wind Bunch

The Wild Bunch

Saturday (4/22) after a breezy and cool night we decided to take a drive towards Cabela’s in Reno and Scheel’s in Sparks to pay 2 of our favorite outdoor stores a visit, it seems we do that every time we are in the area.

4 wild horses not far from our campground

4 wild horses not far from our campground

A wildlife observation stand.

A wildlife observation stand.

By the time we finished up (without buying a single thing I might add, but we did see the new BBQ setup with our own eyes instead of on-line that we are going to buy when we reach Oregon) it was well into the afternoon and we decided to have a late lunch / early dinner while we were in town and Diane decided to hit the buffet at the Atlantis which surprised the heck out of me because she really doesn’t like buffets all that much.

When we pulled into the parking lot we were floored, we have never seen the parking lot this full and I have been to the Atlantis literally dozens of times during my working days. It turns out there was a girls Volleyball tournament going on and all 1000 rooms at the Atlantis were full and we were told about every casino in town was the same way.

After stuffing our bellies (and I mean stuffing!!!) we waddled out to the truck and made our way home. By that time some clouds had rolled in and a good breeze picked up dropping the temp a little, enough that Diane had enough of the outside and unless I wanted to break down and get out some long pants I wasn’t feeling much different so Diane buried herself in her book while I just putzed around not really doing much of anything useful.

We certainly didn’t need to eat any dinner after gouging ourselves at the buffet so we just killed time the rest of the evening and thought about our travel day on Sunday a little. We really don’t know where we will head and all we know is that we have one night to kill before our reservations in Coburg which is roughly 500 miles away.

It looks like tomorrow will be the last sunshine we will see for close to 2 weeks so we are a little in the dumps about that but we will survive. The worst part is tomorrow will be the last dry travel day we have for a while also and that really sucks so I think with that in mind we might just take off and drive until we don’t want to drive any more stopping just shy of rain at some wide spot in the road in hope of cutting our undoubtedly wet travel day on Monday to a minimum. We know that not much of a plan but it’s all we got LOL!!!

That wraps up this update but here are a couple updates we did about our last stay in this area and they provide a lot more information because we were in tourist mode in case you are interested.

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