Travel day to and a short stay at Sportsman’s Beach

Wednesday morning (4/19) after lifting our jacks and waving so-long to the Wine Ridge RV Park and after filling up with fuel we were on the road at 9am headed to one of two spots, which spot was undecided).

We headed north out of Pahrump on HWY 160 until we reached HWY 95 which we then jumped on and continued northwest. The skies were blue and the wind was calm so it was a perfect travel day.

Our thought for the day was to drive to Millers Rest Area about 10 miles west of Tonopah and make a decision of staying put or continuing on, wind being the key factor. That particular rest area actually has 5 camp sites complete with picnic tables and fire rings as well as a large open area to camp in case the RV sites are full, and the real kicker is that commercial trucks are not allowed so it’s really a pretty peaceful spot to spend the night. Note, there is a 18 hour time limit on stays so you can be pretty certain to find a spot of some sort.

After 177 miles we reached the rest area at 12 noon and pulled in to make our decision and to at least have lunch and stretch our legs. But before I even set the brakes I think we already decided because of the lack of wind we would make it a short stop and continue on which we did after a cup of yogurt each and a short walk around.

By continuing we pretty much committed to another 127 miles until we reached a nice little spot outside of Hawthorne Nevada that sits along Walker Lake that we have stayed at before. So we continued on HWY 95 through Mina and Luning until we reached Hawthorne where we filled up with fuel again before continuing about 15 miles to our new lakeside home making our travel day just over 300 miles of pretty nice 2 lane roads (with a couple sections of road construction), 300 miles!!!! Let’s not make a habit out of that!!!

Speaking of filling up with fuel, while I was standing outside I couldn’t help notice the abundance of honey bees but didn’t really give it a bunch of thought until I went inside and while standing in line some workers came running in talking about the truck load of bee’s outside at the pumps. Yup, at the pump right next to our coach!!

It’s probably hard to see in the picture but this flatbed trailer was full of boxes of bees draped with a thin net that certainly did not contain all the bees. Even after it rolled away as I was finishing up it left a bunch of bees behind flying around. Well believe me I didn’t bother washing the front windshield this time LOL!!!

Once we reached our site and settle in we broke out the chairs and enjoyed the view until it cooled off enough to chase us inside where we had a nice (pre-made the day before in our Instant Pot) Pot Roast dinner before settling in front of the TV the rest of the evening.

Thursday (4/20) rolled around after a great night’s sleep with one exception, it got a little colder during the night than we have been used to!!! We overcame that pretty quickly with a simple flip of the ol Aqua Hot switch.

We didn’t really have a plan when this day rolled around so I put it in Diane’s hands to decide if we were going to lift our jacks and make another move today or stay put for 1 more night. After listening to the cogs turning in her head I got tired of all the squeaking and grinding so I decided to jump on the weather app on my phone and call out some temperatures for here in Hawthorne and for Carson Nevada which will probably be our next stop. Well calling out the temps was like getting out the can of WD-40 because when she heard the difference she called out “STAY PUT” faster than the best auctioneer you have ever heard could talk. (I’m sure I will pay for those comments).


Because we have been to Hawthorne a handful of times we really didn’t see the need to do any touring so we spent a good chunk of the day sitting in our chairs soaking up the sunshine just knowing that in a few short days we would be rolling into Oregon where this sunshine will just be a memory for some time to come from the looks of things.

About 5 we decided to jump in the truck and make the 15 mile drive into Hawthorne to have pizza at the #2 overall rated restaurant and the #1 rated pizza joint in Hawthorne called Old Nevada Pizza. (Note, I think there are only 2 Pizza places in town and only 10 restaurants all together LOL!!).  All joking aside the place is pretty darn small but the pizza was pretty good.

After dinner we rolled on home and that will wrap up our short 2 day stay at Sportsman’s Beach outside of Hawthorne for this trip anyway. We will certainly be back here again if we pass through again.

Oh, here are a few links to our other stays in the area, some are more informative about the area in case you are interested.

Our plan for tomorrow (Friday) is to travel about 125 miles to Washoe Lake State Park about 10 miles outside of Carson City Nevada and spend a couple days. We have stayed there before and enjoyed it and we hear the water is very high in the lake so it should be totally different from our last stay when the lake was basically empty.

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3 Responses to Travel day to and a short stay at Sportsman’s Beach

  1. tchesh49 says:

    Dave, Interested in why you gave up the jeep for a p/u? Getting set to go full timing and trying to find a toad that can be pulled 4 wheels down. Was jeep standard or auto? Is that a Ford F150 4×4? Enjoy all you posts. Been following you for a while.Tom Cheshire

    Sent from Samsung tablet.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Hi Tom, We put the Jeep in storage and bought the F150 because we intend to buy a Can-Am Outlander Max as a new toy in the future and haul it in the bed. The Jeep was a automatic and was a great toad but for us we just didn’t take it out like we did while living in the house and wheeling every weekend. I changed the suspension, did a lift, went to a thick sidewall 35″ tires, changed out the bumpers to heavy after market bumpers, added a winch, added more body armor and on and on to where it wasn’t as comfortable for road trips like the pickup is.
      I did change out the tires on the truck to a set I feel comfortable with taking off-road some so we still have the ability to get most places but certainly not where we could go with the Jeep.

  2. Deb Kyle says:

    Glad you are enjoying the sunshine. Here in the Pacific North Wet (Vancouver, BC) we have had only 3 days of full sun including today since April 1st. Very dreary. Wish we could just turn around and get back down below the “rain line”. Fingers crossed that the weather improves for all of us. Safe travels.

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