Headed to Pahrump Nevada

Friday morning (4/7) we lifted our jacks and departed Mesquite headed to Pahrump Nevada. We had a couple options on routes, one would take us right through the middle of Las Vegas on I-15 to HWY 160 and was the shortest route but also the route with the most traffic and the most road construction. The other route was about 30 miles longer and had us getting off of I-15 before Vegas onto HWY 215 which would take us to HWY 95 north and eventually to HWY 160 and into Pahrump from the north.

Well you know us, we of course opted for the slightly longer route to avoid the traffic through Las Vegas. Even though we certainly avoided road construction and the god awful big city traffic that I hate I might have preferred the snail’s pace stop and go driving to the windy as hell, almost white knuckle drive out through the open country. Either way I guess we were just destined for a PITA travel day, it happens.

** We will also take a moment to make a comment about GPS’s. We bought a Rand McNally GPS designed for RV’s 4 years ago that has been a real pain to update and even when I do a update it seems to be out of date and our built in GPS in the motorhome that is now a couple years old has proven to be not all that reliable. Technology, a true love and relationship. Where are we going with this, well that is as unclear as the directions we get from our GPS’s I guess LOL!! But I’m pretty sure it will come up again sooner than later. **

Even though it was only a 170 mile travel day it seemed much longer because of the wind so after getting settled we didn’t do much the remainder of the day except for our usual drive around the area even though we have been to Pahrump about 4 times now.

Oh, as Diane was checking us in and I was unhooking the truck a motorhome drove by with a guy leaning over the steering wheel as far as he could just waving away, It was Bill, one of the RC fliers and Pickleball players from Palm Creek in Casa Grande!! Once again we say “It really is a small world”. Bill and his wife Paula came by for a visit later in the afternoon which was a treat. I’m sure we will see more of them before they leave on Tuesday.

The entrance to the park.

The entrance to the park.


There isn’t much to talk about as far as Saturday (4/8) goes, it was just too darn windy to do much of anything and enjoy it. We ended up driving out to a golf course community and touring a few model homes and finding the RC Airfield at the edge of town but of course nobody was there because of the wind. Other than that and a couple short walks it was a do nothing day.

Once again I curse Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort for getting us so used to doing something active every day, then when we are places with not much to do it kills us LOL!!


Sunday (4/9) was a lot nicer day, it was just a little hazy but the wind had all but gone away. From what we had heard 9am was the gathering time for most of the Pickleball that is played in the park so of course we walked down to check it out.

By the time we got their games were already going on. It didn’t take long to figure out that the players here like to smash the ball and very little dinking at the net was going on so Diane decided to play spectator instead of the game itself but I on the other hand did play.

For only having 2 courts we had a good crowd of people playing, probably  16 of us so there was a lot of rotating players after each game but they seemed to have a system down. Diane got tired of watching after a short while and decided to go for a walk in the desert while I played until close to noon before heading home.

We chilled around home the remainder of the day with just a couple walks mixed in until after dinner and then Diane and I went down to play a little Pickleball just the 2 of us until after dark when we headed home and killed the rest of the evening in front of the TV.


Monday (4/10) was another beautiful day weather wise, blue skies and no wind and temps got up close to 80.

This park offers a free breakfast 6 days of the week, they skip Sunday, so we made our way down at 8am for waffles, mmmmmm. The park is far from full at this point but there was still a good gathering, not as many as we expected with free food involved but still a good bunch.

We sat around eating and BSing until close to 9 before heading home. At that point I grabbed my pickleball paddle and headed down to the courts, Diane opted to not play again but did walk down later to watch for a while.

Once again a good crowd showed up to play, I would guess close to 20 this time. As it turns out there are a few people that live in a neighborhood outside the park that pay $25 each to have access to the courts and come over to play in the mornings but from what I noticed when a larger group is hanging around to play some disappear pretty quick and the revolving of players goes pretty smooth. In fact once again I played from 9am until 12 and I think I only sat out 3 games which I didn’t mind at all.

After Pickleball I headed home where Diane was sitting outside in the sun reading a book so I joined her and enjoyed some of the great weather we were having. We have been checking weather along the route we intend to take back to Grants Pass and for some reason after seeing the miserable weather up there it makes the weather we get to enjoy just a little bit sweeter LOL!! But that will come to an end pretty soon I’m afraid.

A random shot on our way to breakfast. This is also where they have the Happy Hours.

A random shot on our way to breakfast. This is also where they have the Happy Hours.

The lower and deepest pool.

The lower and deepest pool.

The lower and seldom used pool.

The lower and seldom used pool.

After a while we decided to go in and have a light lunch before jumping in the truck and heading to good ol Walmart to pick up some groceries, one of our favorite things to do, OH SURE, yup. Then after Walmart we headed home and kicked back until 5.

At 5 we headed to the clubhouse for dinner, they were having $1 chilly dogs with either hotdogs or bratwurst.

After eating we went out to a grassy area where the park holds Happy Hour and Game night on Mondays at 6. We were the first to arrive and within seconds a member from the campground brought out 4 beanbag toss boards and some type of Frisbee toss game immediately followed by an oblong metal bucket filled with ice and cans of beer (Budweiser)!! As she walked away she said “if you go through all that I have more inside”. Well now that’s the way RV parks should treat their guests LOL!!

We played games and yacked with fellow campers until just after dark before calling it an evening. I forgot my phone when we headed to dinner so no pictures but we had a great time.


Tuesday (4/11) after getting up and killing some time we headed down to the clubhouse for our free scrambled eggs, sausage and English muffin breakfast. Our friends Bill & Paula were leaving so we enjoyed breakfast with them before saying our “see ya down the road”.

After breakfast we jumped in the truck and headed to the Pahrump Valley Model Aviators Airfield to have a look see. This time there were 5 guys at the field but only 2 flying, once again it was not a perfect day for it.

Not knowing if we would find anyone out there I didn’t have any batteries charged up but I still managed to kill well over an hour chewin the fat and breaking the ice with the guys LOL!!

Now that we have started our slow roll north we have been paying even closer attention to the weather along our route and DANG it hasn’t been pretty. We had hoped to go to La Pine to visit friends before going to Eugene and then Grants Pass but because of the weather we let them know that we were going to skip our visit and maybe do it on the way out of Oregon in June so we could drag our feet a little more while heading north.

The upper and main pool area.

The upper and main pool area.

In tune with our statement about weather I went into the campground office and extended our stay another 3 days in a feeble effort to wait for better weather. I’m afraid 3 days isn’t going to help a whole bunch. But instead of leaving Friday the 14th we now plan to leave on Monday the 17th with a backup plan of extending even longer and maybe canceling our reservations in Eugene and just head straight to Grants Pass when we leave Pahrump, we will see.   

We managed to putz around and kill the remainder of the day with a couple walks and other oddball things not worth mentioning until 5pm rolled around. What happened at 5 you ask, well Taco Tuesday of course LOL!! Yup, Tuesday night the park has $1 taco’s so once again it was a great way to ,,,, not cook. After dinner we sat around outside a bit and then retired inside for the evening.


Wednesday (4/12), what can we really say about Wednesday. We went down to the clubhouse for our free waffle breakfast, shot the bull with some fellow campers, went to Home Depot to pick up a few PVC parts and new glue so I could alter my RC plane rack to work better with the new plane, took a short walk in the desert and otherwise just wasted the day because the wind had kicked back up again and other than being sunny and warm it just wasn’t that great of a day. BORING!!!!

Anyway I guess the other thing I did was continue planning out route for this summer’s travel. Yes you read that correctly, planning. This will certainly be a different travel year for us because we have actually made about 7 reservations at RV parks in Wisconsin and Michigan.

We have not toured Wisconsin or Michigan and have always been told that because of the short camping season it’s hard to find spot’s in the spur of the moment so because we have been told that numerous time’s we decided to do something totally out of character and plan in advance. Dang, that’s almost even hard to say let along actually do. Oh well time will tell how this will all work out but we are certainly looking forward to the adventure.


Thursday (4/13) brought another breezy day so after our free egg’s & tortilla’s breakfast we wasted a little time at home and then headed out for a drive which in turn landed us at the casino’s to see how much damage we could do. After only a couple hours we surrendered, luckily Diane was having better luck than me and was enough ahead that we only walked out $5 behind LOL!!!  Once again we just wasted the day around the RV Park after the casino. OK this wind stuff is getting old but at least the sun is out and it’s dry.


Friday (4/14) brought a much nicer day with very little wind. So what do we do first??? Well go down to the clubhouse for our free waffle breakfast of course LOL!!!

Having a free breakfast is nice of course but even better it’s a great place to meet and yack with people. This morning for example Terry sat down at our table with us and as it turns out he recognized our rig and our sign in the front window from when we stayed at Palm Creek in Casa Grande last and has read our blog a few times.

Terry and his wife Diane are also Tiffin owners and have been fulltime for just over a year now and are enjoying the life as we do.

After breakfast during our walk home we stopped to yack with a fellow RVer and Tiffin owner that was cleaning on his new ATV side by side. It turns out he just retired 2 weeks ago and him and his wife just started their fulltime RV life style. I also noticed that they had a 2 burner Camp Chef stove with a griddle and BBQ box sitting outside which is exactly what we intend on buying when we get back to Oregon (need to avoid sales tax ya know LOL!!) so I was anxious to ask how he liked it but they have not used it yet, new full-timer’s with new unused stuff, how fun.

It’s always fun to talk with people just getting started out in the fulltime lifestyle because they are always so excited, not that we aren’t still excited after 52 month but of course it’s different.

Once we finally made it home I changed into my court shoes, grabbed my Pickleball paddle and headed to the courts to play while Diane opted to stay home and putter around.  There were roughly 15 people that showed up to play so with 2 courts it gave people a chance to catch a breather between games before rotating back in.

It's nice being around a little green.

It’s nice being around a little green.

After playing for about 2 ½ hours I headed home where we chilled for a bit before deciding to grab our golf clubs and headed towards the driving range at Mountain Falls Golf Club. It’s been a couple months since we touched our clubs and it certainly showed. To be honest I keep trying to get Diane to agree to leave our clubs in Oregon this year but just can’t seem to get her to agree. We might play 1 or 2 rounds of golf per year and to me it’s just not worth having them with us for that but she sees it otherwise, so I guess we will continue dragging them around LOL!!

After the golf course we headed home and just killed the rest of the day doing a whole lot of nothing other than charging batteries in preparation to a RC Fun Fly at the airfield on Saturday.


Saturday (4/15) started out as another perfect day with little or no wind and today’s free breakfast at the park was donuts & coffee so we opted to skip it, neither of us are big donut people so dang, we had to fend for ourselves.

I was happy the weather was cooperating because we planned to spend some time at the RC Airfield at the fun fly with the local RC club (Pahrump Valley Model Aviators).

We headed towards the airfield about 8:30 and after a few introductions Diane was settled in with the ladies of the group and I was in the air.

Diane in the blue shirt with her back to me sitting with a few of the ladies.

Diane in the blue shirt with her back to me sitting with a few of the ladies.

The Pahrump Valley Model Aviators RC Club is a relatively small group with only 35 members and I think 17 showed up for the Fun Fly along with a few of the wives.

A couple of the guys brought out BBQ’s and they grilled hamburgers & hotdogs and a few brought side dishes and we were invited to dig in right along with them, mmmmm.

Come and get it!!!

Come and get it!!!

This was the largest plane at the field and this pilot has been flying for close to 30 years if I remember right.

This was the largest plane at the field and this pilot has been flying for close to 30 years if I remember right.

Do you notice the different shades of color on the runway? Well the entire thing is carpet!!!

Do you notice the different shades of color on the runway? Well the entire thing is carpet!!!


Like at most airfields it was a great place to meet new people and everyone was very welcoming and invited us back if we come back through next year, and you just never know, we might.

OH, here is a link to the clubs web-site in case you’re interested http://pahrumpvalleymodelaviators.com/




We hung around at the airfield until close to 2 o’clock before packing up and heading home.

Once we got home we just relaxed for a while, Diane got out her current reading material (Paul Newman A Life) and I bounced between my Lazy-Boy inside and the recliner outside trying to sneak in a little nap, zzzzzzzzzzz.

About 4 Diane came outside to sit for a bit and asked where I was taking her for dinner, hmmm I guess the cook is on strike. HOLD ON HOLD ON I’m just joking, we both cook so that was not a sexist statement LOL!!!

As we were sitting there looking at Trip Advisor on the phone trying to figure out just where we wanted to eat Diane & Terry stopped in with their 2 little dogs for a chat. During our chat they mentioned that the restaurant next door to the RV Park (Symphony’s) was probably the best place in town to eat but not cheap.

After Diane & Terry left we contemplated a bit and knew that just food alone for us at Symphony’s was going to be at least $50 plus drinks and decided we just wasn’t hungry enough to do that today so we opted to eat at the Golden Harvest Café inside of the Nugget Casino where our final bill was $21 for the both of us including drinks (minus tip) and we were both stuffed.

Now to have full discloser by the time we made our way from the café to the front door of the casino our little dinner outing still cost us $60 LOL!!! Oh those stupid machines just HAD to call out our names.

Once home we took a short stroll around the park and then settled in for the evening. A pretty good day, minus those stupid machines at the casino.


Sunday (Easter) was a Ho-Hum day for us. I woke with a sore foot which I couldn’t really figure out but I walked down to play Pickleball just the same thinking I might walk it off but no luck. As I approached the courts it was still hurting so I just kept walking and returned home where we pretty much stayed all day.

Temp’s reached 86 so we sat outside some but also hunkered down inside watching some off-road racing (motorcycle and truck). Not a overly exciting day.

Sunday was also supposed to be our final day in Pahrump but after checking the weather again along our path to Oregon we decided to extend our stay once again for 2 more days, now we plan to leave on Wednesday. I think we have really decided to wait until June next year to return to Oregon and maybe not make our usual 1 month reservation at all and just wing it.


We can almost fast forward through Monday (4/18), I went down for the free waffle breakfast, went home directly after to switch into my court shoes and grab my pickleball paddle, played Pickleball for close to 3 hours, went home and did some cleaning on the truck and motorhome, Diane did some cleaning inside, we took a couple walks, watched some TV and there ya have it, another pretty ho-hum day LOL!!! I think we are ready to move on.


Ok, Tuesday (4/18) has rolled around and I’m pretty sure we will actually call this our last day in Pahrump and make it through the day without extending our stay for the 3rd time even though the weather is perfect here for at least another week with temps forecasted in the low 80’s for high’s until the weekend when it starts to reach 90 and lows in the mid 50’s. But I think we have timed it to where we will at least stay dry until we actually roll into Oregon and hell if we wait until we might stay dry in Oregon we could wait long enough this year for us to turn into roasted morsels down here in the south LOL!!

Leaving on Wednesday gives us 6 days to travel 850 miles to where we actually have reservations on the 24th , not the pace we normally like to travel but we have traveled this route before so I guess a couple 1 night stays along the way won’t hurt. So far in over 4 years we have spent only 1 night at a stop 11 times and 3 of those were in RV repair shop parking lots so you can tell we don’t do over-nighter’s very often.

Anyway, not much planned for the day, we went down for our free egg & sausage and English muffin breakfast but the wind has picked back up so it’s too windy to do much of anything except the very basics.

Our plan Wednesday is to hit the road at 9AM like normal and if the wind picks up we will make it a shorter day and stop at a dry camping spot about 10 miles outside of Tonopah Nevada making it a 175 mile travel day. But if everything is going smooth and the wind stays relatively calm we might continue on to one of our favorite dry camping spot’s along a lake just outside of Hawthorne Nevada which would end up being a 280 mile day which really doesn’t sound all that great to me but it would eliminate the need of at least 1 one nighter.

That’s it for this update, in case you are interested here are a couple links to our other stays in Pahrump.





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2 Responses to Headed to Pahrump Nevada

  1. Nice write-up Dave. Maybe I just missed it, but what was the name of the RV park you stayed in while in Pahrump? Also, you can slow those “whackers” in PB down with your soft game. LOL

  2. Dave & Diane says:

    We stayed at Wine Ridge RV Park. And believe me, I tried to slow down the “whackers” but they would have nothing to do with that LOL!!!

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