Travel day to Casa Grande

As mentioned in our last update, Saturday (10/15) we once again lifted our jacks and said so long to Gold Canyon Arizona and headed south.

** Before we go any further, we were asked what campground we ended up liking the most in our exploring of the area. First off even though we have not stayed there I’m sure a lot of you would like the Lost Dutchman State Park in Apache Junction. We did a drive through and like it however when we come south we look for a place with good sized sites, plenty of activities and good eye appeal all at one location. The state park falls short in the activities category “other than hiking”.

Keep in mind that we didn’t see every park in the area but did hit the ones that had the highest ratings on on the east side of Phoenix and for us we like Canyon Vista’s in Gold Canyon the best. Just OUR opinion. However we still like our choice in Casa Grande even better. **

Anyway once we left the campground we drove HWY 60 east about 10 miles then headed south on HWY 70 roughly 16 miles. Just as we reached the city limits of Florence we turned right on HWY 287/87 and drove just a few miles before turning onto North Signal Peak Road which lead us to HWY 287. 287 took us right into Casa Grande. A very easy 2 lane highway drive of a whole 60 miles, we don’t hate travel days like that LOL!!!

Our site for 3 months,,,,,, can we do it??!!

Our site for 3 months,,,,,, can we do it??!!

Once we reached the campground we were escorted to our site where we promptly said a fast hello to our friends Roger & Lynn “who were already here and are camped right next to us” then got busy getting all set up for our first attempt at a 3 month stay in one spot since hitting the road 4 years ago (other than when we bought our rig in Florida 2 years ago). Yes you read correctly, 3 MONTHS IN ONE SPOT.

Roger & Lynn with the yellow Jeep and us next door

Roger & Lynn with the yellow Jeep and us next door

Once we were all set up and it cooled down a bit we all gathered for happy hour and did some catching up even though it had only been about 3 months since we last saw each other, there is always catching up to be done.

Because we got down south a little early this year we have encountered temps that are a little higher than we care to be in and all the activities in the resort have not gotten into full swing so our first two weeks weren’t overly eventful but we enjoyed it none the less.

For the first week I was hitting the gym at 6am when they open the doors and spending an hour before heading home. At that point I was ready for coffee and breakfast and Diane would decide if she wanted to take a nice 3 mile walk with me after eating or not and away we (or I) would go.



After our walk’s it would be time for showers and we would play it by ear from there. We took a driving tour around town to see what might have changed since last winter, we checked into 2 ATV dealers in town to plant the seed with them about our wanting an ATV (neither had anything in stock but both said it was the time of year they would start taking in trades from the snowbirds flocking into the area), we checked out the mall and the Halloween Store and Diane paid Good Will and Jo-Anne Fabrics a visit while I hit the Harbor Freight, Lowes and the Farm & Ranch stores.

Mid days if we were not out messing around we just hunkered down inside with the AC roaring escaping the heat until around 5 when we would pop outside and normally gather with Roger & Lynn for Happy Hour.

After a few day had gone by I got the RC planes out and our routine started to change. I started going for a power walk at 6am and started going to the fly field at 7. Once finished there I would head home, have breakfast and Diane and I would then head to the gym every other morning and get another walk or bike ride in during the evening hours.

A membrain covering was put down for a runway since our last visit.

A membrain covering was put down for a runway since our last visit.


Even though my morning routine of a walk and flying time seldom varied we ventured off on a few outings during the day. We went to tour Robson Ranch Resort one morning just outside of Casa Grande and on another day we all jumped in the truck and drove to Oracle and checked out Saddlebrook Ranch “a newer version of a Robson community” and took a driving tour through Catalina and Oro Valley. We are all looking for that perfect place “our version” to call home during the winter months.

thumbnail_20161024_0932221 thumbnail_20161024_0932011

The Robson properties are more geared towards houses with no RV parking so nothing Diane and I are interested in and it didn’t seem to be Roger & Lynn’s cup of tea either but it’s fun researching just the same.

We also took a drive out to Florence to check out Desert Garden’s RV Resort, actually Diane and I have made 2 trips out to see the place, I guess we liked what we saw during our first visit. Desert Gardens is a Coop park about 5 miles south of Florence and 30 miles away from Casa Grande with sites ranging from 40×50 to 60×70 and ranging from a cost of $16,600 to $34,000 each.

The park is sort of between what we would call a true resort and a RV park with a good “farm” feel if that makes any sense. It has under 300 sites and they have a nice pool & hot tub, horse shoes, botchy ball court, a nice wood shop, stained glass shop, a nice gathering hall and everything is out in the country. And once you pay your initial lot price yearly dues are only $1050 and that covers water, septic, garbage and taxes. So for $87.50 per month (after your lot cost) you can have a nice place to hang out as long as you want. Or if you choose to rent your site all of the rent money goes in your pocket if you handle the rental yourself which is more appealing than a couple other Coops we have looked at. (Lots seem to rent for around $650 per month so if you only rented for 2 months it would cover your entire yearly HOA dues and if you rent longer you could actually create a positive cash flow). And you can also build outbuildings up to 200 sqft which is a huge plus to us.

The down side to the park is that there isn’t much in Florence other than a few restaurants and a very small basics only store so Coolidge would be the closest town with any real grocery shopping (Walmart & IGA), but Coolidge certainly isn’t a town we would want to just hang around in either (We hope none of you just love Coolidge, if so we apologize for our opinion)..  So even though we like the fact the park is in the country we don’t like that the closest “real” town in any direction is 30 miles away so we are torn. Plus all the roads are gravel so bike riding would very minimal, and we like riding or bikes. So once again it’s one of those “pick the park up and move it to a different location” type things that we have run into a few times. But you know what, we are going to keep pondering this possibility.

Diane and I stop and play a game of Hillbilly Golf every time we take a walk or bike ride around the park.

Diane and I stop and play a game of Hillbilly Golf every time we take a walk or bike ride around the park.

As I am finishing up this update we have been at Palm Creek for 17 days and the temps have finally cooled down into the 80’s during the day and cooled off enough at night that I actually feel chilled during my morning walk, hmm maybe it’s time to start walking later.

I guess that’s it for now, we have a couple other things to report on but I’m thinking our updates will be few and far between during our stay here because they would be pretty repetitive so it will give us something to yak about later LOL!!


In case you are interested here are 3 links from our previous stay’s here at Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort.


OH HEY!!!! November will be our 4th year Anniversary of being on the road!!! July was 4 years living in the motorhome but we celebrate November as our anniversary for actually traveling

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  1. colibabas says:

    Congrats on 4 great years on the road guys!

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