Our stay in Gold Canyon Arizona

 We have finished up our week in Gold Canyon, whew, what a difference from what we have experienced all summer. A good chunk of what should be the hottest months we spent at high elevations in Colorado in the tree’s but dropping down into Gold Canyon we said goodbye to the tree’s AND the cooler temps. Even though not horrible the daytime highs here stayed in the low 90’s and the night time lows were in the high 50’s. We loved the 5am to 11am and 8pm on times of the day LOL!!


 Our typical day started with me walking to the gym around 6am where I spent 1 hour on the stationary bike or Elliptical (or combination of both) before walking back home. At that point some mornings Diane and I would head out for a 2 mile walk or a longer bike ride before returning home for showers and breakfast.

 Because we are always in search of the perfect place to call home during the winter months we had a list of RV Resorts in the Gold Canyon, Mesa and Apache Junction area’s “that word resort is used so loosely it’s crazy” so on a couple days after our morning routine we would venture out to just tour.

 On a couple other days we ventured out to pay visit’s to a few ATV shops around the area to have a face to face with salesman, planting the seed that we are possibly in the market for a new toy in hope they will keep an eye out for a lightly used unit that might fit the bill and give us a call. We went to Ride Now Power Sports in Chandler, Apache Motorcycles on the other side of Phoenix (dang that was a drive through traffic that we didn’t enjoy LOL), Apache Motorcycles in Mesa and Ride Now Power Sports in Apache Junction. They seemed to be the main players in the area.

We told each of them that we will be within 100 miles for the next couple months so if anything comes up we are within an easy driving distance to take a look. Time will tell if we planted seeds in the correct fields. We plan to plant the same seeds in Casa Grande and Tucson when we get closer to those areas. We would certainly rather save a few dollars by buying a good used one but are not opposed to new if the right numbers were tossed out. We are in no hurry and heck we may end up with nothing this year.

 On another morning after our normal start we headed to the Mesa Market Place. We visited it last year and remembered it was pretty large so we had to go again. Of course there is nothing that we really needed but we bought a pineapple corer/slicer that we have talked about getting ever since we saw our friend Karen use hers and a device to make getting the Pomegranates seeds out easier. We always steered away from fresh pineapple and pomegranates before but no more!!

 Well boy howdy, wasn’t all of that exciting LOL!!! Because we didn’t really do anything great this visit we will provide a couple links the our visit last year when we did more exciting things in case you missed them or care to take a look, here they are



That sums it up from Gold Canyon, Saturday morning we will lift our jacks and make another move a little further south.

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6 Responses to Our stay in Gold Canyon Arizona

  1. Sue says:

    What RV parks dis you like? We like Mesa Regal the best when we are down that way.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      We have stayed at Canyon Vista’s the 2 times we have been in Gold Canyon and after driving through a number of parks we would probably return to Canyon Vista’s if in the area again.

  2. John Huber says:

    I also would like to know which parks you liked. So many of them try to sell you park models, and make it hard for RVs. How did you like Gold Canyon? With the Canadian dollar down, it might be a good time to buy a unit like you have in the picture.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      We like Gold Canyon because it far enough away from the bigger cities and towns to have less traffic yet close enough to be in Mesa or other towns in a matter of minutes. Canyon Vistas RV Park is not a Mega park which makes it nice yet it has everything that we need. With that said it does not hold a candle to the park we stay at in Casa Grande just 60 miles away.

  3. Chloe Derian says:

    hi guys, if you go back to Ride Now in Apache Jct to double check what they have talk with Dominic the owner or Eric and let them know that Dale and Chloe said they are the best and we vouch for their above the line service and recommend them highly. we have a 2013 Polaris Ranger 900XP and 2013 Polaris RZR 900 and they keep us running.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Tanks for the hints, will do. Because we touched base with them and others we will probably just wait until someone reaches out to us if something comes in. Today we plan to touch base with Adrenalin Motorsports here in Casa Grande. Sounds like you guys enjoy the off-roading as well.

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