Travel day to Gold Canyon Arizona

Saturday (10/8) when I woke up I didn’t hear any raindrops hitting the roof like I half expected to and when it finally got light enough that I could see outside there were just scattered clouds. And by the time we were ready to roll at 9am the sun was actually peeking through.

img_1585 img_1586

 We mentioned in our last update that we would let the weather dictate what route we would take on this travel day, so because it was dry we opted for the shorter scenic route that took us through a number of 6 and 7% grades along with some twisties and we are so glad we did because it was a very pretty drive.

img_1592 img_1595

 As soon as we pulled out of our campground we jumped on HWY 60 which wound its way down through the Salt River Canyon and back up the other side and eventually lead us through Globe and Superior and finally merged with the Superstition Highway and right to our new home for a week.

img_1608 img_1611

 Once we were assigned a site we worked relentlessly for an easy 30  minutes to get leveled with very little luck which was very surprising because the site was deceivingly un-level from side to side and front to back. Before we finished I had used every piece of cut up plywood that we carry and every single leveling block we had and we still had one rear wheel off the ground, Geeez. Keep in mind we have been used to temps in the 70’s and it was in the low 90’s here, I was dying LOL!!!

img_1617 img_1618

 Finally I gave up and because the area of the park we are in has about 40 sites and other than us there was 1 rig so I decided to ask for another site. I was amazed when it actually became a challenge to make that happen. They even asked if I was using blocks but I’m sure they deal with all levels of experience when it comes to Rvers so they had to ask. I politely told them that we had been traveling fulltime for 4 years and have been RVing for many more years so we were not unfamiliar with leveling in challenging spots and we were finally granted permission.

 By the time we moved and got set up I was spent, I think between only having ½ a honey dew melon for breakfast and not having lunch yet and the heat it just got me (hey, have I mentioned that I have lost 30lbs since leaving Oregon!!??).

img_1622 img_1620

 Anyway we both decided to retire inside with the air-conditioners running and decided to wait until it cooled off to hook up water and septic.

 After having half an apple each and some cheese we chilled until we finally decided to go out for dinner instead of cooking. I think Diane was feeling sorry for me because we went out to Chinese, my favorite!! That might have been the first Chinese meal I’ve had in 4 months.

 Another travel day down. We will be here in Gold Canyon for a week before making another move a little farther south.  

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4 Responses to Travel day to Gold Canyon Arizona

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Congratulations with your weight loss! We are dealing with the opposite weather up here in North Dakota with temps in the 30’s. Although we wish it was a little warmer we can handle these temps better than we could the 90’s!

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Thanks, I had hit a lifetime high weight wise in May of this year which made me hit a low in how I felt about myself LOL!! Things had to change.
      And I’m with you, I handle cooler “not cold” temps a little better than the heat BUT here we are.

  2. Really enjoyed your pictures today. Get ready for the heat. It was 96 here today.

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