Another short stay in Ignacio Colorado

Ho-Hum, not every stop can be exciting. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we don’t have to stay active and tour all the time and our stay in Ignacio this time was a prime example.

 We rolled in on Friday (9/23) after a somewhat miserable travel day so once we settled in we chilled for a while before walking over to the Casino for dinner and a little gambling and then home again where we hung out in front of the TV the rest of the evening.


 Saturday morning (9/24) we jumped in the truck and rolled into Durango to have the first oil change done in the truck. Normally on a new vehicle I like to do the first oil change at 3000 miles but we have not been anyplace near a Ford dealership and it’s just to inconvenient to do it myself on the road so the truck rolled up to 4300 miles before it got it’s first. They even gave it a free wash which was great because it was a mess after our travel day over Wolf Creek Pass in poor weather the day before. For the record it was a nice clean shop with friendly staff in case you are in the area and in need of a Ford shop.

 After the oil change we took a drive through town just for fun and stopped at Tacos Nayarit Mexican Restaurant for a light lunch before going to Home Depot. We needed a shower head holder to replace the one that broke in the motorhome but dang, that was the messiest home improvement store I have ever walked through AND they didn’t have a holder in stock. To be honest, coming from managing home improvement stores for many many years it down right bugged me to even walk through that store, that’s probably some sort of disorder I will never get over LOL!! That manager needs to call a couple work parties to get that place under control.

 After Depot we headed to Walmart to do a little grocery shopping and they had a shower head holder in stock so we should have just gone there first. After Walmart we headed home. Even though we really didn’t do a darn thing we managed to kill a good chunk of the day so when we got home we once again just kicked back the rest of the evening. I told you it was a pretty uneventful stay.


 Sunday (9/25) of course was football day (Way to go KC!!). Diane took advantage of the laundry room at the casino to wash some of the bigger stuff and I, as planned, pretty much watched football and gave some thought to where we will go after we leave this spot.

 Other than football we went for a short walk and called it another exciting day LOL!!


 Monday was another uneventful day, a couple mile walk in the morning (oh look a playground!!! We just can’t help but act foolish when we come across an empty playground), a little time in the casino in the late afternoon and of course the Presidential Debate in the evening. Days like this make me wonder why I’m even doing an update LOL!!!  In fact I’m surprised anyone has read this far LOL!!.


Play a pretty song for us.

Play a pretty song for us.





















Tuesday (9/27) after spending some time in the gym at the casino and a shower we walked over to the Southern Ute Cultural Center & Museum that is just a short distance from our campground.


 For such a small community the Cultural Center & Museum is amazingly nice and well thought out and with admission being FREE (donation jar) you simply can’t go wrong.

 We probably spent close to 2 hours reading literature and listening to the interactive displays scattered throughout the museum before we finally wandered away. And once again instead of us trying to describe everything we will provide a link to their website that can do a much better job if you are interested.

What are you doing in there Diane?

What are you doing in there Diane?

 After the museum we headed home for a late lunch, Diane did some reading and I made reservations for our next stop and otherwise putzed around aimlessly until we decided to head over to the casino to try our luck before returning home once again for dinner and an evening in front of the boob-tube.


 Wednesday (9/28) our last day in Ignacio before making another move. After an hour in the gym and breakfast we decided to walk over to a trail we saw the other day and hike (walk) it to Scotts Pond.

The only snake we saw on the trail was the picture on this sign.

The only snake we saw on the trail was the picture on this sign.


 It really wasn’t much of a hike but it was a nice stroll along a stream and the pond did have a little wildlife to watch, geese – ducks – fish & turtles that occupied our time for a while before walked back.

thumbnail_20160928_1104141 thumbnail_20160928_1103461 thumbnail_20160928_1115391

 After Scott’s Pond we saw Bear Trail and decided to walk it a ways but it fizzled out pretty quickly so we turned around and headed home. All together it was roughly between a 3 & 4 mile walk but enjoyable just the same.


 We chilled the rest of the afternoon and then went over to the casino for dinner and a little more gaming fun before calling it a day once again.

Ohhh that water is deep,,,, ohhhh I can't swim,,,, Ohhh this thing is rockin!!!!

Ohhh that water is deep,,,, ohhhh I can’t swim,,,, Ohhh this thing is rockin!!!!



 Thursday (9/29) we will lift our jacks and move a little farther south and into New Mexico and stay at an elevation of just under 7000ft so we will not be dropping into the heat just yet.

 We hope this update didn’t put you to sleep LOL!!  

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2 Responses to Another short stay in Ignacio Colorado

  1. Ingrid says:

    I’m usually not a white knuckle driver, but I’m never fond of crossing Wolf Creek Pass. We loved our time in New Mexico and found Cochiti Lake CG to be a hidden gem.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      I can honestly say that I’m just tickled pink with our 2 stage engine brake system on the motorhome when it comes to hill’s. When I topped Wolf Creek Pass I dropped to 5th gear, slowed to 45mph and flipped on the engine brake. I only tapped the brake once when going southbound near the bottom when we came to a 25mph corner otherwise the engine brake held us at 45 all the way down, in fact I had to give if fuel once because we started to slow to much.
      And thanks for the tip on Cochiti Lake, we will store that info away for our next visit to New Mexico because we will cross over into Arizona for the winter Tuesday.

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