Final day in Buena Vista

Friday (9/2) and our last day in Buena Vista (for this trip). The morning started out a little wet but by 9 or so it started to dry out so we decided to check out the tunnels that served the Colorado Midland Railroad back in the day.

IMG_8849 IMG_1132

 The tunnels are located at the edge of town on County Road 371 just north of town.

While in the area we came across a section of BLM land that had a bunch of ATV trails that led all over the country outside of town. We drove a short distance on a couple trails before turning around making the comment that if we end up with a ATV we would return and do some exploring.

IMG_1131 IMG_1130

 After the tunnels we headed to the Barbara Whipple Trail that we talked about a couple updates ago to at least hike part of it.

 The Barbara Whipple Trail is a grouping of several trails on the east side of the Arkansas River but because of timing we could only hike a small section of it. Once again we made the comment that when we return we will hike all it. Do you see a trend here that has us returning to this area?? We do.

Heading up the trail outside Buena Vista

Heading up the trail outside Buena Vista

 After Barbara Whipple we made a couple stops and then made our way home to kick back a little before we drove out to meet up with Debbie & Steve who were boon-docking about 20 miles away.

 We have been following there blog (“Down the Road” in the sidebar of our blog) for some time and met them while camping outside of Capital Reef National Park in Sept. 2015 and then again in Quartzsite last winter (Jan 2016) so it was fun meeting up again. We sat around there campsite visiting for a while before driving back to town for dinner at the Eddyline Brewery. I don’t know what time it was when we got there and I’m not sure what time we left but I do know the closed sign was lit when we did leave so we must have sat around a good chunk of time LOL!! But time flies when you are catching up and visiting with friends.

 Both of us talked of asking our waiter to take a group photo but neither of us did, I’m getting bad at not getting pictures while visiting it seems. After dinner we said our “see ya down the road’s” and with talk of meeting up again in a couple weeks at a different location in Colorado we were off in our separate directions like happens so often in this life style and with that came the end of another pretty darn good day, AND the end to a good stay in Buena Vista.

Well we all like to eat downtown Buena Vista

Well we all like to eat downtown Buena Vista.

 (Side note: A good friend of ours offered to be my editor for the blog so now every time I start using comma’s, hyphens and other do-dads I start questioning myself LOL!! I declined the offer saying that without all the mistakes it just wouldn’t be me.)

 Yup, Friday was our last full day in Buena Vista and we had a pretty good time and have moved it to the top of our list for places to maybe hang out at next summer for 1 month. But we have a couple more stops in Colorado before etching that in stone and we have high hopes for all of them.

 So after a good night’s sleep we woke to another travel day and after a few “see ya down the road’s” to a couple neighbors we lifted our jacks and traveled about 80 miles north and about 1700 foot higher in elevation to our next destination where we will celebrate our 18th Anniversary and Dianes ## Birthday. (I’m not about to fill in those blanks LOL!!)   

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3 Responses to Final day in Buena Vista

  1. colibabas says:

    Well happy birthday Diane and happy anniversary to you both!
    Safe travels.

  2. Juan says:

    wow what an awesome adventure, keep having fun guys!

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