Part 1 of our stay in Provo Utah

 Monday (8/1) brought another warm and sunny travel day. And because we had another long (for us) day of 240 miles and some of it through a large city we decided to get a little bit of an early start. So by 8:15 we had lifted jacks, hooked up and were rolling down the road headed towards Provo Utah.  

 Normally we will find a route around larger cities but this time I figured what the heck, let’s just drive straight down through Salt Lake and deal with whatever. So we jumped on HWY 86 towards Pocatello Idaho and then switched onto I-15 South.

 The run wasn’t all that bad until we reached about Ogden I’d say, then we started hitting 4, 5, 6 lanes of traffic and it stayed that way for about the last 80 miles of our drive.

This sign should be shared with the entire country

This sign should be shared with the entire country

 At one point there was a long stretch of construction and as we were flowing along with traffic at a reduced speed of about 60 all of a sudden we see a truck being loaded with dirt in the middle of the northbound and southbound lanes, then the dust started bellowing, then a few brake lights started to glow, then we were blinded by the dust until we popped out the other side in just a second or two. My mind went to what we see on TV while watching races like the Indy 500 and drivers plowing through smoke from a wreck that happened in front of them. I can’t believe they don’t use some sort of watering system to cut back on this type of thing. Anyway, it was a moment LOL!!

IMG_8649 Couldn't see a thing for a couple seconds

 The last time we were headed south through Utah we took highway 84  at Ogden and went to Park City and avoided Salt Lake which is exactly what we will do the next time. In fact I think we will plan more in advance and stay in Heber City which is much smaller yet provides easy access to areas we would want to see I do. It’s the (we hate big cities) thing we refer to a lot in our blogs LOL!! And it’s funny because Salt Lake really isn’t that big but traffic seemed crazy.

 Anyway, we arrived safe & sound at our destination at Lakeside RV Park in Provo, got all set up and then ventured back out into the traffic headed towards Cabela’s. Diane found a pair of pants at the last Cabela’s we were at but they didn’t have her size so she wanted to check here and they in fact did have what she wanted.

These are across the street from our campground so I figured it would be a good spot to toss them in.

A storage unit down the road from our campground has a fantastic display of old signs & gas pumps along with other items.

A storage unit down the road from our campground has a fantastic display of old signs & gas pumps along with other items.

IMG_8659 IMG_8660

 After Cabela’s we drove around a little, just long enough to find ourselves in the 5pm rush hour traffic before heading home for the evening.

IMG_8660 IMG_8662


OK, from here I will warn you it becomes picture intense. Tuesday morning we got an early start and drove to Sundance which was only about 25 miles from our campground to do a little hiking.


  In 1969, Robert Redford had a vision and bought 5000 acres in the slopes of Mount Timpanogos in Utah’s Wasatch Range. That is known as Sundance today. We found it refreshing to have such a wonderful part of country that could so easily be built up into some overgrown fancy dancy tourist trap that instead is kept a more rustic “yet very nice” place to enjoy the outdoors.


 Instead of going into detail we will provide a link you can check out.

 After walking around I grabbed my backpack and we bought tickets ($37 for the pair) for the ski lift, jumped on and headed to the top of the mountain.

IMG_0596 IMG_0603

 When we left our campsite in Provo we were at an altitude of 4551 ft and when we reached the base at Sundance we were at 6100ft then after our ski lift ride we reached 8250 ft at the summit. AND WHAT A VIEW!!!


See the Zip Liners?

See the Zip Liners?


 One of the summer activities at Sundance is the Zip Line and during our ride up we saw a couple slide down.

 Once at the top we enjoyed the views in our slow paced way compared to the dare devil zip line people and watched a few more slide away down the mountainside.

IMG_0614 IMG_0617

Give me a cooler full of beer and I could spend a day right there

Give me a cooler full of beer and I could spend a day right there.

That's where the Zip line folks push off.

That’s where the Zip line folks push off.


 After our time at the top we jumped back on the ski lift and went part way down the mountain where we got off and hiked to Stewart Falls. The trail was pretty nice and not all that steep and relatively easy most of the way. It was narrow in some places and you constantly had contact with brush which isn’t my favorite way to hike but once we reached the falls it was all worth it.

IMG_0627 IMG_0628 IMG_0633 IMG_0635

 Working our way through the brush was pretty warm because most of our breeze was blocked so when we reached the falls we found a rock close enough we could enjoy the cool mist as the water came crashing down. The falls are just over 200ft tall and as you can see is two tiered.

IMG_0647 IMG_0649 IMG_0650 IMG_0656-001 IMG_0660 IMG_0661

 There were probably over a dozen people there while we were there ranging in age from around 7 or 8 to older than us so pretty much any able bodied person can make the hike.

IMG_0663 IMG_0664 IMG_0666

You can see how the trail is enclosed by bushes and some areas are even worse but I was busy pushing my way through instead of taking pictures LOL!!

You can see how the trail is enclosed by bushes and some areas are even worse but I was busy pushing my way through instead of taking pictures LOL!!

Us at Stewart Falls

Us at Stewart Falls

 We sat around, had a snack and after close to an hour we started on down the mountain. It took us a little over an hour to finish the hike from the falls back down to the truck and I felt it was a tougher part of the trail but maybe I was just getting tired. The temps were over 90 by the time we finished and I think it was taking its toll.

All in all a hike we would recommend if you are ever in the area and we would probably do it again ourselves. We would recommend doing it the way we did and take the ski lift up to at least the upper trail head and hike down. I’m not sure, no I know I wouldn’t want to hike it in reverse but if we were with you and YOU wanted to we would wait for you in the pub LOL!!

 After reaching the truck we were pretty hot and dirty, the trail is mostly fine dirt so once we drove away we found ourselves parked at Vivian Pond where we walked around in a steam fed from the snow in the mountains to cool off and clean up.

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls


 After Vivian Pond we made another stop at Bridal Falls before making our way home for the remainder of the evening. Another great day!!


 Wednesday we wanted to ride a bike path we had heard and read so much about and lucky for us the southern trail head was only about ½ mile from our campground.


 We jumped our bikes about 9am and headed out. The trail is 15 miles long in one direction and basically leaves from our campground and takes you all the way back to Vivian Pond where we stopped after our hike the prior day.

IMG_8677 IMG_8672 IMG_8666

Halfway point of out 30 mile bike ride.

Halfway point of out 30 mile bike ride.

 Of the first 10 miles I would say 5 of it was pretty nice riding but then we were spit out onto a sidewalk along busy streets (which surprised us) but eventually made its way back out into the country where we started the uphill portion of the ride that eventually lead us to the end where we ate a light snack of cheese & water before starting our ride back.


 The ride back home was much easier because it was downhill a lot of the way. OK, now I know some of you are saying “WAIT, you have electric bikes!!!” so let me go on record and say that when the batteries are full our gauge shows 5 bars and when we finished our ride of 30 miles we both still had 5 bars showing.

 From what Pedego says, if you have a fully charged battery and you just rode under battery power on flat land you should be able to ride 30 miles without peddling so you can tell that we didn’t use the battery assist very darn much. And because the Pedego bikes are much heavier than a conventional bike I will go out on a limb and say we probably get a better workout peddling these bikes with only 7 speeds and all the weight than a person might get on a lightweight bike with tons of gears. So cut us some slack Jack!!! LOL!!!

Utah Lake right behind our campground

Utah Lake right behind our campground

 Once we made it home we had a late lunch / early dinner, showered and chilled a while before jumping in the truck and driving to a Can-Am dealer just down the road and test rode a Can-Am 850 Outlander (a lot more machine than I counted on YeeeeHaaaww!!). That should be no real surprise because we mentioned weeks ago that the main reason for putting the Jeep in storage and getting a truck is so we could add a new toy of some sort to our adventure and a 2-up machine like a Can-Am Outlander is certainly in the running.

 We then made our way home and relaxed the rest of the evening.

 That takes us to Thursday but we will do a separate update because it will be chocked full of pictures and we don’t want to overwhelm this update. But if you like old, AND WE MEAN OLD motorcycles you will want to check back!!!  

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6 Responses to Part 1 of our stay in Provo Utah

  1. rvrrat520 says:

    Hey Dave. If you’re still in the area, the Mt. Nebo loop is kinda nice. Mostly driving, but there is a short walk to the Grotto and another to Devil’s Kitchen, with some scenic looks from the top. We were there a couple/few months ago and there was snow! “Keep on truckin'” and safe travels…cw

  2. We just got back from 10 days in Idaho with stays at Arco, Sun Valley and Cascade. We were driving back on 8/1, the same day as you, from Boise to SLC and saw the same sign. My thoughts exactly. We live in SLC and part time RV and I agree it’s crazy driving here. Never liked when they changed the speed limit to 70. Provo was a good choice, glad you made it to Sundance. If you get a chance to venture out the Tour of Utah biking event is going on now and will be at Snowbird Saturday 8/6 and Park City on Sunday 8/7. Always fun to see the finishes. Have a great time and safe travels.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      It’s funny that he population is much less yet the traffic seems worse than some cities more than twice it’s size, go figure LOL!! And some of you intersections are confusing to a visitor as well.
      Thanks for the tip on the Tour of Utah but we have now moved on, we are in Moab now for a couple of days, just behind on the blog, we came here today.

  3. What a nice looking area to hike and bike (with a real bike). LOL
    Love the open spaces, too. We are currently in Red Bay where it was
    about 95 degrees today with an apparent temp. of 107. Ah, the South
    in summertime.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Hey Hey!!! Be nice with the “Real bike” thing. We have seen your “bikes” LOL!! Even though they are a great idea. We hope everything goes smooth with the repairs in Red Bay. See ya in October!!

  4. colibabas says:

    All that dust over your clean rig and truck I bet. Great looking area.
    Safe travels!

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