A nice visit with friends in Eugene

 As we said we would in our last update we have lifted our jacks and moseyed away (actually 2 moves now) from the Seven Feathers Casino Rv Resort and traveled a whole 100 miles north to the Armitage County Park on the outskirts of Eugene Oregon.

 We have stayed at Armitage 3 or 4 times and have enjoyed each and every time but this time was even better because our good friends Lee & Coleen were also camping at the Armitage at the same time.

 It was sort of funny because we had already had our reservations made when Coleen posted on Facebook that they would be camping during the same dates we would be there BUT they had no idea we had reservations as well.

 We rolled in one day earlier than Lee & Coleen so when they pulled in we just let them set up and didn’t say a thing (they were only one site down and across the road so we were basically across from each other.

 After we figured out that they were not going to recognize our motorhome or Jeep (which really surprised us) we started tossing a hand in the air now and again like a new neighbor waving at a fellow camper but still no recognition LOL!!! Lee is an old retired cop so I guess the observation skills have dwindled since retiring LOL!!!

 After a while we couldn’t take it any longer so we decided to just walk the road in front of their camp site to see if they would notice us and sure enough Coleen did. From that point on we had a great couple of days together.

 One evening we played Chicken Foot (Coleen kicked butt) followed by time around the fire and another evening we played Phase 10 (I kicked butt) followed by a little more time around a fire.

Playing Phase 10. Another fun game.

Playing Phase 10. Another fun game.

Playing Chicken Foot.

Playing Chicken Foot.

 And of course we shared a couple great meals and spent a little time walking by the river.

A little stroll down by the river.

A little stroll down by the river.


 Camping with Lee & Coleen sure made the days go by fast and the next thing we knew it was time to lift our jacks and head to the RV Corral to have our rear AC repaired.

  Wednesday (7/29) we said SEE YA LATER to Lee & Coleen and drove to the RV Corral for our 9am appointment. Originally the appointment was to just have the new fan blades put on our rear AC but we also had them look at an odd acting awning over our entry door and a funny acting thermostat inside the coach that turned out to be a bad sensor. Nothing other than the AC actually got fixed but we did manage to spend almost 4 hours at the dealer for what originally was supposed to be a 20min visit LOL!!! Go figure.

 Once we finished at the RV Corral we started our trek to Portland where we are currently all set up until July 5th.  We will do a separate update on our Portland visit.

You just have to love traffic around Portland. This was actually on 205.

You just have to love traffic around Portland. This was actually on 205.

 What,, did I hear someone ask if we have tried anything new in the Instant Pot? Why YES we have. Thanks for asking LOL,,, sorry,,, I was getting carried away.

 Anyway, I wanted to try a boil in the Instant Pot so put one can of chicken broth in the pot and stirred in a little Old Bay, black pepper and some crushed red peppers and a pinch of salt. Then we tossed in 1lb baby Yukon Gold potatoes, 4 ears of corn cut into 3rd’s, 1 ½ lb. of Kielbasa, 1 1/2lb of fresh shrimp in the shell (we did medium but next time we will do jumbo), 8 cloves of garlic and 1 very large sweet onion cut into big chunks. I then put the lid on and set the timer for 12 minutes. (Note, 12 minutes made the shrimp a little too soft. Next time we will use jumbo shrimp which I think will help and cut the time back to 10 minutes).

Dang that pot is full and I still needed to add the shrimp!!! Potatoes & onions are at the bottom.

Dang that pot is full and I still needed to add the shrimp!!! Potatoes & onions are at the bottom.

 Other than the shrimp everything tasted pretty darn good with just the right amount of bite for our first attempt and we thank our friends Lee & Coleen for being Ginny pigs along with us LOL!! That boil in our 6qt Instant Pot would feed 4 very hungry people with leftovers or possible 6 along with a side dish or two.  

I actually took out a couple pieces of corn to make the shrimp fit. Next time maybe a smaller onion.

I actually took out a couple pieces of corn to make the shrimp fit. Next time maybe a smaller onion.

Diane is not a huge boil fan but we like it now and again and I think it would be a fun dish to make for potlucks or if friends come buy for a casual meal.


 And even though I hate to admit it I tried another cheesecake. I tried a different receipt AND I cooked it in the pot an extra 5 minutes because I wanted it to be just a little thicker & firm than my first one but something backfired.

 It actually didn’t taste quite as good and instead of being thinker it actually turned out softer. So I will go back to the way I made the first one, it was easier anyway, go figure.


 That’s it for now, in our next update we will have some thoughts on our visit to Mount Saint Helens that we did a couple days ago.  

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6 Responses to A nice visit with friends in Eugene

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    You sure are getting a lot of use out of you Insta Pot, you should consider writing a recipe book!

    • Dave & Diane says:

      LOL,, we really like that pot. It fit’s us well. We did another roast in it 2 nights ago. Got to love tossing a partly frozen roast in with a few potato’s & carrots and having a meal 30 minutes later.

  2. gt350ed says:

    Dude! In that last photo, is she trying to pull away from you? As for the Insta Pot, you are an inspiration for us to haul out our “pot” that we got at “Q”. Maybe we’ll try your corn, kielbasa, shrimp recipe. Looks good. But we’ll take a rain check on the cheesecake.

  3. colibabas says:

    You should have a warning on your Insta Pot posts. “View only after eating” You’re quite the cook!

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Not really much of a cook but I have fun trying new things. I will give a thought to posting a “CAUTION” at the beginning of updates that have anything to do with the Instant Pot LOL!!

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