Round 1 in Grants Pass is about over

Well, we are down another vehicle. Yup, we sold Diane’s Prius to a teacher and his wife that have 3 little kids. The dad is actually a principle and the wife a teacher and the dad commutes 70 miles a day for work so the Prius will be a fuel saver over his current truck that gets 8MPG I’d say.

It’s sort of funny how we wanted to sell the Prius and shouldn’t give a hoot who bought it but we feel good about it going to a family like that and I guess we are just strange that way. We will miss driving over 500 miles on a tank of gas and then only paying roughly $20 to fill back up LOL!! But that was only happening a month or two per year while visiting Oregon anyway so it really won’t make much difference in the big scheme of things.

There it goes with it's new owner.

There it goes with it’s new owner.

So things continue to evolve during this years Oregon visit, all of Diane’s tests have come back with shining stars, we sold the trike, we sold Diane’s Prius, we ordered a new truck and we bought a new Breville toaster oven that really has been getting a bunch of use and is a perfect complement to the new Instant Pot. Mix that all together with seeing family and friends and it’s been a pretty good (and somewhat busy) 1 ½ months so far.
So for now we are just filling time any ol way we can before we leave Grants Pass on the 23rd. I have been researching and getting quotes on a baseplate and breaking system for the truck (I have that figured out), got a quote for a spray in Line-X bed-liner (that’s figured out), researching a aluminum roll up bed cover for the truck (I have that figured out unless something new pops up before the truck arrives), and researching tires and a 2” leveling kit for the truck (not totally figured out yet). The tires that come on new cars are not normally that great and the truck will see some off-road so I want something that won’t tear a sidewall by just looking at a rock.
We mentioned before that when we leave here we will work our way to Portland. It turns out Diane’s mom just spent another 3 days in the hospital and is now pretty much stuck in her hospital type bed and Diane’s Brothers house. Age is sure creeping up more and more on that poor woman.
Diane’s brother’s partner (Daniel) has worked a career of caregiving and has now done away with his patients out of home and is concentrating on mom. The family is certainly lucky to have this as option or mom would certainly be in a nursing home now.
There you have it, not much exciting for readers & followers I guess but this life isn’t always filled with travels and new locations as you can see.

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6 Responses to Round 1 in Grants Pass is about over

  1. Tom says:

    Glad things are working out so well. I saw the photo of your Breville along with the Instant Pot and wanted to say then that we use our (identical) Breville WAY more than the Instant Pot! It is the only appliance I have that I could NOT do without!
    Sorry about Diane’s mother….hurts to see them fail.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      We also use the Breville more often but mainly because it makes such great toast so we use it in the mornings now and again, in fact we got rid of the toaster. It’s funny that we talked about one off and on for some time and we should have bought one sooner.
      Yup, it’s tough seeing loved ones age and even tougher when they become a different person all together.

  2. gt350ed says:

    Yep, we felt the same way about Sharon’s Honda Civic that we sold last month. It was the kind of car you would not normally want to get rid of. But, like your experience, it went to a good home. As for aging and the elderly, we were also reminded about these things as we visited Sharon’s dad yesterday for Fathers Day. He’s 95 and still living with his second wife in the only home he’s ever owned, purchased in 1949.

    BTW, if you mentioned it we must have missed it. How does the Jeep figure into all of this? Are you getting rid of it as well?

    • Dave & Diane says:

      We will keep the Jeep and it will go into the storage unit where the Trike and Prius used to sit. I think we will hang on to it until the Wrangler comes out with a diesel and then it will probably be traded in and then we will keep the combination of pickup and jeep for some time. But who really knows lol!!

  3. Jim and Barb says:

    You guys are sure making the most of your time there! Hope things go well with Diane’s mother

  4. colibabas says:

    We are so glad to hear that Diane’s test went well. Sounds like everything is falling into place for you guys.
    Safe travels!

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