Still hanging out in Grants Pass doing some real life stuff

We have been in Grants Pass just under 2 weeks now and have stayed the course pretty well as far as getting things done. We have had 3 doctor’s appointments all at different offices, 1 dentist appointment, we have had meetings with 2 different financial advisors at 2 different offices & towns, I went out and got the trike battery charged up at the storage unit and it’s running great, we have stopped at 4 or 5 different car lots checking out our options for a pickup, our two kitchen table chairs in the motorhome are about to fall apart so we have stopped at a couple furniture stores checking new ones out, we have had delivery after delivery of things from Amazon & Duluth trading and our mail forwarding service arrived (we always catch up on our buying while in Grants Pass it seems), we have put a few small items from our storage unit for sale online and have already sold a number of things, I have had an old wedding ring and gold nugget ring from a previous life bouncing around in a cigar box for years with intentions of stopping at a gold and diamond buyer and FINALLY got around to it and they are gone LOL!! I took the Jeep in and had the engine oil changed as well as having the transmission & transfer case fluid changed and both the front and rear differentials, and we took Diane’s car in for service.

There have been a few other things going on but just with what we mentioned above you can see we have stayed occupied without over doing it. We have done a good job of not cramming too much into one day.

As far as the truck shopping goes it has not been very encouraging. #1 we don’t need to tow around a diesel pickup and finding a newer used ¾ ton gas rig isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. There are plenty of ½ ton gas rigs but the carrying capacity is just borderline as far as putting the hydraulic lift in we want AND the weight of a RZR, I have never been a “borderline” sort of guy. Incentives are not bad on the new trucks right now but damn we would hate to write a check for a new truck.

And it’s not just getting the truck. After the truck comes the tow package (base plate and brake system) so we can pull it behind the motorhome, a loading system and a RZR (if we continue thinking a RZR is a good idea and the jury is out). I made comment that we could wait a while before buying a RZR but Diane said if we get a truck she would want the RZR right away and certainly before going to Arizona this winter. So this idea just might not play out this year and that’s ok. Making this happen could mean spending what’s almost equal to a years living expenses in the snap of a finger and that’s not something to take lightly. We do have a few lots keeping their eyes open for anything used coming in and I do have a couple other ideas up my sleeve but we are not holding onto much hope.

To be honest I love ANY toy that has a motor in it and have always been willing to add new toys to the collection in our previous life but if we REALLY think about our life now, carrying a RZR around with us might not be the most logical thing ( I hate logic AND reality). We would probably only REALLY use it 3 or 4 months out of the year so we would be just hauling it around the remainder of the year. And some RV parks won’t even let you unload a ATV inside the campground and many places the sites are so small that unloading and parking it would be a burden. And driving around with one in the bed all the time does not sound like much fun. Really the best option for us if we REALLY want a RZR would be to leave it in a storage facility down south where we would use it mainly anyway and pick it up while there and that doesn’t sound like a great idea either. I just don’t want to complicate what is supposed to be a uncomplicated life style. UUUhhhhggggg, decisions. One thing for sure, if we don’t come to a conclusion by the time we leave the area we will just stay status quo and that’s not all that bad.

The weather hasn’t been the best but not the worst either. The first week had some sun, mainly cloudy and overcast with some rain mixed in. Just miserable enough that we didn’t mind doing what we had to get done and didn’t feel like we were missing out on being outside enjoying this beautiful area. And as we started the second week the weather got better with more blue sky days filled with sun and temps in the low 80’s.

Staying at Jacks Landing has sure been a challenge noise wise. It’s probably, no I know it is the noisiest spot we have stayed since our visit last year and it’s going to take some getting used to blocking out all the sounds at night but we knew about it before coming here so we can’t bitch too much I guess LOL!! About the time we get used to it we will be ready to leave the area LOL!!

Once we got passed our first week of appointments we had a free weekend and had a chance to go visit the Farmers Market in town one Saturday morning. I mentioned last year that we see a lot of Farmers Markers while traveling and the one in Grants Pass is as good as most we have ran across and better than many.

Getting our honey

Getting our honey

Lots of crafters booths, veggie stands and fresh baked goods. We picked up a few veggies, a jar of cinnamon infused honey and a hand crafted neck scarf with Ravens on it (Diane’s favorite bird). And we got to visit with our friends Rich & Chris at their booth for a while.


Later in the day we went out to visit with them at their house and had a chance to visit with Jack as well!!

Rich & Chris

Rich & Chris

After being with Rich & Chris for well over a year now Jack pretty much treats us like any other visitor it seems, even though in his head I’m sure we are more in some way. At least I hope that’s the case. But he is a very lucky & happy boy having a great place to live and a brother to play with.

Diane & Jack

Diane & Jack

After our visit we went into town and had dinner at The Laughing Clam Pub, a spot we always hit while in town and one of our regular spots to eat at while we lived here.

On Mother’s Day we drove over to Medford so Diane could exchange a set of sheets she bought and we were invited by Rich & Chris and their Daughter Brenda & husband Jeff to meet at Jaspers for an early dinner (Once again I was bad and didn’t take any pictures). Jeff & Brenda’s kids Jake & Ashley and Jeff’s parents were also there and we had a great time.

Jaspers is a great burger joint that serves up a nice assortment of hamburgers as well as offering meats like wild camel, wild kangaroo, Bison, Elk, New Zealand Free Range Axis Deer and Wild Boar in case you might want to try something different. The last time we were here I had Elk and this time I tried Kangaroo, mmmmm.

One entire day we spent visiting with Rich & Chris & the boys (Jack & Felix). While we were there they had 5 raised garden bed’s that needed filling so we hauled a couple loads of garden mix soil in and went to work.


The girls leveled out the soil as Rich & I hauled it to the beds by wheelbarrow. It only takes doing stuff like this every couple years to remind me why I’m happy to not own a house with property any longer LOL!!! But it was fun doing it with friends.

Looking good Diane!!

Looking good Diane!!

Chris with Felix & Jack

Chris with Felix & Jack

HEY!!! Is this a government job??

HEY!!! Is this a government job??

Rich (on the right) & me (on the left)

Rich (on the right) & me (on the left)

During our stay in Grants Pass we figured it would be a good time for Diane to drive up to Portland for a visit with her mom & brother for a week while I remained in Grants Pass. Doing this serves a couple purposes, #1 of course is that she gets to visit her family, #2 her brother wanted to get away for a few days and Diane can be there to look after her mom and have some 1 on 1 time and because mom is living with Diane’s brother she will just stay there. #3 I don’t have to spend any more time in Portland than I have to LOL!!! I want to see the family but will wait until we take the coach up and visit then.

So Diane headed to Portland on Thursday (5/12) and will probably return next Wednesday or Thursday. Guess I will be batching it for a few days, what shall I do?

Hey, did I hear someone ask if we have tried anything new with the Instant Pot!!??!!?? Well now that you ask yes we did. We did stuffed peppers for the 1st time.

Just need the sauce.

Just need the sauce.

2 lbs of raw (yes raw) hamburger, 1 medium onion, 1/2 cup rice mixed together all mixed together & stuffed into peppers. All of that made 5 stuffed peppers and 2 small meatballs which JUST fit into the Instant Pot. From now on it will just be 2 or 4 at a time.

For sauce I used a can of sloppy Joe sauce and 1 small can of tomato sauce and 1/3 sloppy joe mix can of water (probably won’t do the added water next time). I mixed all that together and poured it over the peppers in the pot.

Ready to go

Ready to go

I then locked the lid in place and set the manual timer for 25 minutes on high pressure. After 25 minutes I let the pot do a natural pressure release for 6 minutes and then a quick release. Next time I will try 20 minutes.

Everything was good, peppers were plenty done but I could still take them out of the pot without them falling apart, rice was done which was my biggest concern because remember, everything went in raw.

I would probably not stack the 5th pepper on top & in the middle the next time.

I would probably not stack the 5th pepper on top & in the middle the next time.

I think I stuffed the hamburger in to tight but maybe it does not really make a difference. We did green & red peppers but I think just red next time (personal pref.). Yet another feather in the Instant Pots hat.

Wednesday, the day before Diane headed to Portland) we decided to try the slow cooker portion of the Instant Pot and did a roast. We have been very impressed with the pressure cooker side of the pot but wanted to test the slow cooker to make sure we can get rid of our Crock-Pot. NO reason to carry two things if one will do everything. (I didn’t take any pictures of the roast OH DARN!!! No food pictures lol!!!

You might remember that we did a roast on the pressure cooker side of the Instant Pot that turned our pretty darn good and was FAST. This time we did the 6 hour slow cooker thing and once again it turned our very good. So its decided, the Instant Pot is a keeper and the crock-pot will go away.

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2 Responses to Still hanging out in Grants Pass doing some real life stuff

  1. Steve Dwyer says:

    So Dave, do you hop around now?? That kangaroo meat can cause things like that to happen.. Last time we were in Portland we found a bent can store (salvage groceries) that had one isle of wine!! Nice wine and going for $3 a bottle or 2 for $5. No-one was buying the wine, just fighting over over ripe vegetables, so we loaded up on wine, capers, and saffron! I think I brought a case or two of wine to Q that year, what a find. Nice day here in Oklahoma today 75 degrees and no tornados yet (that’s later on) LOL! Have a good time batching. Steve

  2. Joy and Tom Travis says:

    Thank you for the pictures of JACK!! Such a little sweetheart, fell in love when I met him at Lazydays (Sleezydays actually). Happy to see him with his companion Felix and all the land he has to roam on. Please make it a plan to always update us on Jack, he has more followers than you know. Happy to see you guys enjoying life and the RV. Joy & Tom Travis

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