Back in our old stomping grounds for a while

Sunday (5/1/16) we lifted our Jacks and rolled away from our dry camping spot at Seven Feathers Casino and headed south on I-5 a whole 45 miles to our next destination at Jacks Landing RV Resort in Grants Pass where we will hang our hats for a month.


Even though the drive was all freeway it was a pretty one. It’s nice to once again be among tall trees and engulfed in green.


The last 3 times we have visited Grants Pass we have gotten the same spot at Jacks Landing. Even though this site gives us basically no usable yard on our patio side it does give us a side yard with grass, hedges for privacy and a shade tree. Plus no neighbors on the driver’s side. And it gives us enough parking for the Jeep, Diane’s Prius and the trike if we want to get everything out of storage like we normally do, but not this year, the trike will stay in storage unless it gets sold.


It you have followed the blog you know Grants Pass is where we lived for the last 17 years before retiring and going fulltime so we have lots of friends in town and it’s always good to see them and catch up. But it’s also where we get caught up on a bunch of things.

We purposely made most of our appointments one after another during the 1st week and into the second week so we could get them out of the way and so we had time to take care of any follow-up appointments that might be needed without needed to extend our stay longer than planned. We will see how that works out LOL!!!

After getting set up in our spot and eating a little lunch we jumped in the Jeep and headed to the storage unit to get Diane’s car and to at least run the trike a while. Unfortunately the battery in the trike was too low to start it and even though I thought to load the battery charger in the Jeep I didn’t have a 3 to 2 prong adapter so I could plug it into the only socket available, I guess I rushed and wasn’t thinking because I knew of that possible issue.



After rolling the trike out of the way I hooked up the battery in Diane’s car, crawled in through the rear hatch and it started like a champ. The only issue with her car was the battery in the key fob was low so the car kept alarming that the fob was not detected over and over.

Another thing I noticed was that the tags on Diane’s car had expired!! We did get a notice a few months back and we did renew the tags online but didn’t give it a second thought after that so the tags are probably sitting at our mail forwarding service. Luckily I asked to have our mail sent a couple days before getting here so they should show up by the end of the week, geeezzz. They only expired 30 days ago so I figured I could possibly talk myself through it in case I got stopped, we did start the insurance again so we were good there. Maybe we should get our mail more often.

After unloading the bikes and putting them in the storage unit we locked it up and headed back home. Diane drove the Jeep and I drove the Prius not knowing just what might happen with the fob issue. And nothing did.

Bikes in storage you might ask,, yup,, unknowingly I saw a bike get stolen at Jacks Landing during one of our stays and the last time we stayed we had a bike seat stolen so we figured we would not be riding much anyway so they could just stay safe in storage. If we do want to hit the trails we will go get them and take them back. Maybe not so convenient but safer.

It’s sort of sad, I’m a king at searching “top 10” stuff on the internet like places to see, places to eat, places to live and on and on and during my searches I came across a 10 places in Oregon not to live list and Grants Pass was on it!!! Neither of us could believe it because not that many years ago it was listed as one of the TOP Places to live list. Among one of the things that made it hit the unfavorable list was crime. And knowing the history of unpassed levies and such in the area I guess it makes sense and has finally started to catch up to the area. Hence our bikes being left in storage. But it’s still a nice town.

After getting Diane’s care safely home we drove down to Fred Meyers and picked up a fresh battery for her FOB and all was well with it. While out we took a little tour around town to see what was new before heading home for the evening.

Monday the Dr. appointments start and the remainder of the week will fall right in line with more Dr. appointments, 2 financial advisor appointments, and with luck an engine, tranny and differential oil change in the jeep and service on Diane’s car. And it’s supposed to rain most of the week. Doesn’t it all just sound like so much fun. Hopefully we can squeeze in a visit or two with friends as well LOL!! I’m sure that will happen even if it’s meeting for a meal and adult beverages.

Coming to Grants Pass always brings mixed emotions, we love seeing our old friends but it also brings the reality of life. I’m not such a big fan of reality any more LOL!!

There probably won’t be a bunch to report on for a couple weeks.

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3 Responses to Back in our old stomping grounds for a while

  1. explorvistas says:

    Oh, my….it’s rare that you hear of things being stolen in a campground…especially a bike seat, Dave. That’s sad.

  2. Tom says:

    Our Canadian friends stopped by to visit – heading home from Rockport, Tx. They said someone stole a YETI cooler from their neighbor while at Drifter’s!
    MAN I HATE thieves!

    • Dave & Diane says:

      That’s a bummer. The bike seat is the only thing we have had stolen in 3 1/2 years on the road but then I’m not a overly trusting person so I tend to cable things like BBQ’s now and again where most probably will not. I hate being that way but I worked with the general public so many years I just can’t help it.

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