A little time in Eugene visiting friends and RV repairs

Saturday morning (4/23/16) we lifted our jacks, said our “see ya down the road’s” to our friends Bob & Karen and headed out to our next stop.

Every time we leave the Bend / La Pine area Diane brings up how she could live in that area if & when we get off the road. Noted.

We headed south on HWY 97 to the small town of Crescent and then caught the Crescent Cutoff Road over to HWY 58 (also known as the Willamette Highway) west that climbing gradually up and over the Cascade Mountains. At the peak of the Willamette Pass we reached an elevation of 5,128 feet. Once we reached the peak we dropped over 4,500 feet in elevation by the time we reached the Willamette Valley and Interstate 5 just south of Eugene.

IMG_0235 IMG_0240 IMG_0241

Highway 58 is a nice 2 lane road that passes Odell Lake, Lookout Point Lake and Dexter Reservoir and even though it’s a good drop in elevation from the peak to I5 it’s not that bad, there are a couple spots with 7% grades but nothing that our engine brakes didn’t handle easily.

IMG_0243 IMG_0244

Even though it was spitting a little rain and the roads were wet we sure enjoyed being in the tree’s again, real tree’s!! Everything was green & moist and when the sun did pop out it was beautiful.


Once we reached I5 we headed north a few miles to the Coburg exit where we got off, fueled up the motorhome and headed to our destination at the Armitage Country Park Campground. Our travel day was right around 120 miles, just about perfect.

We like the Armitage Campground when visiting Eugene because it’s far enough away from the freeway that its mostly quiet, it has plenty of tree’s so even though you are camped pretty much by a large town you feel like you’re in the country, there are nice walking trails along the river close by, it’s convenient to base from when visiting anything in the area and it has full hookups. Not the cheapest at $30 per night but oh well.

Our spot at the Armitage Campground

Our spot at the Armitage Campground

Here is a link to the other time we stayed here, it has a few aerial shots of the campground and a few tidbits about the area we probably won’t see and do this visit. https://daveanddiane.wordpress.com/2015/05/31/we-had-a-nice-stay-in-eugene-but-its-time-to-move-on/

We will note that we noticed a couple rigs in the park that seemed to bounce around from one spot to another during our stay and appeared to be playing the game with the allowed and permitted length of stay policies and at least two of the occupants appeared to be a tweeker’s but didn’t seem to cause any issues. We just kept track of where they bounced to and stayed aware and made sure everything was secure while we were gone and at night.

Once settled in we just laid low the remainder of the day and didn’t do much else other than make contact with our friends Lee & Coleen to set up a get together.


Sunday morning (4/24/16) when I finally rolled out of bed and went to plug in the coffee pot I glanced at the clock and saw it was almost 8am!!! What the #@*& !!!! I can’t think of the last time I slept that late, it almost scared me!!!! It was probably the rain on the roof of the motorhome. Between me waking up over and over again thinking someone was outside (we are parked under tree’s and not being used to being parked under tree’s with rain the sounds were just different than what we have been accustomed to over the last number of months) and on the other hand the soothing sound of the rain I guess, I just slept if that makes sense.

After a casual morning we jumped in the Jeep and headed over to Lee & Coleen’s for a visit about 10. We had not seen them since May of 2015 so it was great getting together.

It was fun seeing everything they had done to their new home since we saw it last, Coleen is always full of ideas and luckily Lee is a handy guy LOL!!

After a couple hour visit we headed to the Hop Valley Brewery for lunch and a couple of adult beverages before returning to Lee & Coleen’s for a rip roaring game of Chicken Foot (a lot like Mexican Train).

I think Coleen was ready for a long night of games and drinking because she was kind enough to offer us a room for the night but we had an appointment for our A/C at 9am the following morning so we had to be good and go home at a reasonable hour which I think was around 8pm. Besides, Lee and Coleen BOTH kicked Diane’s and my butts in Chicken Foot. And if that’s the way they treat company who knows what they might have done to bed they offered up, short sheet, some stinky cheese hidden in a corner, who knows LOL!! Of course we are joking.

We had a great day visiting with Lee & Coleen and made plans to get together for lunch before leaving town.


Monday morning (4/25/16) we abbreviated our morning routine and rolled out of our campsite at 8:30 to make our 9am appointment at the RV Corral to have our A/C looked at. After checking in Diane and I kicked back in the waiting room to wait for any word. I didn’t figure it would take long to diagnose so didn’t see a need to drive off anywhere and I was right.

After about 2 hours (at least an hour more than it probably should have taken) we got word that a fan blade had in fact cracked (exactly what I told them I thought the problem was when I called to make the appointment) and of course they don’t stock the $10 part which amazes me because they are a Tiffin dealer and all of the Tiffin RV’s use the same A/C unit and a broken blade is not that rare. You would think they might stock at least one but what do I know.

The bright side is that it will be covered by warranty, the down side is that we were told it would take 5 business days to get the part. Another bright side is that we have had enough experience with RV repair shops to expect this type of thing which is exactly why we gave ourselves a week leeway when making the appointment so no real harm.

We only reserved a spot at the Armitage Campground to get us to Monday just in case a miracle would happen and the repair was completed on Monday so after getting the word at RV Corral we drove back to the Armitage Campground and secured nights to get us through Thursday night in hope the part would come in and we could be on our way Friday.

After getting set back up in a site we made a run to Cabela’s and a couple other shops in the area and went to Café Yumm’s for a late lunch which also served as our dinner before heading home and chilling the rest of the evening. Café Yumms is a spot Diane misses while we are out of Oregon so as soon as we get back in the area she just can’t wait to stop in for a meal. We all have our things.


Tuesday (4/26/16) we can pretty much fast forward through as far as blogging goes. We went to Freightliner and made an appointment to have our motorhome serviced on Thursday and we went to a Ford, Chevy and GMC dealers to look at pickups. We mentioned a few updates back that we are toying with getting a truck to pull around and maybe buy a RZR to play with down south so we figured we may as well do a little research, we have been out of touch for the last 3 years and it was sure eye opening LOL!! We will need to think this through very well and make sure it’s something we really want to do.


Wednesday (4/27/16), well as bad as I hate to admit it was another fast forward type, non-blog worthy day. It was a drizzly, gloomy, blah day and I think it played on my psyche. We have been used to sunshine for so long I think the weather played a part in my do nothing mood.

We gathered up enough enthusiasm to go to Costco and a short walk but other than that “Fugeddaboutit”. The sun had better shine soon or we might fall into a deep depression that can only be cured by sitting around a tall table at a brewery with large amounts of empty and 1 full glass of beer in front of us. OH NO!!!!


Thursday morning 4/28/16) had yet another cloudy start, but dry at least. And we had plans so we needed to shake the laziness feeling we have had the last couple days and get our butt’s in gear.

The first thing at hand was to have the coach at Freightliner by our appointment time of 9am, which we did. It was only a 10 minute drive from our campsite so that was nice.

After dropping the coach off we killed time until we met Lee & Coleen and their daughter & granddaughter Deena and Bailey at Papa’s Soul Food Kitchen for lunch. We hadn’t seen Bailey in roughly 4 years and probably close to that since seeing Deena as well so it was nice to see them. And of course Lee & Coleen as well LOL!!


The food was good, everyone was eating things like Catfish, Ribs, Snapper, Oysters, Crawfish Jambalaya & Brisket, REAL Soul Food,,, mmmmmmmm.

Dave, Diane & Lee

Dave, Diane & Lee











After lunch Diane and I headed back to Freightliner to check on the progress. As it turned out the service was complete and they think and hope they found a small air leak that has been bugging me since we got the coach. Plus the air leak repair was covered under warranty so that saved us $177.

After freightliner we were once again headed back to the Armitage Campground to get set up. That makes 3 times breaking camp and setting up since Saturday, crud. The sad thing is we were setting up for only 1 night again!! Friday we hoped to be back at the RV Corral to finish the repair on the A/C and then leave the area. And we had decided that if the part was not in by noon we would just leave the area anyway and stop back after spending our month in Grants Pass and are headed back out of the area. Even with 1 AC not working we have 2 that do which is more than enough for Oregon this time of year.

Thursday was another good day but any day you can get together with friends is a good day.


Friday morning (4/29/16) rolled around and with it uncertainty of just what the heck the day would bring. All we knew for sure is that we had to be out of our site.

Normally as you probably know we would be rolling at 9am on days like this but today we are still in hope that the part for our AC would show up and we can get it repaired before moving on. Checkout is at noon and RV Corral said they normally receive all of their shipments for the day between 9am and noon so we planned to hang out in our site as long as we could unless we get a call earlier, checkout is noon.

And on top of that we had no reservations for the night and didn’t have any hard set plan on just where we would go. All we knew is that we were willing to hang around in case the part came in. So in our mind the day was going to bring what it was going to bring and we were going with the flow.

Well, we managed to hang around until 11am until I started packing things up. I figured if they called while we were hooking up we could still head to the shop but as it turned out we had the wheels rolling and on the freeway heading south about 12 and still no call. So be it.

We decided to drive to Canyonville and take advantage of a couple nights dry camping at the 7 Feathers Casino. We hit rain about 40% of the drive but it wasn’t all that bad. It can stop any time now however!!

Good old Oregon rain.

Good old Oregon rain.

Once we got all set up in our spot we just had lunch and chilled for a while until our good friend Jim stopped in for a visit on his way home from work. Him & his wife are counting the days to retirement so they can take more advantage of their motorhome, 19 months and counting!!!

Our spot at 7 Feathers Casino

Our spot at 7 Feathers Casino

We had a nice visit with Jim and we will see more of him when we get to Grants Pass in a couple days. Once Jim left Diane and I wandered over to the casino to make a donation and to have dinner.

One thing about 7 Feathers, it’s one of the few places we can have a good meal and spend less than $30 for both meals, closer to $20. $30 seems to be the magic number for us when we go out to eat.

Once we ate dinner and each lost $20 gambling we walked the walk of shame back home. We were lucky there was a break in the rain for our walk but it started coming down just as we were about 50 yards from home.

Time to kick back and watch some TV, It’s Black List night!!

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5 Responses to A little time in Eugene visiting friends and RV repairs

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    The rain never seems to give you much of a break in this park of the country! It is great to seem some trees and all the green compared to Arizona however!

  2. colibabas says:

    I’m with ya Dave in the disappointment of the lack of common parts being stocked at RV repair facilities. Hey…we have the same Casino donation budget!
    Safe travels

  3. ” Not the cheapest at $30 per night but oh well.”

    Dave I got a laugh out of that statement. We’ll be on the east coast this year and I’d love to find $30/night CGs.

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