Travel Day to Washoe Lake State Park

Monday (4/11/16). After getting out of bed and making coffee I sat down in front of the computer like I do most mornings to get caught up on what might have happened in the world or with my friends that I just HAVE to know about. While sitting at my computer I look directly out our side window and while camped in spots like this my view is of a wonderful lake with snowcapped mountains in the background, life is good.

Of course it was planned to be a travel day and like we mentioned in our last update one that we almost hated to see come because of the setting we were in. So there I sat, looking out enjoying the view and while doing so I noticed the roads were still pretty darn wet from the rain we had. Then I started thinking Hmmmm, we are going to get pretty dirty driving down those wet roads. Then I was looking at the gauges to check our fresh water supply, hmmmm we have enough water that we can just hang around and not worry about the wet roads. Can you tell I was trying to find an excuse to just stay put, and Diane was playing right along with me LOL!!!

Well we really don’t need an excuse to stay put if we really want to but it just made sense to go ahead with our plans and make a move. We did drag our feet a little to give the roads a chance to dry out some before we ventured off but our jacks were up and the wheels were rolling at just before 10am.

We didn’t have any reservations (they don’t accept reservations anyway) but our plan was to drive about 140 miles to Washoe Lake State Park just north of Carson City Nevada on HWY 395.


It was a mellow easy and dry drive with very little traffic at all, even going through Carson City was a breeze but the population is only 55,000 people. Not very large for being the Capital of Nevada. Did you know the smallest capital city in the USA is Montpelier, the capital of Vermont? I didn’t but once I mentioned the size of Carson City I had the need to know the population of all the capital cities in the USA. I get side tracked easily….. SQUIRREL!!! Sorry, inside joke that some will know.

Once we rolled into the state park the first thing we needed to do was take on water. There was another RV at the dump station where the fresh water was located but it’s a 2 lane setup so I just wheeled into the open slot but heads up, there are some low hanging branches in that lane!!

20160411_120919 20160411_121011

Once the other camper left there was no other activity so we unhooked the Jeep and after filling with water I actually backed out of the fill station to avoid plowing myself through all the branches. Something the park should take a look at to really make it a useable 2 lane dump station. We will write that down on the comment cards we saw at the check in station. So if’s that’s corrected if you happen through,,,,, you are welcome LOL!!

While filling with water Diane jumped in the Jeep and took a drive through the campground to scope out a couple sites to choose from. Pickens were easy because there were only 3 other campers and almost all of the sites would hold rigs our size. You got to love.


We decided on site #12 which gave us a great view of snowcapped mountains out our front window and yard. Of course it would be hard to not have a great view from any site in this campground. Between our last camp spot and this one we have been in heaven as far as views and quietness go.

Our site from under our shade structure.

Our site from under our shade structure.

There are no hookups (electric, water or septic) at the sites so setup is a breeze. The weather wasn’t the best once we were all settled, a lot of clouds in the sky but still some Peek-a-Boo sun breaks and still warm enough for shorts for me but cool to Diane’s standards. So she pretty much stayed inside and worked with her Swedish weaving and I went for a walk on what is called the ‘Beach Trail”.

Looking back at the campground from the Beach Trail

Looking back at the campground from the Beach Trail


That’s about it for now, the plan is to hang around here for probably 4 days before making another move. There are a few trails I’m sure we will hike and a paved bike trail I’m sure we will ride so check back.

This was a dry lake bed when we last visited.

This was a dry lake bed when we last visited.

In the mean time we will supply a link to a little write up we did while actually staying in Sparks but doing a drive through the park from there. The second link is to a short video I put together from a fly over with the toy.

Have a great day!!

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2 Responses to Travel Day to Washoe Lake State Park

  1. Carol says:

    Sold our motorhome and this winter I’m working at Ks. Legislature in Topeka (population 127,000). When I leave the capitol after work I almost ALWAYS see a squirrel – guess what I say… “SQUIRREL” (suppose if anyone heard me they’d think I was nuts!)
    Enjoy your blog – great pictures and detail. Life IS Good.
    p.s. not sure WHY I thought going back to work (albeit only for session) was a good idea!

    • Dave & Diane says:

      LOL!! SQUIRREL!!!! Glad you enjoy the blog and one good thing about work now is that you can probably wipe our hands of it any time you want now compared to when we were younger. NOT THAT YOU ARE NOT YOUNG!!!

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