Time to leave Quartzsite and head to Laughlin

Our 2 day & night stay in Quartzsite on Plomosa Road was short but sweet and long enough all wrapped up in one.

On our second day after a peaceful breakfast outside in the sun and a morning walk in the desert we headed into town to see if the discount grocer in the tent area was still hanging around so we could buy some coffee. They sell name brands like Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Pikes Peak and others at $10 for 3 lbs. just because they might be a little out of date but unfortunately like almost every other vendor in town they had closed up shop.

Quartzsite has shrunk back down to its sleepy little town with exception of just a handful of venders scattered around, and we are talking maybe 10 are still open and the workers were looking pretty darned bored. We almost felt that when they saw us drive by on the empty street they were saying “OH BOY OH BOY a customer!!!” and as we went on by we imagined we could almost hear them say “OH CRAP!!!” I’m sure they will all be gone very soon.

We also took a drive to LAPOSA South to see how many campers were still toughing it out and to my surprise there were more than we thought would be there but still really not that many. Amazingly there are a couple still there that we remembered from our stay, and for those of you that remember the young guy camping in the wooden box on wheels with the one solar panel, he is still hanging out.

The desert is pretty this time of year

The desert is pretty this time of year

After driving around a bit we stopped to buy a gallon of milk and headed back to our little chunk of land. I sat outside and watched a couple hours of racing on TV, Diane did some reading, we took a couple short walks looking for snakes (Diane’s idea not mine!!), I did a short workout with our resistance bands and other than that we basically did nothing until we found ourselves once again sitting under the stars cuddled under a blanket watching TV until about 9. Another OK day.

==============================================================Sunday morning rolled around (4/3/16) and along with it another travel day. As we mentioned in our last update it was getting a little warm for us to boondock so it was time to make a move. I had picked 3 different routes that we could take to work our way towards Oregon and left the final decision up to Diane and she picked Laughlin Nevada as our next stop, so Laughlin it was to be.

I think part of her decision was a coupon we picked up during the Big Tent Event in Quartzsite that offered 3 nights and a dinner buffet and breakfast buffet each for $79 plus tax LOL!! And hey, that’s as good a reason as any and certainly the only reason we needed.

All hooked up and ready to roll.

All hooked up and ready to roll.

So about 9:30 we lifted our jacks and drove highway 95 to Parker where after crossing the Colorado River and took a left on Highway 62 that took us to Highway 95 once again. After going through the California inspection station we continued north on 95 until we reached Needles Ca. where we jumped on I-40 for just a couple miles before taking Needles Highway to Bruce Woodbury Drive and on into Laughlin.

All in all it was 140 miles of pretty much nothing to look at and some pretty torn up 2 lane highway. We would take that route again but it certain isn’t anything I would look forward to. I think I said a couple strings of impromptu 4 letter words during a few bad stretches of rough road LOL!!

Once in Laughlin we found our campground, Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort, checked in and made our way to our site. As we were checking in and as the lady behind the desk gave us our site number she continued with “a lot of people drag getting into that site because of a huge hump, so if you have any problems don’t hesitate to come back down and I will move you”. Hmmmm, my next sentence was “well why don’t we just take that possible step out of the equation and just give us another site now” to which she agreed. I mean come on already.

After check in we made our way to our site and as we went by the questionable site I smiled and said “we dodged a bullet” until I saw the HUMP we needed to get over in our new site, damn LOL!! Lots of war wounds were already dug into the concrete from previous visitors but we were lucky enough to Juuust make it up and over with maybe, MAYBE an inch to spare. I thought I was going to need to get out my boards to start the rise of the tires a little early but didn’t need to after all. We will be watching very closely as we leave. In fact I might put boards down on the road just because.

After getting set up we kicked back and chilled for a while until we finished off the remaining chili for an early dinner. It about killed Diane to have chili for dinner for the 4th night in a row but as long as something is good and it fills my belly it doesn’t bother me.

After dinner we jumped in the jeep and toured around the area a bit. We drove over to Bullhead City and toured the strip then back to Laughlin before stopping into a casino and killed about two hours. When we walked out we were 75 cents down combined so we called that a win, went home and chilled the rest of the evening in front of the TV.

Laughlin Nevada

Laughlin Nevada




Monday morning about 5am we were woken by what seemed to be an endless parade of cars driving by. My first thought was “damn, everyone is headed over to the casino for breakfast at the same time, WE BETTER GET OVER THERE!!” but it turned out that there is some sort of business behind us on the other side of a hedge and everyone was headed to work.

This park is tiered and yesterday when we got this spot we thought “PERFECT” we are at the rear of the park on the highest level farthest away from the noise of the strip but I guess the downside to what seemed perfect is the noise behind us. Oh well, I normally get up around that time anyway and Diane was able to fall back asleep and basically ignore it somehow.

Once Diane woke we got around and headed over to the casino for our free breakfast buffet. It wasn’t all that bad but far from the best we have ever had.

After breakfast we jumped in the jeep and headed towards Kingman Arizona which was only a 35 mile drive from our campground.

Our first stop in Kingman was the Mohave Museum of History and Arts. We paid our $7 entry fee, got a brief description of what we were about to see and were on our way. By the way the $7 entry fee ($7 for both of us) was good for 3 different attractions in town, one heck of a deal.


The museum had a little of everything from artifacts from the Kingman Army Airfield that operated during WWII from 1942-1946, artifacts from Mohave County mines, a nice collection of rugs woven by Navajo Indians, a collection of baskets & pots that dated back to 2nd or 3rd century A.D that were made by the Hohokam and Hualapai Indians, a bunch of carved Kachina dolls made by the Hopi Indians, a ranching exhibit and other things that I know I’m forgetting.

IMG_9812 IMG_9819 IMG_9820 IMG_9825 IMG_9823
























The Museum also has a complete collection of portraits of the United States Presidents and the First Ladies beginning with George and Martha Washington all the way to Obama. We thought it was pretty cool because of the 1st ladies.

IMG_9806 IMG_9809



The exhibit is one of three painted portrait collections in the United States which includes the First Ladies. One is here, one is at the Smithsonian and one is missing and believed to have been stolen.


After the museum we headed to the visitor center which also had a Route 66 Museum and the entry fee was covered by the $7 we mentioned before.


They had this train running along he ceiling at the visitor center.

They had this train running along he ceiling at the visitor center.

IMG_9833 IMG_9835 IMG_9834 IMG_9845 IMG_9844 IMG_9850 IMG_9852 IMG_9851 IMG_9853





























Next we visited the Bonelli House which once again the entry fee was covered by the $7 we paid at our first stop. We took a guided tour along with another couple from Michigan.


We will just give you a link that tells about this stop instead of trying to explain it. OK, call me lazy LOL!! http://www.mohavemuseum.org/bonel.html

By this time we were getting a little hungry and the #1 place to eat in town according to Trip Advisor was Mr. D’s Route 66 Diner so the diner it was. We use the Trip Advisor app on the phone a bunch during our travels for places to eat and things to see & do. It’s probably the #1 app we use but the new Brew Pub app is becoming a favorite as well LOL!!

We would just call the food & service ok at Mr. D’s. It’s more of a tourist stop than a great food stop. But it filled the void.

After filling our bellies we went to the Locomotive Park that is home to the famed Sante Fe Steam Engine #3759 that was built in 1928.

This locomotive weighs nearly half a million pounds, has 80” diameter driving wheels and could travel at a full 100 mph.






We had a nice day in Kingman but after the Locomotive Park it was time to head home where we chilled for a couple hours until we felt the urge to hit the casino’s again to kill a little time. This time we didn’t feel the love and both walked out after donating $20 each, and that didn’t take all that long LOL!!

Another pretty darn good day.

Oh, I forgot to mention, about 2 weeks ago our rear A/C unit started making some very bad noise so before breakfast I called the shop in Oregon that actually replaced that unit last year in hope we might get a break on having it fixed (maybe still under warranty) and made an appointment for April 25th at 9am to have it checked out. So, because our plans HAVE been based on a May 1st reservation for a month back home I guess we will need to speed things up a bit as far as our travel getting there goes. Oh those deadline’s !!!!

One more full day in Laughlin before we need to move on.

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2 Responses to Time to leave Quartzsite and head to Laughlin

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Good to hear that Box Boy is still doing well in Q. If he stays much longer, he is going to roast in that little box!

  2. colibabas says:

    I see you’re big time gamblers like us!
    Safe travels

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