Time to leave Casa Grande, for now

Our last full day in Casa Grande was Thursday (3/31/16) and we spent it pretty much like we spent most of our time there with me at the RC airfield from 7am to 10, then Diane & I hit the gym for an hour, then we picked up our new Instant Pot at the mailroom and dropped off our mailbox key (Amazon came through again!!), we took a short walk and kicked back by the pool a while, we went for our last bike ride and stopped off to play one last rip roaring game of Bean Bag Toss and we went to the grocery store to top off before leaving the area. Other than that I broke camp, we did laundry, I put some fresh water in the holding talk in preparation for a couple days of boondocking, we made a fresh jug of defused water (this time watermelon & strawberry) and made a pot of chili in our crockpot for travel day. Nothing to exciting but a good day none the less.

A quick note on the defused water, so far we have tried a Orange & lemon combo and a cucumber & mint combo and neither of us have been crazy about either so this isn’t going as we hoped but we won’t give up yet.

Friday morning I woke at my normal 5am and as the skies started to lighten up and I gazed out at the Palm Trees I once again noticed only a slight breeze moving the leaves, just perfectly designed for another morning at the airfield BUT no flying for me, it was travel day.

We fell right into our normal travel day routine and the wheels were rolling at 9am. We headed south on I-10 for a few miles and then jumped on I-8 west until we reached Gila Bend where we caught highway 85 north until we reached I-10 again and headed west to Quartzsite. That route allowed us to bypass the Phoenix traffic.

Once we rolled into Quartzsite we fueled up and proceeded to our favorite spot on Plomosa Road a few miles outside of town. It was a 200 mile travel day, that’s long for us but it was all easy driving.



The desert sure is barren compared to when we left in February, I think we saw about 10 rigs along Plomosa Road so it was extremely easy finding a spot to camp. We situated our windshield to face north so we had afternoon shade on our patio side which also keeps the sun off the passenger side of the motorhome where our refer is located. The refer is our biggest power hog while boondocking so by keeping that side of the coach shaded helps the refer not work so hard.

It was a nice day weather wise with temps only reaching the low 80’s with a nice breeze but even with that it’s getting borderline warm for boondocking in our book. Nice outside but it gets warm in the motorhome.

We spent the afternoon enjoying the alone time just reading, napping and well not really much at all until we eventually found ourselves star gazing in the very very dark night skies.



We sat out until a car started driving around in the desert with what seemed to be no real purpose. After a while that spooked Diane and she went inside while I continued to pay close attention until eventually it disappeared into the desert. It’s a little different camping in the middle of nothing here than it is camping with tons of other campers. This time of year if someone gets within ¼ mile you seem to pay closer attention, especially at night. But no harm no foul.

Once inside we watch a little TV before calling it a night.

The plan at this point is to hang around here for just a couple days and then make another move. We have 3 options bouncing around in our heads on which way to go but I think a route with higher elevations and a little cooler temps may be in order. It’s not real hot yet but it’s supposed to be 85 on Saturday, 88 on Sunday, 90 on Monday, 93 on Tuesday and 94 on Wednesday so do you see where I’m headed with this LOL!!! To damn hot without being able to run the AC without running the generator so it’s time to move on. Remember, I’m a high 60’s with sun to a low 80’s with a breeze type of guy and Diane likes it a little warmer than me but still not the 90’s.

That’s it from here for now.

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4 Responses to Time to leave Casa Grande, for now

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Wow, what a difference a few weeks make! It looks quiet, peaceful and desolate on Plomosa Road.

  2. colibabas says:

    That’s a great looking spot you got with peace and quiet. Perfect!

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