Final days in Casa Grande & mixed emotions

It’s one of those times we have mixed emotions. We have been sitting still here at Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort for a month, something we haven’t done much of during the over 3 years we have been on the road (sitting in one spot so long) and we have been having such a good time we sort of hate to leave. But on the other hand it will be nice to get the wheels rolling again and start a slow move north.

And moving north brings more mixed emotions, we are looking forward to visiting family and friends but unfortunately there just isn’t any good campgrounds in the areas where they live. In fact we were sitting outside one evening watching TV and I realized that once we reach our campground in Grants Pass our site will be amongst some of the smaller sites we have stayed in during this last year, Uuuuuugh. And while visiting family & friends in Portland we have the same issue, small spaces and high prices in a LARGE city. Once again Uuuuuugh LOL!!! It’s sad because we would probably hang around the Grants Pass area longer IF there was a good campground to stay at, Or even any good boondocking areas. And Portland, well they would need to shrink the heck out of that city before I would want to hang around there long. Man, just thinking about Portland stresses me out so we will just cross that bridge when we get to it and concentrate on the present.

Every Wednesday a group gets together for dogfights and other challenges. Maybe next year I will have a cheap beater I can enter with.

Every Wednesday a group gets together for dogfights and other challenges. Maybe next year I will have a cheap beater I can enter with.

Since our last update the park has really started to empty out. We have been told that once April hits the place REALLY gets empty. Even most of the planned events and activities have started to dwindle down throughout the last week and most will be done April 1st. Even so there would be plenty to do here with the pools, pickle-ball & tennis courts, the gym and billiards rooms and of course the RC airfield to keep anyone busy. But with the temperatures rising it’s time to start moving even though the temps have only reached about 86 as a high for a few days during our stay, but mainly in the upper 70’s to low 80’s.

A random shot in the park

A random shot in the park

In fact we have enjoyed our 2 stays here at Palm Creek so much this winter that we have done the unspeakable,,,,,, we have reserved 3 months here next winter!!! YES 3 months!! 3 months is where the real discounts start to kick in as far as site rent goes. For the months we reserved it puts our monthly site cost at $550 plus electricity which combined is below what we budget per month, plus we will save on fuel costs. A place we like with lots of activities in a town the right size and under budget with warm temps in the winter, sounds good to us. We will just have to wait and see how we handle 3 months in one spot!! That will be a first.

We reserved our stay from October 15th to January 15th. We picked those dates for a couple reasons, #1 it’s the cheapest periods to stay and #2 we know we want to be free to be in Quartzsite mid-January when many of our traveling friends will be there and gatherings will be happening. Reserving now gave us the opportunity to hand pick our site because we are here now to see it and the one we chose is a north facing site with a concrete patio that is roughly 1/3 larger than the one we had during our stay this time which will make it very nice.

Just a random shot in the park

Just a random shot in the park

At this point we only have one full day left before we lift our jacks and start moving. I guess I better stop playing and start thinking about getting stuff stowed away and checking oil levels and air pressures. Hmmm, maybe we should just stay another week and worry about that stuff later LOL!!! Actually it has crossed my mind.

Park of the golf course in the park

Park of the golf course in the park

Let’s see, what has happened that might be interesting? I know, I have been wanting to try to make a cake on our Green Mountain pellet BBQ/smoker and I did!!! It wasn’t from scratch but that’s ok, heck I used cake mixes from a box even when we lived in the house.

It was a German chocolate and it turned out pretty darn good if I say so myself. Good enough that I wouldn’t hesitate to make more in the future. The only ding I would give it is that I didn’t have the BBQ perfectly level so the mix did shift to one end just a little but not much. I’ll remember that little fact the next time.

Someone did up this cactus for Easter

Someone did up this cactus for Easter.




















I have wanted to try a pizza on the Green Mountain also and I finally got around to that. We bought a pre-made crust and added the sauce and toppings (pepperoni, cheese, black olives and mushrooms). Once again it also turned out pretty good even though I might try a different crust the next time, this one was a little think for our liking. Every time I try something new I like our Green Mountain Davy Crocket more and more.

We have mentioned before how much we love love love and use our crockpot but we have been hearing and reading about the new-fangled pressure cookers that also double as crockpots and we have been pretty intrigued. We have been talking and researching and talking more and researching more for some time now about them and finally pulled the trigger on one.

Of course we made the decision at the last moment just 3 days before we were supposed to hit the road LOL!!! Once again we will put our Amazon Prime to the test. We decided on the Instant-Pot 7 in 1. From what we have read there are 3 brands that always make the top 3 on the market right now and more times than not the Instant-Pot is number one, time will tell so be watching for our review.

Borrowed picture from the web.

Borrowed picture from the web.









I guess that’s about it from here, we will be lifting our jacks Friday morning (April 1st) and make a move. At this point the plan is to drive to Quartzsite the first day and maybe boondock there a couple nights before moving on. On to where is still up in the air, we have talked about going up to Barstow California and then take highway 395 north through Lone Pine, Bishop, Bridgeport and on to Carson Nevada before heading in to Oregon. But we have not ruled out highway 95 either even though we have done that route 2 times already, it just depends on weather and will be subject to change at any time.

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7 Responses to Final days in Casa Grande & mixed emotions

  1. Ken says:

    We have the Instant pot 7-1. you will love it

  2. Darn you guys. I didn’t realize that you were leaving on April 1st.
    I’m glad to see that you’ll be here for 3 months next winter. We will also be returning on Oct. 15th. If you two play a lot of pickleball over the summer, you’ll be able to enter the National Pickleball Tournament which will be held here in our park the first part of November.
    Safe travels guys.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      LOL,, well I doubt very much we will be even close to tournament ready but we are good spectators. But we do plan to get more involved next time. Getting there late in the season made it tough to just squeeze in. We really wanted to get together with you guys but every time we saw you you were with other folks or on the court. I did raz you one day while you were riding by on your bike while we were walking by saying (you better slow that thing down) but I had a different hat on and I think you were headed to the pickleball court LOL!!

  3. Anxiuosly awaiting your review of the instant pot. I’ve been on the fence about getting one.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      It will be a few days at least before we get a chance to use it I’m sure. We just made a big ol pot of chili in the crockpot yesterday that will last at least 4 days LOL!!! But a review WILL come.

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