Headed back to Casa Grande

Tuesday (3/1/16) was another travel day. Yup, after only a 2 day stay at Picacho Peak State Park it was time to move on already. Very seldom do we only stay 2 days in a spot before moving but it fit into our plans this time.

Our travel day was going to be only 25 miles so we were in no hurry to get the wheels rolling, heck even I wasn’t shooting for our normal 9am departure much to Diane’s happiness LOL!!!

While I was trying to kill time to avoid taking off to early our friends Bob & Karen walked down to visit for a bit. Karen saw a comment I made on face-book joking about our long travel day and the possible need of finding a place to stop for lunch during our journey so she decided to bring us down cookies to help us make it through the long drive LOL!! And they came in very handy, we were both eating them shortly after hitting the road.

After a short visit we were saying our “see ya down the road’s” and we were lifting our jacks at about 10 and heading out.

25 miles and a short time later we were pulling into our destination in Casa Grande. I Know, I can hear tour minds clicking now saying, CASA GRANDE, they were just in Casa Grande in November!! And you are correct.

If you’re a regular follower you know that we have been keeping our eyes open for a spot to hunker down for maybe 3 months at a time during the winter months and so far Casa Grande has been on our short list. Our last stay in November was very enjoyable but November is not considered to be one of the busiest months for the park. If we decided to make this our “hunker down” spot we no doubt would be here during a couple of the busier months so we decided to stop back in and spend the month of March to see how we might feel about the place during a busy month.

We have only been here 5 full days (3/6/16) but we have already spent a few mornings in the gym and I have been to the airfield 6 times to fly and we have gotten in a few miles of walking & bike riding. For some reason this place just makes me want to stay active and there’s so much here to do it’s easy.


So for now we have plans to hit a local racetrack for a couple Saturday evenings of racing, we will get our taxes done, we need to get the motorhome washed after all the boon-docking we have done, Diane has a haircut appointment, we plan to attend a local RC airshow, visit a new local craft beer joint that just opened, visit the skydiving event center in Eloy just down the road and of course there are numerous activities right here in the park to keep us busy like the gym, line dancing lessons and of course the RC airfield. We might even try to play a little pickle-ball this time and take a lawn bowling class and Diane is talking about taking a couple golf lessons. Regardless it’s sure to be an active month.

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7 Responses to Headed back to Casa Grande

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Sounds like there is a lot to do in Casa Grande, we are planning on getting over there sometime next winter to check it out!

  2. colibabas says:

    Sounds like you guys have found a great spot. We may have to check it out one day too. Enjoy!

  3. brianne1973 says:

    We just left this morning after a monthlong stay. It’s a beautiful park

  4. Our intro. pickleball classes are finished for this season, but get a hold of me if you’d like to learn about the game.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      That sounds good!! I watched a couple games you played in during the tournament, are ya sure you can slow down enough to take it easy on us, you play pretty hard LOL!!

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