We moved away from Quartzsite

Tuesday (2/9/16) was a pretty mellow day. Because we knew we would be in an area without much shopping available for the next week after our planned move on Wednesday we drove over to Blythe and stocked up and then headed back home and mainly chilled and enjoyed the beautiful day until about 5 I guess when we went over to Red & Pam’s and sat around the fire with them and Steve & Diane for a couple hours.

That was going to be what could very well be the last fire we share together until next winter. Sad, but part of this nomadic life style we lead. Because we planned to roll out at, YOU GUESSED IT, 9am we said our see ya down the roads before returning home for the evening.


Wednesday (2/10/16) rolled around and with it another move day. Normally I break camp and put everything outside away the night before we travel but for some reason I didn’t get around to it this time. So after breakfast I went out and broke camp while Diane took care of the inside.

Jim came over after seeing we were breaking camp to chat for a bit and say his “See ya down the road”. We didn’t get a chance to see them at the fire the night before so that was nice and it was great meeting him & Barb (AND DAISY the bark-less dog). They are planning an Alaska trip this summer and we will be looking forward to reading about it on their blog http://jimandbarbsrvadventure.blogspot.com/?wref=bif

We sure met some great people on our visit to Quartzsite this year between the Outside Our Bubble gathering and the RV-Dreams group. And as always it was fun catching up with friends we have met before during our 3 years on the road. AND we actually had people that follow our blog that we have never met before hunt us down to meet us!! That was extra special.

The down side to our Quartzsite visit this year was the weather, it was probably the coldest and windiest year we have experienced in Q so far. And then I had my little episode health wise that mixed things up a bit for a few days and made us miss a couple gatherings that we had so planned on attending. But like we have said before, just because we live what many would consider a dream life it’s not always perfect and bad things happen, oh well, it’s life.

So after being in Quartzsite 36 days (29 boon-docking) we lifted our jacks and had the wheels rolling at….. You guessed it….. 9am just like clockwork. Because our black & grey tanks were at ¾ full after 14 days our first mission was to stop off at the dump station before hitting the highway, and many mornings we have seen as many as 13 rigs in line waiting to dump so we were curious to see what was in store for us.

We must live right because as we rolled up to the dump station there wasn’t a single person in line and we pulled right in, dumped, found a nice spot to hook up the Jeep and we were on our way headed towards Gila Bend Arizona, 130 miles down the road.

We jumped on I-10 headed towards Phoenix and then veered off on HWY 85 which we took to Gila Bend. We arrived at the Holt Shell fuel station which has a small RV park behind it just before noon and because they don’t accept reservation went inside to see if they had any open spots for a couple nights. It turned out they had only 3 available so I’m glad we didn’t plan to arrive any later.

A no frill's campground

A no frill’s campground

The park is all gravel and the sites are somewhat close together but fit our needs for a couple nights so we could flush our tanks, do a good cleaning on the motorhome (inside) and catch up on laundry. Oh and a few long hot showers didn’t hurt anything either LOL!!! And because they are a Passport America site we only paid $13.96 per night, not bad at all for a full hookup site, not that it’s a spot we would want to spend any real time. But for the record I think I saw that you could spend a month for only $200.

They have some colorful stuff for sale at the office.

They have some colorful stuff for sale at the office.

After showers and a couple loads of laundry we took a drive through town to see what Gila Bend had to offer. There were a couple restaurants that have good ratings on Trip Advisor but neither of us were in the mood to eat out so it wasn’t long and we found ourselves back home where we continued with our chores.

20160210_160141 20160210_160205

Our plan is to move to another boon-docking spot on Friday as we mentioned before but the temps are hovering close to the mid 80’s which may be a bit warm for this warm blooded fat boy to be boon-docking in where shade is hard to come by LOL!!! And we found out that generator hours are 8am to 8pm which I’m sure we will do fine with but we have normally lived by a 7am to 10pm scenario so we will probably be pushing our comfort zone by missing out on the later generator time. But if things become complicated we will just cut our stay short and head to a full hookup park. Awwwww one of the plus’s to this life style, if things so suit you, just move on.

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6 Responses to We moved away from Quartzsite

  1. debbiemc14 says:

    We just left a boondocking spot on Darby Well Rd just south of Ajo. It was a nice spot with good cell at 1.8 mi off the road. A bit unlevel, but we were able to level off nicely. Enjoyed our time there. Would’ve liked a couple more days, but had to be in Surprise which is where we are now visiting family until 2/26. Then we’ll be in Apache Junction through March.

  2. Jim and Barb says:

    You left just in time for it to warm up to the mid 80’s…..too hot in my book. The area behind us looks empty without you guys there!

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Well we didn’t escape the warmer temps. It’s in the 80’s here to and we are headed to another boon-docking area today (Friday). It I start to melt we will just make another move LOL!! It may look empty behind you but it’s probably nice to have your back yard back.

  3. Just a short note to say we’re following your blog now to see how “real” boondocking do it. LOL 🙂
    Ordered some parts for the “toy” , performing maintenance on the motorhome and otherwise planning a yard sale at this end. I’m afraid your warm weather is going to continue for awhile.

    Ed, Sharon and Bogie

    • Dave & Diane says:

      LOL,, real Boon-dockers LOL,,, not us. When we get around people that stay out boon-docking for 2 or 3 months on end we feel they are the real boon-dockers.
      Good luck with all the yard sales. I home someone comes along and buys everything in one swoop like they did for us, it was amazing.

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