A visit to the Cibola National Wildlife Refuge and the Blythe Intaglios

Thursday 2/4/16 rolled around and I found myself another year older. But I guess I won’t complain much, I’ll complain when I STOP having those darn birthdays LOL!!

The weather front that had been causing all the wind and low temp’s had started working itself out of the area and the skies were blue so we decided after being cooped up a good chunk of the last few days we were due for a little road trip so we jumped in the Jeep a little after 9am and headed towards the Cibola National Wildlife Refuge.




The Refuge covers 17,267 acres and is located along the Colorado River and is a favorite to wintering waterfowl along with a number of other critters.

20160204_130504 20160204_104514 IMG_9453 IMG_9454

When we arrived the first thing was the visitor enter to get the low down. The lady working inside was very bubbly and informative and after a short tour we were on our way to Canada Goose Drive, a 3 mile auto loop. You are asked to remain in your cars while driving the loop to avoid disturbing wildlife which of course we adhered to but it makes it tough to get pictures at times.

IMG_9455 IMG_9447 IMG_9457 IMG_9459

Along the auto loop there is a 1 mile long nature trail that you can get out and walk and after spending the last few weeks in the desert around Quartzsite it was nice to stroll through some wooded areas and be around water.

IMG_9463 IMG_9466 IMG_9468 IMG_9474 IMG_9482 IMG_9485 IMG_9489 IMG_9497 IMG_9503 IMG_9510 IMG_9523 IMG_9533

We didn’t realize it was after 12 noon before we finally left the refuge and we both were getting hungry so we found a wide spot in the road to pull over and eat our lunch that we packed before heading out towards the Blythe Intaglios located on the north side of Blythe.

Intaglios (geoglyphs) were created by scraping away layers of darker rocks or pebbles to uncover the lighter soil. It seems that even though Intaglios are found through the deserts of southeastern California, human figures are found only near the Colorado River.




At the Blythe site there are a total of six figures in three locations, including a human figure at each location and an animal figure at two locations. The largest human figure measures 171 feet from head to toe. Geoglyphs are difficult to date, so archaeologists have no way of knowing their age. According to Mohave and Quechan tribes of the lower Colorado River area, the human figures represent Mastamho, the Creator of Earth and all life. The animal figures represent Hatakulya, one of two mountain lions/persons who helped in the Creation. In ancient times it’s believed that sacred ceremonial dances were held in the area to honor the Creator of life.





IMG_9545 IMG_9547

The Intaglios can obviously be seen from the ground but having the “toy” along sure came it handy to get a couple nice shots from the air.

Once we finishes checking out the Intaglios we decided to stop at the grocery store in Blythe before continuing home.


Once home we were able to catch the last part of Happy Hour over at Jim & Barbs before going in for dinner and calling it a day. And a great way to spend a birthday I might add.

The plan for Friday the 5th was to visit the Castle Dome Mine Museum, which we did so be watching for that update to roll out soon!!

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4 Responses to A visit to the Cibola National Wildlife Refuge and the Blythe Intaglios

  1. jrzygrl64 says:

    Can’t hardly wait to get out there and see some of the stuff everyone is blogging about for myself! Thanks for the great pics!

  2. Emily says:

    Gorgeous bird and wildlife photos!

  3. debbiemc14 says:

    You sure got some great wildlife shots! Love those burrowing owls, so cute! We loved the Intaglios too. You sure get a much better prospective from the air, nice! Glad you had a happy birthday!

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