It’s time for a vacation

You might have looked at the heading of this update and said, Time for a vacation? They live a vacation life so why would they possibly need a vacation!!! Well I’ll explain.

Even though we have mentioned before that we don’t treat this life style as a vacation we certainly seem to have been on vacation mode most of this year by visiting so many national parks and monuments and staying so active that I’m just tuckered out.

And for the most part for the 3 years we have been on the road we have lifted our jacks and made a move about every week. In fact as of Nov. 1st (for this year) our average stay in one location before making a move is 6 days. And if you toss out the long stay we had at Lazy Days in Florida while buying our new rig the average stay in one spot over the last 3 years of being on the road is 6.76 days LOL!!! Now figure we go explore on average 4 days a week or maybe more and you start getting the picture of why a vacation is needed LOL!!!

You might be asking “just what could a couple of people do that live a life that might be considered a vacation by most people”. And the answer would be, not make a move for at least a month and not play tourist!!!

So we have found a nice spot down south in the nice warm weather to hunker down for the entire month of November. This does not mean we will become completely dormant, oh no it doesn’t. In fact we will be staying pretty active, we have already done many miles of bike riding and have spent a couple mornings at the on-site gym working out and plan to continue both of those things a few times a week.


Plus we plan to take a couple Line Dancing classes together, Diane plans to do a few Yoga classes and I plan to take a couple photography classes while we are here. And there is an RC Airplane flying field ½ mile from our campsite that I will certainly be visiting numerous times as well as a few trips to the hot tub and I’m sure a few Happy Hours will be enjoyed. Oh yes and Pickle Ball, I’m sure we will brush up on our Pickle Ball some. Not that we had any game to begin with to actually brush up on.

Don’t read anything into us sitting in one spot for a month all of a sudden, in fact if you read our (2nd year Anniversary) update we made mention we planned to find a spot or 2 or 3 to maybe spend a month or 2 at a time at during the winter months and that’s exactly what we are doing. This does not mean we are getting tired of the life style, it just means we (me (Dave) mainly needs a break from the constant setup and take down of camp and the constant planning of where to go next and how to get there). That may sound like simple tasks but believe me it can wear on you after 3 years LOL!!

I’m not sure how many updates we will be doing while we are hunkered down this month, they might be pretty boring reading to most so don’t be alarmed if we go “DARK” for a couple weeks LOL!! Never fear, we will emerge out the other side.

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10 Responses to It’s time for a vacation

  1. Roger says:

    Well put Dave…we know the feeling!

    • Dave & Diane says:

      I know you guys do Roger, and we hope you enjoy your “Vacation” spot this winter. We are looking forward to hearing how you like them because we have an interest in those areas as well and have not visited there yet.

  2. Ruth says:

    It only took you 3 years to decide to stay put for a month?? LOL, it only took us 8 months of moving every 1-2 weeks to stop for a month in one location. Since then we’ve had at least 8 different stops that have been from 4-8 weeks in duration. Of course, we’re not retired, so the moving around, planning where to go next does take a lot of time so we’ve just found it works best to move at a little slower pace than many RVer’s. Enjoy your time there!

  3. explorvistas says:

    You might be surprised how much you have to blog about, Dave! I never ran out of material in the six months we were in Leelanau! Kick back and have a great time!

  4. David says:

    I understand a vacation from retirement. I am curious as to the location you selected to stay for a month. The activities that you describe is just right for our lifestyle. Could you share where you are staying and your thoughts after you have been there for awhile. Thanks.

  5. Great summary of ‘No, we are not on vacation! We are Full Time RVers! ” We get the same reaction, too. Sounds like a great plan to stay still a while. Enjoy!!

  6. Mike Fischer says:

    Sounds nice! There have been a couple times when we were exhausted from so much traveling and sight-seeing that we hunkered down for a week or two and didn’t do much. We’re hoping in 2016 we’ll have the willpower to slow it down a bit and do 10-day stays instead of 5-7 day stays at each location… -Mike

  7. debbiemc14 says:

    Sounds great to me! We are back in Placerville, CA until after Jan 1 visiting family and kids. Then we spend 3 months in AZ moving slowly. We’ll be spending Feb in Surprise and March in Apache Junction. Looking forward to some slow time as well!

  8. Dave & Diane says:

    Our little “vacation” here is about over and we will be moving on in a couple days to a couple new spots shortly. I’m sure we will bump into each other in Q. We will spend a good chunk of January and some of Feb. their at least. No other plans at this point.

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