Time to leave Cottonwood and head a little more south.

Sunday (10/25/15) came and it was time to leave Dead Horse State Park in Cottonwood so we lifted our jacks and headed south to Gold Canyon.

We could have easily just jumped on I-17 and headed toward Phoenix and then over to Gold Canyon but, have I ever mentioned before that I hate big cities??!! Plus we would rather travel secondary roads than freeways any old day so we opted to take HWY 260 from Cottonwood to where it hooked up with HWY 87, then to N Bush HWY and on to Usery Pass Road that eventually turned into Ellsworth Rd. Then we hopped on HWY 202 for a few miles and jumped off onto HWY 60 just a few miles from our destination at Canyon Vistas / Superstition Views RV Park.


The route we took made our travel day about 1 1/2 hours longer than it would have been on the freeway and took us up over a pass that was at the 10,000 foot level and most of it was nice 2 lane roads but it also took us through areas and small towns that we would have never seen sticking to a freeway. Plus we missed all the traffic in the Phoenix area which is priceless in my book.

IMG_8030 IMG_8027

The main reason we opted to visit Gold Canyon was to get our entry step that broke while visiting Park City Utah back in August replaced. Tiffin sent us a replacement that we have been carrying around with us and because East Valley RV was in our path while heading south for the winter we made an appointment to have them do the swap out, It’s under warranty so why not.


And another reason was to check out the RV Port homes at the campground. A RV Port Home type setup is something that Diane and I both feel could be in our future when it comes time to slow down our travels and sit in one spot a few months at a time during the winter months. Even though this area may not be the spot we choose to do it we still like to look at and get ideas about options any time we can.

We rolled into the campground early afternoon on Sunday and did a partial setup for the evening knowing we had to roll back out early Monday morning for our appointment at East Valley RV. Then jumped in the Jeep and actually found the shop so we knew just how to get there.

We were not actually able to check in the park on Sunday because the office was closed but we told the gate guard we would be out early for an appointment and would check in when we got back which he was fine with.

Once we got back from finding the shop we took a walk around the park and stopped into the sales office to inquire about the RV Port homes that were marked “Open House”. At that point we were offered a tour of the property and inside the models by Cliff.


During our tour Cliff asked if we had already checked in which we replied “no”. He then asked how long we planned to stay to which we answered “one week”. He then said that when we returned from our appointment to come find him and he would go with us to check in and have our week comped. We had not planned for that so it was a nice surprise.


We will probably do a separate update about the Port Homes once we really get a feel for what there is to offer so if you’re interested you will need to check back.

Monday morning rolled around and we lifted our jacks and rolled the short distance to East Valley for our appointment and they had a guy waiting and got right to work on it. We figured it would take a couple hours so Diane and I jumped back in the Jeep and did a driving tour around the area.

When we returned they were not finished yet so we hung around the lounge but before long they were finished and I was doing paperwork.

Now a funny thing, do you remember a few updates back I was working on a new system to put the bikes behind the motorhome and how we had a locking hitch-pin that I couldn’t get the key to work in so was waiting to have it cut off? Well when we checked in I asked if they could whack that sucker off for me and I would buy a new pin from them at the same time, which they said, of course they could, and they did. And do you remember reading above that the step repairs were being covered by Tiffin? Well when I was handed the paperwork there was a balance of $124 due, I asked what for to which they replied there was a little electrical that Tiffin didn’t cover (what?) and for cutting off the pin and the cost of the new one.

Ok, I didn’t understand the extra electrical that Tiffin wouldn’t cover thing but wasn’t going to fret over it but then I saw the $60 cost to cut off the pin and new pin and was a bit put off. Heck it probably took them 10 minutes to cut that sucker off and the new pin (I found it on Amazon) was $15 LOL!! Lesson learned, actually I already know better not to assume that someone is going to do the right thing and not charge $45 to do a 10 minute job. So because I figured I was the dumb-ass that wasn’t smart enough to ask first, and I was also happy to just have things right again I paid the bill without the old Dave coming out.

As I was paying the service writer said, I’m glad we were able to get you right in like that, I was thinking “Hell I made this appointment over a month ago so it really should have gotten right in” LOL!! But once again I just kept my mouth shut and replied “me too” and went on my merry way.

East Valley RV Specialists have a good reputation from what I had read before making the appointment and run a clean shop and they did a fine job for us so we would recommend them at this point if you are ever in the area and need any work done BUT I would caution you to get the numbers up front LOL!!

Once back at the park and settled in we called Cliff, he came and picked us up in his golf cart and we were headed to check in. And as Cliff said, we were given a week free PLUS while chatting with the activity director we were given 2 free tickets to a Pork Chop dinner they were having on Tuesday night!!! All because we stopped in to take a couple hour tour of the Port Homes which we were planning to do anyway.

After checking in we poked around a bit before heading home to rest up for Happy Hour. Happy Hour was supplied by the park, free beer, wine and popcorn AND a live band, and a good band to boot.

We sat at a table with a couple from Washington state that has been coming to this park for years and had a nice visit before heading home for the evening.

20151027_095602 20151030_183205

That gets us through Monday Oct. 26th and in fear of this update going on to long we will call it good for now and pick up again later. But rest assured we have been having a pretty good time and have done some touring of the area. In fact we took what is called the most scenic route in Arizona one day and saw some great country, more on that later as well.

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4 Responses to Time to leave Cottonwood and head a little more south.

  1. Sandie says:

    We are not fans of East Valley RV. In fact, one visit there was enough for us to never go back again. That was great that they comped you for the whole week. I think they really want your business. lol I’ll be looking forward to your review of the RV ports.

  2. Chloe Derian says:

    i sure wish I had known you were going to East Valley RV so I could have forewarned you. We will never ever go there again due to prior things. They changed management a few years ago and things really changed for the worse, sorry you encountered such an experience. we live here in Apache Jct and could have helped you find a much better place I think. we so enjoy your blog and can’t wait to hit the road soon. We just bought a used 2012 43ft toyhauler to do so in.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      First off congrats on the purchase of your new Toyhauler!! I remember our planning stages and enjoyed them as I’m sure you are. Our steps were a pretty minor thing and East Valley did a fine job on them but I certainly was surprised about the added cost. Just glad it wasn’t on something more costly. Who would you have suggested? That info could come in handy some time in the future or for other readers,, and thanks for that.
      Hope to see you on the road some day!!

  3. jrzygrl64 says:

    LOVE the hot tub! Wish I was somewhere near a hot tub!

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