Travel day to Flagstaff and a new bike rack setup test.

Monday 10/13 we lifted our jacks and headed south. We said so-long to Page Arizona and our campsite at Lake Powell and rolled south on HWY 89 130 miles to the J&H Campground just north of Flagstaff. And lucky for us we were once again blessed with a great day of blue skies, no wind and sunshine for our drive.

We rolled out of our campsite a little earlier than normal because I have been toying with a new setup to carry our bikes behind the coach instead of on the Jeep all the time and the huge parking area by the boat ramp next to our campground was a great place to test it out to check clearances during tight turns. So before actually made a stop for tests.


Because the Jeep has a 3” lift and is riding on 35” tires we have to use a riser in the coach receiver in order to have our tow-bar as level as possible and have never found a double riser so we could put our bike rack in the upper slot, BUT a couple months ago I ran across a product called “Gen-Y Hitch” that I thought would fill the bill.


Even though I have a drop hitch attached to the motor-home that I can’t get the key to work on (need to have the pin ground or cut) that has to be removed I’m happy to say everything looked good during our test. The bikes will be a little closer to the coach than they are in the picture and a couple inches lower once the riser is removed but after dealing with Gen-Y directly they agreed to custom make a hitch for me by making the stinger 3 inches longer than stock so I know there will be plenty of clearance between the bikes and coach to still run a cover on the bikes in foul weather and still be able to cover them without causing air flow issues for the radiator.


I think we would need to get into a pretty extreme off canter angle for the bikes to EVER have contact with the Jeep but we will run those tests as well when we happen across a spot where we can create that scenario. And the setup will be rock solid once that riser is removed.



Oh, why not just cover them on the Jeep instead of going through all of this you might ask. Simple, if I did that the taillights on the Jeep would be covered and that’s not good in my book. On the back of the motorhome the taillights would still be seen and because the Jeep is obviously at the rear of our train we want them fully visible.

After running our tests I put the bikes back on the Jeep and we were on our way south and we rolled into the J&H Campground shortly after noon. After getting all set up and having lunch I decided a nap was in order because I didn’t sleep well the night before.

After my nap I mentioned to Diane I would take the bikes of the Jeep thinking we would head out or our normal ride to get a lay of the land but when I came back in the RV she was getting ready for a nap LOL!!! Maybe she should have taken one while I was but oh well.

Once she woke up I said “let’s go for our ride” her response was “Before Dinner!!!???” Well heck by the time we had dinner the sun was going down so we decided to pass on our ride. We just couldn’t get our poop-in-a-group it seemed LOL!!

We have some fun things to see during our stay in Flagstaff and actually because I’m a few days behind we have already seen some pretty good stuff but we will take about them during our next update so come back soon to check them out!!

IMG_8946 IMG_8949

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11 Responses to Travel day to Flagstaff and a new bike rack setup test.

  1. explorvistas says:

    The great thing about a Jeep is that the hood doesn’t extend out over the wheels, Dave. That should help with the clearance for the bikes. You’ll also be able to watch the setup in your rear camera. That looks like a nice setup!

    I’m going to be posting soon about our rack modification, as we sold our bikes and bought recumbent trikes. I bought the steel yesterday and I’m going to dust off my arc welding skills today. The owner of our resort is also an apple and cherry farmer, so he has a Lincoln welder that he is letting me use.

  2. Dave & Diane says:

    Our setup is pretty good now but should be darn good once I get the pin cut off of that riser. That is the only link that allows any moving side to side. Once it’s gone it should be rock solid.
    I saw that you guys switched bikes, and it looks like you have been getting some riding in!! I’ll be watching for your modification update.

  3. debbiemc14 says:

    We just left Flagstaff. Now we’re outside of Prescott, then Phoenix area. We hiked up Mt. Humphrey (tallest peak in AZ) but didn’t quite make it to the top. Running out of daylight and altitude sickness prevented it. Brutal hike that I would not do again. Waiting to hear if you hiked in the area. Nice bike rack!

    • Dave & Diane says:

      LOL,,, unknowingly on your heels. We read about Mt. Humphrey but it’s not on our radar for a hike, and certainly not after hearing you didn’t make it. We have done Sunset Crater, Wupatki and Walnut Canyon for our exploring so far but will do an update on those soon. Then a rain day LOL!!

  4. John Wentz says:

    How is it to get those bikes up on the rack? I am looking at a pair or E-Bikes and each are #60. I love this set up and am thinking this is the only way to go.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Our bikes are about 60lbs also. Once you find the proper place to lift the bike from it’s really not bad. I forgot once to take the batteries out before lifting and it was enough to have me thinking I didn’t have enough breakfast and I had gotten very weak LOL. I have not forgotten since.

      • John Wentz says:

        Thanks! We are excited to start our new adventure here in a few months and have gleaned a lot of useful ideas from you two! We are in Olympia and have been to may of the places you frequent. 🙂

  5. Dave & Diane says:

    You are welcome John, we spent a lot of time doing research before we hit the road (and continue doing so) just like you are now and are very happy to hear that things we post on our blog help others now and again.

  6. John Wentz says:

    Any final pictures of the set up after the 1 riser was removed? How much more did they charge to custom build that for you? I think that is exactly the set up I need to install. Was going to custom make my own, but this will be simpler…I believe.
    Any issues when trying to store the tow bar and having the bike rack there? I have the Roadmaster Sterling that need to come straight up to latch and the swing to the right. Looks like your i similar.

    My wife thanks you BTW. I shared one of your posts in Sunriver to show her something totally unrelated. She focused on the electric bikes! Guess what we are getting? LOL

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Glad we could be of help with you parting with a little extra cash for bikes maybe LOL!! They only charged us $25 I think for the one time setup charge for the modified receiver, very fare I thought. We will be posting up some pictures in our next update in a day or 2 with the setup and the pickup. It also shows it without the first riser.
      Our tow bar has to be put almost straight up to stow also and I will admit even though not as easy I can still just tilt it sideways enough to clear the rack and get it in the stowed and back out for towing. This would have been impossible with the Jeep because I had to use a higher spot for the tow bar to make it level with the raised Jeep but I use the bottom slot for the truck and the top slot for the bike rack and it makes it doable. Of course the first couple times you do something it’s trial & error getting the move down which I’m sure I will. And I found that maybe making the shank even 1 inch longer would help the engine compartment door clear a little easier.

      • John Wentz says:

        Thanks. 🙂 Looking forward to the updates!

        On Tue, Jul 19, 2016 at 6:53 AM, Dave & Diane throwing caution to the wind wrote:

        > Dave & Diane commented: “Glad we could be of help with you parting with a > little extra cash for bikes maybe LOL!! They only charged us $25 I think > for the one time setup charge for the modified receiver, very fare I > thought. We will be posting up some pictures in our next update ” >

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