Bryce Canyon National Park

Sunday 9/20 rolled around and with it came another travel day. The sun was shining, the skies were deep blue with not a cloud in the sky. Just what we like to see on move days.

As usual we were ready to roll at 9am. We walked by Steve & Debbie’s rig to see if there was any movement but noticed the shades were still drawn so we decided to slip away without any further “see ya down the roads”.

We opted for a different route other than going through Escalante, to avoid driving over it for one reason and to see new sights for another. We took highway 24 to highway 62 and followed it for a little over 40 miles until we came to highway 89 then took 89 to highway 12 until we turned on highway 63 which is just a couple miles from Ruby’s Campground and our home for the next 5 days.

20150920_150618 IMG_8298

All of the roads were 2 lane and in pretty good shape and certainly provided some great scenery for our drive.


Ruby’s campground has an older section with some tall tree’s that provide shade and a newer section that is pretty wide open and has extra wide sites. Either would have worked but we opted for the wide open newer section. Don’t confuse newer with paved sites and patios because it’s not. The area is really just a huge gravel area with utilities popping up surrounded by some weeds LOL!! But the sites are huge and certainly provide a great place to stage while touring the area.

IMG_8250 IMG_8259 IMG_8264

After getting set up and having some lunch we did our normal driving tour of the area, stopping at about all of the overlooks and enjoying the beauty. More red rocks but of different shapes than the last couple stops.

IMG_8265 IMG_8279 IMG_8284

We spent the next 5 days taking hikes and scenic drives taking in the beauty of Bryce Canyon along with side trips outside the park to Red Canyon and Kodachrome Basin State Park a few miles down the road.

IMG_8287 IMG_8302 IMG_8303 IMG_8308

Bryce is so well known that we won’t spend a lot of time describing in words, instead we will let the pictures do the talking (even though as you know pictures never do justice). But here is a link if you are interested.

IMG_8310 IMG_8312 IMG_8316 IMG_8318

Kodachrome Basin State park is just 20 miles southeast of Bryce Canyon National Park and was worth the visit. It was a nice break away from the crowds and even though the sights were not as dramatic as those in Bryce Canyon there are a few hiking trails and in fact a very nice campground that if ever in the area again we might consider.

IMG_8320 IMG_8328 IMG_8331 IMG_8334

You might remember in our Moab updates our friends Tina & Rob from our old hometown showed up along with Tina’s sister & husband, well we bumped into each other again during our stay in Bryce. It’s always a treat to run into people you know while traveling and sharing some time around a campfire.

20150924_182555 IMG_8336  IMG_8348 IMG_8351 IMG_8350

We had a great time in Bryce and we are really enjoying our visits to the national parks this year but I’ll be brutally honest. I think we need to take in a good old football game or a tractor pull or something. We are about fed up with the rude characteristics of many of our visitors from other countries. We are not trying to offend anyone but my god people, we try to go single file while meeting others on trails here in the good old USA to show a little courtesy for crying out loud.

IMG_8372 IMG_8374 IMG_8375 IMG_8377

Even my mild mannered Diane stopped moving off the trail in order to allow people to pass by while walking 2 and even 3 wide. I had to chuckle inside as Diane gave a couple shoulder bumps and even came to a complete stop as one man walked up and came face to face with her before finally moving over (him not her) LOL!!! You would have had to see it and know Diane to appreciate it LOL!!

IMG_8382 IMG_8384

In fact we need help designing a Tee-shirt. I want to say “Trail Etiquette in America” on the front and somehow show stick figures walking single file by others on a trail. On the front it should be in English and I think the back should be the same picture in probably French (the biggest culprit’s in my eyes) so that after a confrontation if they look over there shoulders muttering the words “rude Americans” they can see the French version on the back of our shirts LOL!! I could also think of one universal sign language symbol I might toss on the back but probably would be better off without it.

IMG_8387 IMG_8390

Or how about a shirt that just says (I’m done moving over), HEY maybe I need to design a few and start a mail order Tee-shirt sales!! Who wants one!!?? LOL!!

OK OK, enough of that, we shouldn’t talk that way on the blog, everyone will think we are ass-wipes. Oh well, I have always spoke my mind and have been true to who I am (even if that means an ass-wipe LOL!!). But I REALLY want that Tee-shirt and I really think we are ready for some alone time in the middle of the desert someplace.

IMG_8396 IMG_8397

But like we said, we enjoyed our 5 day stay in Bryce and think 5 days was just about right. I think looking back we might have spread out visiting the National Parks this year a little, maybe tossing in a week between each spot to allow a little more down time. It’s starting to feel like being on vacation mode a little instead of the slower fulltime life style mode we are accustomed to. And our costs have sure sky rocketed compared to what we normally spend but we knew they would by hanging around tourist areas like we have this year.


By the time this update is posted we will have moved on to yet another National Park. We said our “see ya down the roads” to Rob & Tina “our friends from Grants Pass” and Stan & Doris “our new found fiends” on Friday 9/25 and headed towards our new home by Zion National Park where we will spend a week. It should be another great week filled with hiking and fantastic scenery!!

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4 Responses to Bryce Canyon National Park

  1. We love your blogs! n Love you guys for saying it like it is! Someone Has to do it….Beautiful pics we cant wait to get there next year

  2. brianne1973 says:

    LOL, we have had what we call “sidewalk wars” when we were living in the city. So many groups of people walking together and blocking the whole sidewalk and not having the courtesy to move over. I can relate to Diane as I finally got fed up with it too and shoved a few myself. We are enjoying your beautiful pictures and plan to stop in many of the places you have been. Thanks!
    Anne and Brian

  3. More Magnificent Photos!!! Bryce is another repeat NP that has to go on our TODOS list. Wish we could have just followed you two around. But this way, we can learn from you and perhaps schedule a bit more down time. Also we may have “The T-Shirt” by the time we get to visit these parks;o)) Congrats to Diane for standing her ground!!!

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