Summing it up for Moab


** Note, we are going to mix in a few photo’s that didn’t make it into our previous updates about Moab (in no certain order).**

We spent 2 weeks in Moab and stayed pretty busy every day touring the area. There is certainly a lot to see around there, enough that we were not able to take it all in during our stay but we made a big dent in it.

IMG_7830 IMG_7835

Of course I’m sure you saw our updates on Arches National Park, Canyonlands, Dead Horse State Park and Needles so you know how much we loved the National Parks but there are many other things to see & do in the area besides the National Parks that surround Moab.

IMG_7820 IMG_7819 IMG_7818

Of course there is the downtown area that is lined with the usual tourist type shops that you would expect to find along with numerous restaurants, and of course we spent one evening doing the shop to shop shuffle and like usual we walked away empty handed.

IMG_7855 IMG_7944 IMG_7963

We tried a couple of the restaurants in town, actually a few. We had pizza at Zak’s one day (wasn’t overly impressed), we ate at the Moab Brewery twice (good beer and good affordable meals), and we had Mexican at the Fiesta Mexicana (Good food & drinks) and we stopped in at Milts Hamburger & Malt shop just to have one of their shakes we heard were so great (the shake WAS good and the burgers look good as well even though we didn’t try them), and we ate at the Moab Burger Company & Atomic Lounge (it was right next to our RV park which made for an easy walk over with our friends Lisa & Gary and Sherry & Gary who were staying in the park as well (sort of an upper end burger shop with prices starting at $13 but the burgers were good and the company was even better). And we had Sunday Brunch at the Red Cliff Lodge which we mentioned in our last update. We pretty much blew our eating out budget for the month in just 2 weeks!!! LOL!!!

IMG_7854 IMG_7848 IMG_7826

One thing we did that we have not mentioned yet was a Hummer Tour. Our good friend Larry back in Grants Pass mentioned that he had done the tour a couple times and enjoyed it both times so we figured we would give it a shot.

IMG_7942 IMG_7957

There are a few outfits that do the tours and Larry couldn’t remember the name of the one he had used but after some research on Trip Adviser we figured High Point Tours was about the top rated (and family owned) so we went with them and happy we did.

Our driver Patrick was a young guy and it was apparent he enjoyed his job and in turn made our experience a good one.

There are a few options to consider when booking a Hummer Tour. You can do a 2 hour slick rock tour, a 2 hour sunset ride, a 2 hour trail ride or a combined 4 hour slick rock and trail ride. We opted for the 4 hour tour and are not disappointed but if we were to do it again we would do the sunset tour. It goes on the same route you take on the slick rock tour except you hang around at a high point for sunset.

I’m sure we did a couple things that we forgot to talk about like bike rides and whatever else but I’m sure you can tell we had a great time in Moab and we certainly could have spent more time there but I’m sure we will be back. Next time maybe in later September or early October in hope of cooler temps.

20150912_094709 20150906_112707 20150912_134944

On Tuesday 9/15 we lifted or jacks and made another move to yet another Utah National Park so more will be coming soon.

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One Response to Summing it up for Moab

  1. explorvistas says:

    Wow…that must have been something for those hikers to be there when that rock fell off of Landscape Arch!

    Nice post, Dave!

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