Fisher Tower and Onion Creek road

We are still playing catch up for our Moab visit LOL!! I think we will make this update followed up by a final summary and then move on, because we certainly have.

One of our days we headed back up highway 128 along the Colorado River headed for Fisher Towers with a little side trip on Onion Creek road before we got there.

IMG_8089 IMG_8090

We had heard from other RVers in our campground that Onion Creek was a very scenic drive with the main attraction being a narrow canyon cut by the Onion Creek, with colorful spires and Hoodoos so we had to check it out.

IMG_8092 IMG_8095

The road is pretty mellow and pretty well groomed for a dirt and rock road and even though we must have done 20 stream crossings pretty much any SUV would make the trek.

IMG_8097 IMG_8098

We drove in roughly 10 miles until we started to leave what we considered the prettiest part and then turned around and drove back out. The entire time we saw maybe 2 RZR’s, 1 jeep and 1 dirt bike so it was actually pretty peaceful.


And as promised there were some pretty good views along the way, not the prettiest we have seen while touring the area but nice just the same.


After driving back out to highway 128 we turned right and drove a short 2 miles or so to the Fisher Tower Road turnoff.

IMG_8100 IMG_8101 IMG_8102

We got a rather late start to our morning and then by the time we tossed in the couple hour drive up Onion Creek Road it was mid-day by the time we reached Fisher Tower trail head and it was already pretty darn warm so we wimped out and passed on the 2 mile hike. From the description of the hike it sounded like it went around the base of Fisher Tower and as we stood there contemplating we decided we had a pretty good view by walking a short distance up the “photo trail” so we called that good enough. I know, I know we are sissies.

IMG_8103 IMG_8106

We stood around taking in the views for a while and watched a rock climber work his way up a rock formation before loading back in the Jeep and moving on.

IMG_8104 IMG_8116

I’m not certain we really did much else that day, to be honest it was towards the end of our stay and I was about hiked out so a lazy driving day felt pretty good.

Then there was a Sunday morning (opening day of football season!!) that we decided to take a drive to Red Cliff Lodge to have brunch. If you remember we had Mexican on Diane’s Birthday and we decided Sunday Brunch at the Lodge would be a nice treat for our 17th Anniversary. 17 wonderful years!! We got up and around so we could eat and make it back home in time for the kickoff of the Kansas City Chiefs game (which we did) GO CHIEFS!!! Of course I show my colors on each and every game day like I have for years.


Brunch was pretty darn good and it wasn’t busy which made for a very enjoyable breakfast, a nice meandering drive along the Colorado River to and from and a nice view of the river during our meal.

They put on a pretty good spread for $14.99, they had an omelet station, a couple other types of already made egg dishes, bacon, salmon, potato’s, cereals, a bunch of fresh fruits, pastries, biscuits & gravy, pancakes & other stuff that I’m just not remembering. Well worth the visit in our eyes.

20150906_104340 20150906_104901

While you are there check out the movie museum. There have been a number of movies made in the area and they have a nice display downstairs with a bunch of memorabilia along with a short movie that would entertain any movie buff. Here is a link showing some of the movies made in the area.

20150906_111709 20150906_111921

Sunday was also the day we had friends showing up at the park. Lisa & Gary who we met a couple years ago while dry camping in the desert and have bumped into a few times during our travels and Rob & Tina who are friends from back in our sticks & bricks days in Grants Pass Oregon.


We played tag with Rob & Tina and didn’t get a chance to hook up until late evening and for some reason I didn’t get any pictures. But we will be running into them again while we are in Bryce in a couple weeks so hopefully we will have a chance to visit more.

But we did have a chance to go out to dinner with Lisa & Gary and Sherry and Gary at the new Moab Burger joint and were able to get together for one happy hour before we left town. We will see Lisa & Gary again during our stop in Kanab the first part of October so I know more happy hours will be in the future plus they will winter down south and I sure we will see them again there.

That’s it for this update. At this point we have actually moved on from Moab and are in Torrey Utah touring Capital Reef National Park but will do updates on that once we get caught up on Moab. And because the internet connection is so poor here heck we may be moved on to or next spot again before that happens. Poor us, the challenges of the Fulltime RV Lifestyle.

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