Arches National Park, Moab Utah

We have been having a great time in Moab, it’s probably the most active we have been as far as hiking goes in some time and instead of doing daily or one big update about Moab we will break it up by area.

IMG_7705 IMG_7702 IMG_7701 IMG_7696

Probably our favorite and where we spent the most time was in Arches Nation Park. They say the park has over 2,000 natural stone arches but we have to take their word for that. IMG_7684 IMG_7683 IMG_7686!


Besides the Arches there are hundreds of soaring pinnacles and huge fins and giant balanced rocks that demands your attention as well.

IMG_7687 IMG_7691

You can simply drive the roads in the park and be see a lot but there are numerous hikes ranging from very short and easy to pretty darn long if you really want to be in awe. There are hikes harder than we care to do but as we have mentioned before, we are far from being the hard core hikers, however we did a pretty darn big chunk of the hikes offered.

IMG_7735 IMG_7712

Probably the most famous arch in the park is Delicate Arch. It’s the iconic Arch of Utah in general and the hike to it is considered difficult. Mainly because the hike is all uphill to reach it.

IMG_7790 IMG_7791 IMG_7792

We decided that because we kept hearing how strenuous the hike was we would get up early one morning and be at the trailhead at 7am so we could hike it during the cool part of the day.

The final turn on the trail to the Delicate Arch

The final turn on the trail to the Delicate Arch

IMG_7799 IMG_7801

Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch

Not only hiking it in the morning made for a cooler hike but there were certainly less people which was a bigger plus to me than avoiding the heat.

Delicate Arch was pretty cool, and just seeing it because it is such a famous Arch and hike was worth it in itself but it really was not our favorite Arch in the park and we didn’t think it was the most “delicate” either. Actually we felt that the Landscape Arch was much more delicate because at its thinnest section the arch is only 6 feet thick, yet it supports a span of rock 290 feet long.

We borrowed this picture from the web because the day we hiked the trail it was a bit overcast and this one has blue skies and shows better.

We borrowed this picture from the web because the day we hiked the trail it was a bit overcast and this one has blue skies and shows better.

You can reach the Landscape Arch by doing the Devils Garden hike that we did right after the Delicate Arch hike. By the time we hit that trail the crowds were starting to gather for the holiday weekend and the trails were so full of people that you had to pick & choose just the right time to fart in fear of being caught LOL!!

About the only wildlife we say other than birds and a couple lizards.

About the only wildlife we say other than birds and a couple lizards.

IMG_7745 IMG_7740 IMG_7741

We found that branching off on side trails that were marked “Primitive Trail Difficult Hiking” allowed us to get away from the crowds for the most part. I figured that the non-English speaking visitors thought that the sign said “Danger Keep Out” so they didn’t venture on them. Whatever the reason it worked for us. Lucky for us we got to the area early in the week and we are staying for two weeks and have the luxury to hike on the week days and avoid most of the crowds by not venturing out a bunch on the weekend. And we didn’t feel the need to make real long days of it, normally 6 hour days and then we called it good.

IMG_7729 IMG_7736 IMG_7725 IMG_7711 IMG_7715 IMG_7719 IMG_7720

That’s about it for Arch’s from us. We have done a lot more but that will all come in later updates.

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8 Responses to Arches National Park, Moab Utah

  1. Sherryl Bergmann says:

    That all looks so fun!!! Is tomorrow a Happy Birthday??? Sher

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Hi Sherryl, yup our Anniversary was just a couple days ago and today is Diane’s Birthday. That’s way we picked this place to spend to weeks. I figured it would be a great place to spend these two events.
      Hope all is well with you guys!!

  2. WOW…your photos are amazing!!! This park is still on our TODOS list. Isn’t it wonderful that we can just take our time and do things when others leave;o)) We find early weekdays are the best for so many wonderful adventures!!

    • Dave & Diane says:

      We know you guys would love this area and the way you two hike you just might NEVER leave LOL!!
      It is nice having the time to pick & choose when we go out to do things. We sometimes loose rack of days and find ourselves at a place like Wal-Mart on a weekend and say OOOOPS.

  3. Thank you for the pics. It brought back great memories of hiking in Arches NP. We loved that park.

  4. Joy & Tom Travis says:

    Awesome. All I can say is awesome. Thank you for the fabulous pics! Do you use any walking sticks?

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