Moving towards Utah

Monday morning 8/24 rolled around and so did another travel day. We were up and ready to roll out by our normal 9am. We had reservation in Park City Utah starting Tuesday (8/25) and it was roughly 400 miles between Caldwell Idaho and Park city so we decided to split the drive in half and lay over in Declo Idaho for the night.

It was an easy and boring 200 mile drive, whoever said that the freeway system is a great way to cross America and not see a thing sure hit the nail on the head. We normally don’t like running the freeways but sometimes it just makes sense.

Snake River by the Village of Tree's Campground in Declo Idaho

Snake River by the Village of Tree’s Campground in Declo Idaho

We rolled into the Village of the Tree’s Rv Park early afternoon and were all settled in for the evening around 1Pm and were twiddling our thumbs by 2 LOL!! We were given a long pull-through site so we didn’t even unhook the Jeep and I don’t think there was really anything to go see in the area anyway.

Village of Tree's Campground

Village of Tree’s Campground

We did take a couple walks around the park which is located right by the Snake River but other than that we just kicked back. Diane watched a movie and did some reading and I was up at 4am for some ungodly reason so I snuck in a little nap and did some research on our next couple stops on things to see & do and we called it an early night.

Tuesday we were up and ready to roll again just before 9. There was a good spot to fuel just outside the entrance of the RV Park so after taking advantage of that we were back on the freeway headed towards Park City Utah.

It was another un-eventful, pretty boring freeway drive. We took I-84 to 80 and dropped into Park City from the east even though MapQuest and our GPS wanted us to take 84 to 15 and then head into Park City from the west on 80. But my way avoided going through Salt Lake City and was only a few miles farther. If I can avoid large cities I will even if it adds a few miles. Have I ever mentioned I’m not a big city guy LOL!!

Our view from the windshield at Park City Utah

Our view from the windshield at Park City Utah

While we were setting up in our new home I was going down the entrance steps and a bolt busted and allowed the step to collapse or swing towards the shut position catching my foot between the two steps (I’ve been on a roll lately LOL!!!). Luckily I didn’t fall because the outcome could have been a little worse but no harm no foul.

I finished setting up and then supported the steps with our leveling blocks so we could at least use them until I figured something else out. But after crawling under the coach to evaluate the situation it wasn’t hard to figure out it wasn’t something I could just throw back together.


Once I saw the problem I grabbed my tools and took apart what I needed to so we wouldn’t have parts hanging around while traveling down the road and then sent Tiffin an e-mail telling them about the problem. The following day I received a call from Boyd at Tiffin letting me know that even though the steps are out of warranty they were aware of issues with the brand of steps we had and said they wanted to send out a new step system (different brand) to me at no charge. This is one example of why we stuck with Tiffin when we bought our new coach, they are known to take care of issues even well after warranties have expired unlike many other brands.

We will be in our next location for 2 weeks so they will be shipped there and I will do the install. I have a couple projects planned now while at our next location.

After getting all squared away we jumped in the Jeep and took a driving tour of the area and got a lay of the land. We originally wanted to stay in Heber a few miles down the road but after seeing this area I’m glad we decided to stay in Park City because there is a lot to see and do.

Park City Utah

Park City Utah

20150826_141843 20150826_134353

We checked out the downtown area and found the Olympic Village and a couple of the resorts in the area and some bike trails we hope to ride. A little rain is in the forecast over the next couple days so we will play everything by ear. Normally we hope for no rain while traveling but after spending what seems like forever in hot temps and smoke the rain is welcome.

Downhill ski jumps at the Olympic Village in Park City Utah

Downhill ski jumps at the Olympic Village in Park City Utah

Like normal we are a couple days behind on our updates but we are enjoying our time so far here in Park City.

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  1. Enjoy your time in Park City. We toured the Olympic facility while there. Pretty interesting. Let us know how the installation of the Kwikee steps goes.

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