A short stay in Caldwell Idaho

Our 3 night stay in Caldwell Idaho was pretty un-eventful but that’s ok because we really had nothing planned other than catching up on laundry and re-grouping a bit after camping the last 11 days without full hookups.


We stayed at the Ambassador RV Park which was an easy off and on from HWY 84/26. There isn’t much shade to be had but the pull through sites are 80’ long and plenty wide, some sites are extra wide and the streets are the widest of any we have ran across in our travels. They could almost be classified as landing strip’s LOL!!

20150822_101518 20150822_103138

We did our usual driving tour of the area but didn’t see much that caught our eye, there was a rodeo going on but that’s not really our thing so we opted not to attend.

Probably the most exciting thing was that while on a bike ride I saw a B-17 circling the nearby small airport so I kicked it in gear and rode the short 2 miles over just in time to see it land and taxi in.

20150822_111449 20150822_191931 20150822_191947 20150822_192002

It’s was on display Saturday and Sunday, it was free to walk around it and you could tour the inside for $10. If you wanted to go the extra mile you could take a ride in it for $450. The ride would have been a once in a lifetime thing but that’s a little steep for our blood, plus the smoke was so thick from fires that it would take away from part of the experience I’m sure.

20150822_192015 20150822_192026 20150822_191832

We also did a little bike riding, not much but got a few miles in. During one ride we ran across a sports park that had a great BMX trail!!! I just had to make a couple runs on it but keeping my last little mishap with my ribs in mind I kept it VERY mellow LOL!!!

20150823_123633 20150823_124023 20150823_124044 20150823_123748 20150823_124056

That’s about it, nothing overly exciting but good enough for us.

Monday we will do something that we hardly EVER do, we will travel a couple hundred miles and spend an overnighter and head out again. I think this might be the 3rd or 4th time we have done that in 3 years but it fills the bill for us right now so we will belly up.

If all goes well we should be hitting some exciting areas in a couple days and it should keep flowing over the next couple months. We better double up on our vitamins.

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2 Responses to A short stay in Caldwell Idaho

  1. Ambassador RV Park looked really nice. Huge streets to maneuver through and the sites looked very large as well.
    I’m glad to see that you learned from your earlier biking “experience” and took it easy this time. LOL

  2. Tom Horton says:

    Do yourself a favor (if you haven’t already been there) and pull off 84 in Twin Falls and see the area where Evil Knievel tried to jump the Snake River Canyon. It is beautiful there and if you whiz by on 84 you will totally miss it. It’s actually about 3 miles off the highway to get in to Twin Falls. We stumbled on it by accident when we were merely running up to Mc D’s for a sandwich as we were passing by. Safe travels.

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