A short but nice stop outside John Day Oregon

We had a short but nice 2 night stay at the Clyde Holliday State Park. And it’s a spot we would certainly stop at again if in the area. It has very nice, large and private sites and the restrooms and individual shower rooms were very very nice as well. Water & electric at the sites only but there is a very large easy in & our dump station.

Our site, #13

Our site, #13


You know how we have said many times in our updates how it really is a small world, well on our first evening in the park we bumped into a couple of fellow campers “Jim & Ruth” and started talking. As it turned out they live in Eugene and are good friends with a guy “Brian” that worked at a well-known hardware store named Jerry’s who I bumped into many times during my travels around the country at different buying shows and at one time he offered me a job (on looking back maybe I should have accepted).

Our site looking towards the road.

Our site looking towards the road.

It also turned out that Jim was from the very town Diane’s mom grew up in and his family had a house on the same street!! In fact Diane’s Grandpa worked at the creamery Jim’s family owned and Diane’s mom knew many in the family including Jim’s dad. And it sounds like she spent some time milling around with them. It really is a small world!!

These are the Yurts they rent. And are the only thing you can reserve in the campground.

These are the Yurts they rent. And are the only thing you can reserve in the campground.

Our second day we took the short 7 mile drive into John Day to tour the Kam Wah Chung Museum. Even though we have ran into many areas around the country that had a strong history of Chinese immigrants I had never heard of Kam Wah Chung before so knew absolutely nothing about it but Diane seemed to have some knowledge of them.

20150820_110729 20150820_110611 20150820_115155 20150820_115028 20150820_114912 20150820_114846 20150820_114826

The museum was built in the 1870s, possibly as a trading post. The tiny building became home to two Chinese immigrants, Ing “Doc” Hay and Lung On and both became locally famous, Lung On as a general store owner and businessman, and “Doc” Hay as a practitioner of herbal medicine. For 50-some years, the building was a social, medical and religious center for the second largest Chinese community in Oregon, second to Portland.

20150820_114711 20150820_114658 20150820_114652 20150820_114620 20150820_114559 20150820_112859

It seems when Ing “Doc” Hay went to spend time in Portland at a nursing home everything was left just as it was the day he left because he intended to return, but never did and the building was left unopened for many years. Everything is STILL in the same spots they were in when he left.

20150820_112722 20150820_112518 20150820_112507 20150820_112449 20150820_112443 20150820_112055 20150820_111703 20150820_111548 20150820_111520 20150820_111328 20150820_111129

There was so much information offered up during our tour that there is no way I could ever come close to explaining it but here is a link to a short video about the history and is well worth watching. http://www.opb.org/television/programs/oregonexperience/segment/kam-wah-chung/

After our tour we headed to the 1188 Brewery & Eatery for a bite to eat and an adult beverage. The sandwiches and brew were pretty darn good and worth a visit if you find yourself in the area and thirsty.

Having sandwich's & brew's at the 1188 Brewery in John Day.

Having sandwich’s & brew’s at the 1188 Brewery in John Day.

Then we headed home to chill. There is a nice short trail “maybe a mile” that goes along the John Day River that leads to a small pond. During our walk we noticed a new very large plume of smoke that wasn’t present earlier in the day. Pretty sobering.


There are so may fires burning in the NW it’s a shame, and a couple of those fires were threatening our ability to travel farther east on our planned route Friday so we were keeping a close eye on the Trip Check App watching for closures.

After a good night’s sleep and checking the Trip Check App one last time Friday morning we found highway 26 to be open so we lifted our jacks and headed east to our next stop and it was a nice drive except for the areas we drove by that were devastated by fires.


We are now hunkered down in Caldwell Idaho until Monday morning. Why Caldwell you ask, no other reason than it was about 200 miles from our last stop in John Day and that’s really about as far as we care to travel in a day, a little farther than we normally like actually. We are working our way to Utah, should be there Tuesday and plan to spend over a month there checking out the many National Parks.

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