Pulled away from Portland headed to Central Oregon

Tuesday morning (8/11) rolled around and it was time to make a move. We had a 180 mile travel day ahead of us on mainly 2 lane roads before we would reach our destination at our friends Bob & Karen’s property so we decided to get a little earlier start than our normal standing 9am departure routine. We managed to be rolling at 7:30, pretty good for us.

Because we were staying in Fairview we were already on the east side of Portland so it didn’t take long before we were on Highway 26 headed east towards Mt. Hood. It had been at least 17 years since I drove highway 26 up over Mount Hood and then towards Central Oregon and I had forgotten just how beautiful of a drive it is.

We drove highway 26 over Mount Hood and into Madras where we picked up highway 97 and headed south through Bend and La Pine. Bob & Karen’s property is just south of La Pine a few miles.


Traffic was a breeze, only a couple spots of road construction that we seemed to hit just right and had very little interference to our drive. We did however run the coach to the lowest level of fuel that we EVER have. There aren’t many option for fuel along that route and when we pulled into Gordy’s Truck Stop just north of La Pine the needle on our fuel gauge was touching the red LOL!! Normally I’m looking for fuel when we reach ½ tank and very seldom reach ¼ tank. It’s one of those times I wish we had a 150 gallon fuel tank instead of the 100 that we have.

Once we arrived at Bob & Karen’s property we said our hello’s and got all settled in and started catching up on each other’s journeys while Bob tended to a Tri-Tip on his new Davey Crocket smoker/BBQ that we had for dinner, mmmmmmm good!!


We did a little running around (took a drive into Bend) to take care of some business (which we will touch on in another update) and spent some time doing a bike ride before settling in front of a fire for the evening enjoying the good company.

D4 D5 D8

Once again we are behind on our updates and at this point are 4 days behind but we have been so busy enjoying some great bike rides (one day was 30 miles) and hikes we just have not had time so we figured a short update was at least in order.

So until we have a chance to catch up just know we are having a great time with friends and enjoying exploring the area.

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4 Responses to Pulled away from Portland headed to Central Oregon

  1. Kyra Miller says:

    I love the picture of you and Diane in front of the river!

  2. I agree with Kyra…that is a fantastic photo!! Maybe a new blog header photo;o))

  3. We love that area. Did some biking and some tubing while we were there a couple of years back. Enjoy!

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