Our last days in Clarkston/Lewiston

Our time in the Clarkston Washington/Lewiston Idaho area has come to an end. And even though we started our stay in the area with a bumpy start from day one with my fall we were still able to check out the area.

To get it out of the way I will talk briefly about the fall again and then put it to bed. You probably read the worst of it anyway in our last update.

It took me 3 days before I could actually get in bed somewhat comfortably so I ended up spending 3 nights in my recliner. Those were probably the best 3 nights of sleep Diane has had in some time LOL!! And after 6 days I still have pain but I’ll mainly call it discomfort now with moments of pain, so I’m certainly on the mend.

After a couple days I was able to push myself enough that we could get out and see some of the area even though gingerly. Getting in and out of the Jeep was a real chore for a few days, I just could not really use any muscles on my left side without pain. And the left side of my left foot was black and blue from my toes to my heel and caused some discomfort with just a little walking so we took it slow and did little outings each day.

The population of Clarkson Washington where we actually stayed is just under 8,000 and the population of Lewiston Idaho just across the river is 32,000 so size wise the area is what we prefer. Other than having to cross over the Snake River to jump from one town to the next they are pretty much seamless and getting around is very easy.

Here is a link to more information on Lewiston if you are interested https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lewiston,_Idaho

And a link to Clarkston Washington,   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clarkston,_Washington

One day we drove eleven miles east of Lewiston to check out the Nez Perce Visitor Center. The center sits on the Spalding Site where the Spalding Mission was built in 1837 among the Nez Perce people.


They have a short 20min movie that tells about the Nez Perce tribe that is worth watching and they have a small museum collection of approximately 150,000 pieces dating to the mid-1800s. Woven bags of hemp and cornhusk, baskets, beaded buckskin clothing, items for hunting and other things.

20150713_115100 20150713_122437 20150713_122450

Plus away from the center itself but still on the grounds there were a few archeological remains and historic buildings scattered around that still exist.

20150713_131941 20150713_131950 20150713_132201 20150713_132254 20150713_132340

There are also a few trails ranging from a short 3/10ths mile to one I think that was a couple miles. But in my current condition we only walked the shortest trail before soon figuring out that walking on un-even ground was not something I was up for yet LOL!!

IMG_7330 IMG_7332 20150713_132507 20150713_132519

On our way home from the Visitor Center we stopped in at the Clearwater Casino to test our luck. We both dedicated (LOL, dedicated. More like offered up for sacrifice!!) $20 (big spenders) to play with and after about an hour we walked out with $30. I guess the $10 we lost was the cost of admission to check the place out.

And because we were on a regimen of low impact touring it made sense to stop off at a couple restaurants and breweries. Another app we use every time we land at a new location is Trip Advisor and Tomato Bro’s was talked about highly so we stopped in to try out their pizza. And we were not disappointed, we enjoyed a nice thin crust pizza and an adult beverage.

20150713_160515 20150713_152500

And another day we headed to Roosters for Happy Hour. Roosters is a happing place in town it seems. They have a nice open restaurant with great views of the river along with a good sized bar. And both areas have outside seating. (Here’s a link http://roosterslanding.com/)


We took advantage of it being Taco Tuesday and I was introduced to a beer called Leinenkugel’s. That’s one I will be looking for in the stores but I don’t think it will be that wide spread.


After a little something to eat (we were actually stuffed) and a couple beers at Roosters we were primed so it just made sense that when we drove by yet another brewery just down the road from for us to stop in. This brewery was called Riverport Brewing Company. (Here’s a link if interested http://www.riverportbrewing.com/content.php?page_id=1)


Riverport is a little more “party” oriented than Rooster in that they do not serve food however most restaurants will deliver to them, we must have seen 4 or 5 different restaurants deliver in just the short time we were there.

And it just so happened that Tuesday nights are Trivia Tuesdays starting at 6. We figured because we already had a start on the evening we wouldn’t be hanging around through the entire Trivia Tuesday hoop-la so we just enjoyed a couple more adult beverages and played along with the game but didn’t participate for real.

Keep in mind that some people take it serious and have teams of like 5 people and a couple bold soles took on the endeavor single handedly (more power to ya). Diane and I kept track in our heads and by the time they announced scores at halftime we figured we would have been in around 3rd place out of roughly 10 teams (most of at least 4 people and more). But we will never know and we decided to be on our way about that time.

We had a good time at Riverport and it had us thinking of a few groups of people we know that would have a blast on Trivia Tuesday. Keep it in the back of your mind!!

That gets us through Tuesday and we have really done pretty much everything we planned to while in the area except ride the bike trails. So Wednesday morning we loaded up the bikes and headed to the Greenbelt Trailhead.

The Greenbelt Trail is one of two trails connected by two bridges on two rivers in two states. The Greenbelt Trail runs up the Snake River between the cities of Clarkston and Asotin in Washington. And cross the river, in Lewiston, Idaho, the Lewiston Levee Parkway Trail runs up the Snake River and also has a segment on the Clearwater River. The two trails form what the Army Corps of Engineers call the Clearwater and Snake River National Recreation Trail. Two bridges on the Snake connect the trails, offering some loop options.


We opted to get on the trail just two miles away from our campground on the Washington side that starts at the Granite Lake Park then ascends the Snake River for nearly 7 miles to Chief Looking Glass Park in Asotin WA… The first 4 miles run along the Snake River under a canopy of shade trees and through several parks and then suddenly spits you onto a section with no tree’s to think of for protection from the sun the remainder of the way.


We opted to not make the entire loop on both sides and turned around and just rode the Washington side back, I didn’t really want to push it very hard and it was getting pretty warm plus the Idaho side seemed to be more hilly and seemed to have less shade from what we observed during our driving tours. And besides, the irrigation sprinklers were on that were hitting the trail on our trip out and they were sounding pretty good for our return trip!!! But no luck, they were turned off. The trail was very nice but had some roots growing under the asphalt that caused some unexpected jars to my side. But on a normal day they would hardly be noticed. If ever in the area again we would certainly give the loop a go.

IMG_7798 IMG_7801

After our ride we headed home for showers, took care of a few chores and called it a day. I was actually feeling it a bit by needing to use my arms to create enough power to crest a couple small hills we encountered on the trail so I got close and person with my chair and took a power nap while Diane did her Sudoku puzzles. HEY, one of the Pedego bikes would have come in handy today!!

Thursday morning rolled around and I was feeling more pain than I was having on Wednesday morning before our bike ride so we decided it would be best to go back to our low impact routine knowing I only had 2 days more to heal before our boat ride through the rapids on Saturday.

We actually sort of considered another bike ride for Thursday if I felt well enough, oh well. And because we decided for the low impact routine it could only mean one thing right?? If you guessed another brewery you would be correct LOL!!


We chilled most of the day until about 3 and then jumped in the Jeep and headed to MJ Barleyhoppers to catch Happy Hour. It was pretty mellow while we were there but we have heard it can get downright crazy in the late evenings. We don’t do downright crazy any longer so and early Happy Hour fit the bill for us.

We both had some tasters and then a couple beers while we shared our Happy Hour dinner of Nacho’s and Hot Wings. Did I say this was a low impact event, well I guess I wasn’t thinking about the impact on the waste line LOL!!


After happy Hour we found a nice area of town with some older homes and enjoyed looking at the architecture before working our way home for the evening.

That pretty much takes care of our 7 day stay in the Clarkston/Lewiston area and it’s time to lift our jacks on Friday and move to our next location. And the timing for our departure could not be better. The park has started filling up again for the weekend but we have an empty space next to our patio side. I know you are saying (That’s a good thing) right? Well normally it is but it turns into ISN”T when you have a family pull in across the street from you and they have a couple ,,,,,,, active kids with scooters that happen to know a couple other kids in the park and think the obvious place to ride is in the empty space LOL!!

Our next spot should prove to be very exhilarating but I’m not sure we will be in an area to have internet so it may be a few days before an update comes through. But if we don’t surface by Monday or Tuesday the 20th or 21st send out the troops LOL!!

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