Had a little oooops

We had a nice mellow drive Friday (7/10) from Coeur d’Alene to Clarkston Washington, just across the river from Lewiston Idaho. It was all two lane roads through a bunch of rolling farmland that once again made me think back to living on the farm in Iowa.


And we must take a moment to commend the state of Idaho for posting signs along a 6 mile stretch of road with a 7% down grade that truckers would not be charged if they have to use the escape lane!!! What the heck!!! Like that should even be a law in the first place!!! Geeezzzz.


Once we were all set up we sat around home waiting for a thunder storm to show up that we had been watching on our phone app called “Tempest”. It’s one of the tools we use on a regular basis to keep track of any storm activity we might be around and once again it didn’t fail us. Before long we had some good wind and heavy rain that lasted about an hour I guess.

After the rain we decided to take a driving tour so we jumped in the Jeep and headed out with absolutely no particular plan in mind. The weather wasn’t the best so we didn’t really take any pictures so we will just splash a few in from our tour day on Sunday.

SUNDAY, you might be saying. We got here on Friday so what happened to Saturday you might ask. Well ok, you asked. So we will tell the story LOL!!

IMG_7320 IMG_7319

Along our driving tour we happened along Swallow Park along the river so we pulled in to have a look. If you have followed our blog you might have noticed that when Diane and I get around an empty park we sometimes revert back to our childhoods by playing on Teeter-totters, Jungle Gyms, Slides, Swings and whatever might be handy, and once again we fell into the same habits LOL!!


OK,, get ready,,,,, JUMP!!!

OK,, get ready,,,,, JUMP!!!

IMG_7317 IMG_7313

After messing around on the swings Diane headed to a curb along the street and started walking on it to show her balancing skills. I of course moved in front of her, mounted the curb myself and started jogging to show my stuff, sort of like some birds showing off their stuff to earn the respect of their mate.

IMG_7310 IMG_7321

So there I was running on top of a curb showing off to my sweetheart when the curb ended and I came to the spaced out concrete wheel stops. I made the first leap with ease but when I saw the second one coming I thought oh crap, and with my timing I was going leaping left foot first. The smart thing would have been to stop but stopping not being the macho thing to do I attempted the jump left foot first.

The Lewiston Depot was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. Since that time the two-story brick depot has been restored and converted into professional offices.

The Lewiston Depot was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. Since that time the two-story brick depot has been restored and converted into professional offices.

I like looking for old advertising on buildings in historic areas.

I like looking for old advertising on buildings in historic areas.

Now this leap was roughly 8’ but I was jumping from a curb that was I guess 6 or 8” wide to another of the same width. As my left foot hit the next curb it slid to the right (not good) and took a good patch of hide off the side of my leg doing so. So of course with the left foot going across my body to the right my body went to the ground on the left. I tried to land on my elbow but with the rain we had earlier in the day the grass was wet and it slid out from under me leaving my ribs wide open for a solid impact with the ground. Keep in mind that I’m a little north of 220lbs so I make a thud when I fall down LOL!!

IMG_7301 IMG_7282 IMG_7284

My first thought was, the hospital is where and oh crap this is going to cost dearly LOL!! After catching my breath and walking it off for about 15 minutes I was able to hold a conversation and asked Diane if it impressed her. The answer was, she didn’t even see it!!!!! Damn.

IMG_7287 IMG_7288

Well this ended our touring for the day so we headed home, I had some wounds to lick. Getting home was bad enough and I hurt like hell but made it through the evening until about 10 when we went to bed. It took me roughly 5 minutes to finally my way into bed, it just plain hurt to move.

IMG_7291 IMG_7293

About midnight I woke up and was feeling horrible and just knew I needed to get out of bed. Now if I thought getting INTO bed was a challenge I soon found it was nothing compared to getting back OUT of bed. It took close to 15 minutes I would guess with Diane’s help to finally get to my feet. It was just down right painful.

Once on my feet I tried to walk off the pain but soon started to feel like I was about to pass-out, crap! Now I was really starting to think that I screwed up more than my ribs and remember telling Diane that I was about to go out, and that she should probably find the closest hospital. I honestly thought I would be taking a trip to ER.

One good thing about living in a RV is that if you need to plop down you are sure to be by something soft to catch ya if you are lucky enough to have some control, and I did so I landed in my chair. At that point I remembered telling Diane once again to be looking for the closest hospital and that it probably wouldn’t be a good thing if I actually passed out. Within a few minutes I was able to shake the “passing out” feeling and settle into my chair the best I could and spent the night in it, mainly awake but I did get some shut-eye. Diane actually spent the night on the couch close to my chair. That was so nice of her, I guess I scarred her a bit (me too).

You know, I moaned and groaned so much throughout the evening that I’m sure if the neighbors heard me they probably thought we were a couple of newlyweds!!

About 5am came along and Diane figured I was going to live I guess and made her way to the bedroom while I stayed put in my chair, and was happy doing so.

That sort of takes us to Saturday and you can probably figure out what went on and why we had no updates to talk about. If you guessed that I spent most of the day in my chair you would be correct. I was in no shape to be moving around. And besides, it was Saturday and we normally like to leave Saturdays to the working stiffs that only have the weekends off anyway. No need to fight the crowds so no harm no foul.

By the time bedtime came around on Saturday night, even though still in a lot of pain, I was feeling somewhat better. But after a fast attempt of getting in bed I still spent another night in my chair. My left side just would not stand the pressure of laying down in a bed.

I actually got a good amount of sleep Saturday night and after breakfast and a shower I felt well enough to attempt an easy day of touring around Lewiston and Clarkston again, that’s when these pictures were taken that we have splashed around in this update (other than the swing pictures), Sunday, but we stayed far away from Swallow Park!!!

Actually there are many miles of bike trails in the area and some of them go through Swallow Park so we will be going back, just not curb surfing.

As much as I want to ride the trails I have to keep in mind that Diane and I have reserved spots on a Jet boat next week Saturday to run Hells Canyon on the Snake River. And there are some class 4 and 5 rapids that I’m sure will be giving us some solid jars and I need to be healed for that. If it means not bike riding then so be it but I’m thinking I’ll be well enough by mid-week.

After walking around downtown Lewiston we had a late lunch at Effie’s, The Home Of The 8” 1 pound burger!! And yes, we shared it. That was one big burger.

IMG_7322 20150712_132328

We didn’t go the Effie’s because it was a nice looking spot “in fact it didn’t look nice at all. We went in because it’s a local place that opened in the late 1960’s and has survived. Oh and because Charles Bronson one time when asked where he has had his best hamburger answered, Effie’s. (That’s what we were told by a guy we happened across on the street that had lived most of his life in Lewiston, that’s all we know). The buns are made at a local shop in town to accommodate that huge burger which even adds to the restaurants story. And the current owners have had the place the last 26 years. The original owner “Effie” has long passed away.


Then we were off to the town of Pomeroy. Just a 30 mile drive from our campground in Clarkston. It gave us a chance to see some of the country and another piece of small town America.


Then we turned around and headed home. It was going on 4pm by then and I was pretty well done for the day. The Jeep isn’t the smoothest thing in the world and my side was feeling it a little. Actually after walking around some during the day I realized I had a few other pains I hadn’t detected yet like the top of by foot and hip LOL!!! Stupid stuff.

IMG_7330 IMG_7332 IMG_7328

OK, that’s it for now. And for those of you that might think we are just living the life of our dreams “even though we area” remember, shit still happens LOL!! OH and this didn’t happen because I’m getting older and a little rounder around the middle!! NOPE, I’m certain it’s because of these darn tri-focal glasses and the fact my shoes might have been wet after the rains. Yup, I’m sure that’s why.

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8 Responses to Had a little oooops

  1. debbiemc14 says:

    Darn those trifocals! And I think the shoes were just plain out to getcha! Sorry about the fall. Gald it wasn’t a rib. The towns were sure cute. I’m looking forward to the boat post. We’re also on the Snake, but at the far southern end.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Yes, the boat ride should be a hoot. I don’t swim so doing stuff like that pushes the envelope for me but it’s one of the things on Diane’s bucket list soooooo.

  2. explorvistas says:

    My trifocals have gotten me before, Dave. Steps are the worst for me, as I do my best to mimic Gerald Ford coming off of Air Force One. I think twice these days when coming to a precipice….or the door of our 5th wheel! 🙂


  3. Joy and Tom Travis says:

    You had me pretty worried when I saw “a little oops”! I immediately thought something bad had happened to the rig. It’s much worse when something happens to us! You look pretty recovered sitting in front of that burger so I was very relieved seeing that not to mention how delicious it looked. Take care!

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Yep, I can sit pretty well but its the sneeze, cough, hiccup or picking anything up with my left arm that gets me every time. Just spent my 3rd night in my chair, still can’t get in bed and be comfortable.
      Hope all is well with you guys.

  4. Dave, we’re just not as young as we used to be. There are many things that I just can’t try anymore. Glad you didn’t get hurt worse.

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