Travel day, time to leave Polson

HEY!!! I think we forgot to mention that we have just gone by our 3rd year anniversary of going fulltime in the RV. Now keep in mind that there are two ways to look at what’s considered being “fulltime” in an RV. One is that you simply have to be living in one, it does not mean you move around at all. And the other is that you live in a RV AND move around the country. We personally consider Fulltime RVing to be living in and moving around the country but in an effort to get along with everyone and avoid conflict we celebrate both LOL!!! Hey why not, we look for anything to celebrate.

So the 3rd year anniversary we just had is for when we actually moved into a RV, we actually didn’t start traveling until November of 2012 so we will have another anniversary coming up soon!!! It’s been a pretty good 3 years.

Well, as we mentioned in our last update, Monday was our last full day in Polson. We jumped in the Jeep and took a ride on the east side of Flathead Lake through Finley Point, Bear Dance, Wood’s Bay and up to Bigfork before turning around. Did we mention that Flathead Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River? Yep, it is.

Of all that area we found Bigfork to be an active and fun looking little town with a quaint downtown area and a very nice looking golf course. If ever back in the area we might just need to stay there to check it out further.

While on our drive we checked out 2 more of Montana’s state parks and I must say that so far we have not found one we could camp in with our rig. We have only checked out about 4 so far but it’s amazing to us that with all the wide open spaces in Montana that they can’t come up with enough space to create good camping areas in state parks. Keep in mind that Montana is a big state and we have only covered a very small part of it so it could very well be different everywhere else in the state.

Well, that was it for Polson. We enjoyed ourselves but we both agree that if you are a water person you would have more things to keep you occupied, and it’s probably not a place we will rush back to.

But it was time to move on again and we have decided to stray from our original plans we loosely made for the summer just a little. So Tuesday morning 7/7 we lifted our jacks and made a huge U-turn and headed off. We headed south on highway 93 and then to avoid some freeway time we connected onto highway 21. A nice 2 lane road with some nice views of the Flathead River.

IMG_3010 IMG_3014 IMG_7714

After a number of miles we turned onto highway 135 and enjoyed some fantastic views of the Clark Fork River. The only thing that made it bad was the smoke from all the fires in the area. It sure took away from the big blue skies.

IMG_7715 IMG_7716 IMG_7720 IMG_7722 IMG_7723

After some time on highway 135 we were spit out onto I-90 which we took to our destination in Coeur d’Alene Idaho. If you are thinking “Hey, they were just at Coeur d’Alene a month ago” you would be correct.

If you remember we mentioned that Diane’s brother was buying a new home that would make it possible for their mom to move in with him and we decided because we were not to terribly far away we would head back to give a hand in any way we could getting mom moved.

We won’t be able to be of any help until the end of July so we will slowly head back to Portland but we have picked a route that will give us a chance to see new areas that we didn’t see on our way north (other than Coeur d’Alene but we like Coeur d’Alene so no big deal). We even have some white water in our near future.

This about face return to Portland will throw us off course for a few weeks but we plan to get back on track by the 1st of Sept.

We will only be in Coeur d’Alene for a few days so we will probably fit in what we liked best about this area, a nice long bike ride and a hike around Tubbs Hill followed by at least one evening along the downtown streets for dinner & drinks.

But as far as how we spent the evening after our travel day,,,,,,,,


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3 Responses to Travel day, time to leave Polson

  1. debbiemc14 says:

    Congrats on your 3 Year! Before we get to Glacier, we’ll be staying at Whitefish for a week. Did you stay there? Which parks did you stay at? We’ll probably be staying at a few more, so it would be nice to get your opinion.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      We stayed at the Columbia Falls RV Park in Columbia Falls and did all of our touring from there. It was a fine park, we had one of the sites facing the road that they keep the grass greenest in (because they could be seen from the road I guess LOL!) There are parks closer to Glacier but we didn’t mind the few extra miles. HAVE FUN THERE!!!

  2. Congratulations on 3 years of FTing. We’re just a bit behind you guys in that respect. I hope you’re having as much fun as us.

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