Our stay in Polson Montana

Right after our last update we lifted our jacks and traveled an entire 65 miles to our destination in Polson Montana. Whew, another long travel day.


How and why did we pick Polson? Well it was in our path, it’s a small town, it’s by a lake and we found a park we could watch the fireworks from without even leaving our site. It doesn’t really take much to make a place a destination for us LOL!! It was just a great spot to hunker down over a holiday and avoid the big crowds. The population of Polson is only 4600 people but is said to grow close to 10,000 mid-summer because of the cooler temps. HA we say, cool temps?!!!

Our stay in Polson was pretty laid back. We would find at least some little thing to see or do each day but had no long full days. You know, it was like, have a nice leisurely morning followed by a drive around part of the lake,

IMG_7236 IMG_7240

then stop at the brewery to sample some beer and then HEY, how about heading to the top rated BBQ joint in the area for a late lunch/early dinner before going home and chilling the remainder of the day.

20150701_162121 20150701_155106

And by the way Cherries BBQ Pit has some pretty good fall off the bone ribs and their side dishes are great. It may not look like much from the street and the dining room is small and can be hot on a hot day but the food is good.


Or after a lazy morning heading to the local growers & crafters market followed by a nice drive to check out a couple other small towns close by and finding a cool barn just sitting in the middle of a huge field with the mountains in the background before heading home to, well chill LOL!!!

IMG_7678 IMG_7271 IMG_3009

And we had a good time at the Chili Cook-Off the RV Park put together. There were 9 entries and the park supplied the condiments along with wine, beer and soft drinks. Everyone was given a ticket when arriving so they could write the number of their favorite chili on the back before turning it in to be counted.


There certainly was a variety of styles of chili to sample and after sampling all of them our bellies were stuffed. But we were willing to do whatever it took to be a good judges LOL!!

And yet another slow paced morning followed by a drive out to the Kerr Dam which involved going down 343 steps (according to Diane’s count) to get the best view. But of course we had to walk back UP those steps as well.

IMG_7248 IMG_7242 IMG_7246 IMG_7249

Then of course we headed downtown on the 4th to take in the local parade. It was surprisingly long for it being such a small town but half of the businesses in town seemed to have some sort of float in it even if it was just a car with a sign tossing candy to the kids.

20150702_142255 IMG_7680

But it drew a good crowd and it shows the town is well supported. The Grand Marshall of the parade (Oscar) was due to turn 100 on July 6th and he looked pretty chipper sitting in the rumble seat of a 1930 Model A Coupe. You go Oscar!!!

IMG_7685 IMG_7684

After the parade we headed home and took it easy until 6pm when the park held a hamburger BBQ (for a small fee). It was a nice gathering of people. And then we kicked back until it was time for fireworks that we were able to watch right from our site.

20150704_224143 20150704_224250

This park is a bit strange, the front half of the park is a nice tiered level area on a hillside with very nice deeded lots and is strictly Class A motorhomes and the back half over the hill is a KOA park. So they are the same park but are operated separately in a way. For example some events are for the “resort” section only and is set up as a “private party”.

We don’t mind staying at a Class A only park now and again and have never felt that the people at them feel they are any better than people that camp in trailers, class C’s and 5th wheels but this park to me has a segregated feeling, even though it’s pretty seamless. Actually the KOA is plenty nice and a person could save a few bucks a night by staying there but we chose the Class A area because we would have the view of the fireworks right from our site. And because of it being a holiday we figured there would be less kids in the resort side, and we were certainly right. And like we have mention before we are keeping our eyes open for a spot we may want to hunker down in at some point down the road and having a nice site like the ones here are part of what we might be looking for (but this won’t be it).


Again we say that we have nothing against kids but we would just rather not camp with most of them all week LOL!! I know that comment turns some people off but everyone has the right to their own likes.

We were going to talk a little about the park in this update but I think it would make it to lengthy so we will do a separate update for those that might be interested in a place in Montana. Montana is one of the states a lot of Fulltime RVers like to have as there domicile state.

We enjoyed our stay in Polson but it’s time to move on. There are no real plans for today (Monday 7/6) but we will lift our jacks and make another move tomorrow (Tuesday). And our plans have changed. As I mentioned in an earlier update, his is the first year we actually somewhat planned a route and as it turns out the time spent figuring that plan out was just for practice. Yup, we are going to exercise the roaming fulltime RV’ers ability to be flexible and change directions. But I don’t even feel like getting into that topic right now so I guess you will need to check back on that one LOL!! But it will all work out and by Sept we will be back on track.

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6 Responses to Our stay in Polson Montana

  1. Dave English says:

    Nothing like small town events! Looks like you picked a good one.

  2. Sandie says:

    If you drove around the lake you went through Lakeside. We used to live there. Up on the mountainside with a view of the lake from our deck. Beautiful country but sooo many people in the summertime and so overcast and dreary and cold in the winter.

  3. explorvistas says:

    Love the photos of the barn against the mountain range, Dave! Very nice.

  4. A looking forward to learning more about the campground. Great update!

  5. Very nice pictures of the Kerr Dam. We love small towns as well, especially for the 4th of July.

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