A visit to Whitefish Montana

Friday 6/26 we decided to explore someplace other than Glacier for a day so we took a short drive to Whitefish.

The town was named after the nearby Whitefish Lake which is just outside of town. So the first thing we did was take a drive around what we could of the lake.


Most of the lakes shoreline (that we drove) seemed to be private property and mostly built on so between that and it being lined with trees the views were pretty much peek-a-boo but still a nice drive. Some of the ranches and homes around the lake are pretty impressive and it’s obvious there is some money in the area.


After our tour of the lake we headed back to town for a walking tour. The Great Northern Railway was built through what is now Whitefish in 1904, which sparked development of the town. Early residents of the town worked for the railroad and logging industries. By the late 1940s, with the successful construction of a ski resort on Big Mountain the tourism sector was becoming increasingly important.


The downtown area has a quaint, somewhat upscale, small town tourist feel and look to it. The streets are lined with huge color baskets of plants and the shops are all neat and tidy. There are a number of restaurants and pubs that caught our eye but it was still a little early for lunch so we decided to go check out the ski resort just outside of town before coming back for some food, so back to the Jeep we went.

The Railway Station

The Railway Station

Whitefish Mountain Resort offers a few activities during the summer months like hiking the almost 6 miles of steep trail to the top (ahhhh nope), or you can toss your bike on the ski lift and then ride down the 30 miles of downhill trails to the bottom (ahhh nope again), or you can ride down the Alpine Slide on a plastic bob sled (nope, it was more for the kids), or you could do a 3 or 6 hour zip-line tour (now that sounded fun but not today), or you can take a scenic chairlift ride (yup, that sounded right down our alley today LOL!!).

IMG_7180 IMG_7610

After a couple days of hiking our bodies were telling us a nice mellow day was in order. So with wildflowers blooming in fields below and blue sky overhead, we figured there was no better way to see all of Whitefish Mountain then on the scenic chairlift.

IMG_7623 IMG_7621 IMG_7620

You can ride the lift round trip or choose to take the lift one-way and hike down but for us it was a round trip ride. There are some great view on top and there is a small gift shop and a restaurant but the building was under construction and there was some haze in the sky so it wasn’t as visually stimulating as we hoped but it was still a fun thing to do.


After the ski lift we headed back into town for some lunch. Our first stop was at the Craggy Range Bar & Grill where we had a couple sandwiches and an adult beverage. Our food was good and the beer was cold so no complaints and they have live music on the patio in the evenings but we were not going to be around long enough for that, maybe next time.

After lunch we hit the sidewalks again but only made it about 50ft before ducking into the Great Northern Brewing Company to sample there beer. Dang, that sign they had out front advertising cold beer on a hot day was sure doing its job!!! It lured us right in LOL!!

By the time we hit the sidewalks again it was late afternoon so we figured we would just head home (after a short stop at the grocery store) and kick back the rest of the day. And that plan worked out darn well I might add.


Well that brings us to Saturday 6/27. It’s not uncommon for us to do our touring mid-week and avoid the crowds on weekends and it was no different for us here at Glacier. So we dubbed Saturday as our down day and didn’t step foot out of the campground all day. So nothing to report other than it felt pretty good just being lazy and doing what lazy people do,,,,, nothing.

Sunday we planned to head back into the park but we will do a separate update on that soon.

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One Response to A visit to Whitefish Montana

  1. Mike Fischer says:

    “We dubbed Saturday as our down day and didn’t step foot out of the campground all day. So nothing to report other than it felt pretty good just being lazy and doing what lazy people do,,,,, nothing.” — That’s often our favorite kind of day! 🙂 -Mike

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