Time to move on.

We will do a short update to catch up and keep the timeline somewhat in order.

Monday 6/22 went as planned. After our morning routine we headed in town to pick up a few groceries, went to the museum, headed home and washed the RV, took a couple bike rides and had a short visit from Gary (the developer for Spring Ridge) to make sure we enjoyed our visit.

I’ll give them another plug here, what a great place they have put together. And as we mentioned in an earlier update, if you are considering buying a spot to hunker down during the summer months and like the outdoors you owe it to yourself to at least take a look at Spring Ridge. And here is a link to their website. http://www.nwlands.com/spring_ridge/index.html

Gary is a no pressure guy and even invited us to come back and stay again if we pass back through the area, we just may take him up on that next year!!!

We also need to give the museum in Newport some recognition, what a great museum it is for being in a small town. We were thoroughly surprised at how extensive the displays were.

IMG_7485 IMG_7483 IMG_7482

There were two buildings of displays as well as a number of outbuildings to go through. All put together and maintained by volunteers. The $2 entry fee for each person is one of the best bargains we have come across in some time.

IMG_7474 IMG_7460 IMG_7452

If you are anything like me you will enjoy looking at all the old tools, equipment and gadgets they have there.

IMG_7450 IMG_7448 IMG_7444 IMG_7441 IMG_7438

As much as we hated to leave our little 5 acre piece of quiet happiness we enjoyed for the last 6 days Tuesday 6/23 rolled around and it was time for us to move on. But we were excited to head for our next spot!!! We have been looking forward to it for some time.

IMG_7411 IMG_7412 IMG_7414 IMG_7419 IMG_7432

Because “for us” we had a longer travel day than normal, and because we were going to be losing 1 hour by moving into Montana and because all of the roads we would be traveling on for the day were 2 lane AND because after looking at the weather forecast we hoped to be at our destination and hooked up before a 3 o’clock thunder storm rolled through we decided to get a little earlier start than normal and rolled out at 8am.

We jumped on highway 2 and drove north through Sandpoint Idaho. Then highway 95 north to Boones Ferry and then back on highway 2 east through Libby, Kalispell and on to Columbia Falls Montana where we will be for a week.

A few of us guys rode the same route on motorcycles a few years back so it was sort of fun retracing the route in the motorhome. A totally different experience however LOL!!

As it turned out the entire travel day was perfect weather wise and the scenery was none too shabby either. As we walked out of the office after checking it at our new home it started to sprinkle just a little but only lasted for about 15 minutes. So much for the thunder storm I guess, no complaints from us.

After getting set up and a little power nap we had some dinner and took a short driving tour of the area before settling in for the evening.

As we write this update we have already completed one 1o hour tour day of Glacier National Park and are getting ready to head out again!! What a wonderful area. We will be doing a update soon so come back and check it out. But beware!! It will be photo overload I’m sure.

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4 Responses to Time to move on.

  1. Mike Fischer says:

    Ohh, looking forward to the report! We arrive at Glacier NP in about 10 days (July 5, hopefully as the crowds disperse a bit). Staying on the west side for a few days, then driving over to St. Mary for the other side.

  2. You will definitely enjoy the Glacier NP area. We visited from the west side last year and will stay over on the east side the next time we visit. That is a gorgeous area.

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