Our closing days in Newport Washington

Our stay at Spring Ridge has been a very nice break after the last couple months being somewhat busy. We have really enjoyed the solitude (me more than Diane). But that doesn’t mean we didn’t go out and check out the sites while in the area.

IMG_7371 IMG_7372

We checked out Newport one evening, the closest town to us. It’s a small town of just over 2100 people that was founded in 1903.


Walking the streets of downtown you certainly get the small town feel but the well-traveled highway’s 2 and 41 merge in Newport which creates some traffic and a condensed area of gas stations, grocery stores and a couple hardware stores at the edge of town.

Everyone we talked to said that because the town is considered a resort town the local stores and fuel stations raise their prices so most seem to drive to Coeur d’Alene to shop and get fuel while there.

Even though other than the Mangy Moose we didn’t eat at any there are close to a dozen restaurants scattered around and a few oddball stores to keep you busy if shopping is your thing and I saw an Ace Hardware and a lumber store. But the main entertainment in this area I would say has to be the great outdoors.

IMG_7367 IMG_7366

Friday we packed a lunch, jumped in the Jeep and took a 210 mile driving tour that looped us through a couple small towns and took us through some wonderful country by a number of lakes and a couple waterfalls.

IMG_6936 IMG_6939

We headed out on Hwy 20 to Flower Trail Road, then to Hwy 395 up to the small town of Colville and visited Douglas Falls. We took a fairly steep trail down to a suspension bridge and then to the base of the falls.

IMG_7395 IMG_7394

Diane is standing at the base ofDouglas Falls.

Diane is standing at the base of Douglas Falls.

It was at the bottom of these falls Diane was standing.

It was at the bottom of these falls Diane was standing.


After Douglas Falls we jumped back on Hwy 20 and spent some time driving in the Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge before heading to Crystal Falls where we ate our tasty lunch of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, mmmmm.

Crystal Falls

Crystal Falls

After lunch we headed toward the town of Tiger where we turned towards home and followed the Pend Oreille River back to Newport before turning and heading home.

Can you see me???

Can you see me???

How about now!!!

How about now!!!

We saw some wildlife even though they tried to hide from us LOL!!!

I love old barns but toss in an old truck and wow!!!

I love old barns but toss in an old truck and wow!!!

And I guess being an old Iowa farm boy I still have a love for old barns. And when they are sitting proudly in an open field it’s hard for me to pass by without a picture, unfortunately may times it’s just not possible to stop and get one but when we can we do.


I love this type of view!!

I love this type of view!!

Saturday after our long day of touring we stayed home the next day and did a number of bike rides and hiked some bare land around the sub-division making plans of how we would situate a RV barn and living quarters to take advantages of the views LOL!!! Diane and I used to walk property all the time back when we were always actively looking for another opportunity. It was like we jumped right back in the flow.

IMG_7392 IMG_7391 IMG_6972 IMG_6971 IMG_6947 IMG_2963

Sunday we jumped in the Jeep and went on another driving tour that was roughly 150 miles. This time we headed to the town of Priest River and turned north on Hwy 57 towards Priest Lake. We drove both sides of the lake and even though it is a nice big lake it was a little anti-climactic to us. I guess we were expecting more but we still saw something new.

Moose Lake

Moose Lake

Priest Lake

Priest Lake

Priest Lake

Priest Lake

On the way home we stopped in at the local Ace Hardware store to pick up a couple mouse traps, yup, after almost 3 years we had our first signs of having a mouse in the RV Saturday since hitting the road. In fact Sunday morning I opened the cupboard doors to check for more signs and what did I find? A mouse in our empty garbage can under the sink!!

Now that was pretty stupid of you to jump into an empty garbage can wasn't it.

Now that was pretty stupid of you to jump into an empty garbage can wasn’t it.

This one got lucky because Diane grabbed the can before I could take it outside to send it to its maker. She took it away from our area and released it. Trust me, if there are more they WILL NOT be so lucky.

(A funny thing) Diane is a catch & release type person. If I see a spider in the coach I’ll tell her about it and she will grab her plastic cup and card, catch it and take it outside. SO now we possibly have more mice. But she fully understand we simply CAN NOT have mice hanging around in the RV. They have to do, dead or alive.

But for fun I told her we would put that empty garbage can back under the sink tonight with nothing but bait inside AND we will set 2 mouse traps. If a mouse so happens to jump or drop down in the garbage can again it will be pardoned and released outside. They will choose their own destiny. If they choose the traps, oh well.

That takes us through Sunday 6/21. We just finished a couple mile bike ride and plan to kick back the remainder of the evening.

All we have planned for Monday is to visit the small museum in Newport (it was closed when we tried to visit it a few days ago), pick up a few groceries, finish washing the RV, a bike ride or two and some chilling before our next travel day on Tuesday.

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3 Responses to Our closing days in Newport Washington

  1. A great post! Thank you.

  2. Jeff Smith says:

    Great! Thanks for the photo tour. I was born in Newport, Washington, in 1949. My Dad was in the Forest Service stationed in Priest River, Idaho, and the closest hospital was in Newport across the state line. Appreciate the memory tour of the great scenery around there.

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