Enjoying ourselves at Spring Ridge Estates

Wednesday 6/17/15 was another one of our LONG travel days, yup, an entire 45 miles!!! Whew!!!

Because we had such a short travel day there was certainly no hurry to get on the road but to Diane’s dislike I just can’t make myself sit around on travel days. I would rather get on the road and drive slower than to try and force myself to sit at camp on travel days. I have always been that way and its one thing about me that I’m certain will never change. I tell Diane every time that she will just need to deal with it LOL!!

We did manage to postpone lifting our jacks from our normal 9am until 10 but then we were on our way. It was a very nice, slow paced drive on all 2 lane secondary roads except for the first 7 miles that were in Coeur d’Alene and on a 4 lane highway leaving town.


In just a tad over an hour we were pulling into our destination at the Springdale Ridge Estates. A 55 & over subdivision of 58 parcels ranging from 2 to 20 acres just a few miles outside of Newport Washington. The site we were given is a nice 5 acre chunk of land with full hookups.


IMG_7359 IMG_7361

It’s very peaceful and quiet here and everyone certainly has their elbow space. This development reminds us very much of where we last owned land in Oregon, Except that this development allows the use of a RV as a home where our last property we could not.



Many areas or developments will not allow a RV to be used as a home on land and that’s what makes this one unique and worth checking out in our minds. PLUS it’s a 55 & older community. A person can build a stick built home (1100 sq ft min.) and have a separate spot for a RV pad or have a RV building with living quarters (Living area min. 600 sqft) plus a separate RV pad or build a pole barn type RV cover and have a separate RV pad for guests or build nothing at all and simply have 2 separate RV parking pads period. (No manufactured homes allowed)

IMG_7375 IMG_7383

Each lot comes with a well, septic and a 200amp service and a 50’ asphalt approach off the main street. There are some written guide lines in place to protect the land values but once you purchase the land there are no further dues except what normally comes with owning land like taxes ext.

IMG_7376 IMG_7384

The cheapest lots are 2 acre’s and are listed at $83,000. 5 acre lots range from $96K to $101K and 10 acre lots list for $122K. Not bad if you consider it includes septic, power and a well.


So in a nut shell you would be a land owner with the option to live in an RV in an area with some nice homes and like-minded people.

Speaking of people, every Tuesday a group of owners get together and have breakfast together. We just pulled in the day before the gathering and within hours we had an invite to tag along. Of course we jumped on the opportunity.

Everyone met at the Mangy Moose and the group that morning consisted of 15 people and everyone was supper friendly. The majority just spend a few months a year in the area and head south for the winter but a couple hang around through the winter months.

And a group gets together every morning to walk the 2 miles of county maintained roads in the subdivision for some exercise and social time. The speed limit on the roads is 25mph which make them nice for walking or bike riding and the only people on them are residents, it’s nor a main road at all.

The homes are about 8 miles outside of Newport which has all the amenities you would need and there are a bunch of lakes and miles of rivers nearby as well as a couple ski resorts for the people that don’t mind the cold and a few golf courses.

Spokane Washington and Coeur d’Alene Idaho are both about 40 miles away as far as major towns.

We happened across the Developer (Gary) at the FMCA Rally in Indio last year and gathered up information. They offer up to a 4 week stay on one of the lots with full hookup at no charge just so you can check the place out. And even though Gary did top by to see if we had everything we needed or had any questions it certainly is not a high pressure sales pitch thing. And because all of the residents speak so highly of Gary and because they are all so friendly Gary doesn’t have to be a salesman LOL!!! The residents and the beautiful surrounding do all the selling needed.

If we didn’t already have reservations by Glacier NP I’m sure we would hang around longer than the 6 days we spoke for, trust me.


I’m not sure that after only being on the road 3 years that we are ready to be land owners again, or if we will ever be. But if we were this is a spot we would certainly put on our list of possibilities. And if we happened to have friends or family in the area it would be a strong consideration down the line, but not right now.


We have been enjoying the peace and tranquility but have also done some touring, in fact yesterday we did a 200 mile loop and saw some wildlife and great scenery. We will do a separate update on that soon. In the meantime just know we are really enjoying our little piece of heaven right here on earth until Tuesday when we will move on.

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3 Responses to Enjoying ourselves at Spring Ridge Estates

  1. This sure looks like something that we might also be interested in also! Thanks for checking it out scout!

  2. debbiemc14 says:

    What a pretty area. That’s something we would consider for later as well. Thanks for sharing.

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