Travel day to McMinnville

Monday 6/1/15 rolled around and with it came a travel day. We were woken up by some pretty loud thunder and some rain during the night but we were lucky enough that the rain had stopped which made it nice getting ready to roll. That’s about where the luck ended however.

We have had an inside, passenger side duel with a slow leak over the last few weeks. It’s been losing about 5 PSI every day while sitting. Going down the road it seemed to not lose pressure at all so I figured it was time to have it checked. And because today was a pretty short travel day and there was a tire shop close by I figured it was a good time to get it done.

So we rolled into the shop at 8:30 and before long they said it was a valve extension that was leaking but they didn’t have one in stock however knew where I could get one. So Diane and I headed out to buy one and then took it back to the shop. They put it on and said we were good to go, perfect. Well maybe not.

We decided to take a nice 2 lane road (highway 99) from Coburg (just outside of Eugene) to our next destination. It’s a nice 2 lane road that meanders through farmland and through a couple small towns.

Everything was going fine, the tire monitor showed all as being well and we were rolling with confidence. Before long I looked at the tire monitor and it showed the PSI in all tires getting higher as they should as they heat up, well all but 1 tire. Yup, the tire we supposedly just had repaired was simply holding steady, hmmmm. Before long it actually lost a couple psi. The mood changed at that point.

Of course we were on a 2 lane road which meant places to pull a big rig over were few and far between but there was no need for anything drastic just yet. I will fast forward a bit but know that I drove the entire way with one eye on the tire monitor and with fingers crossed. We left Coburg with 103 PSI in the tire and when we reached our campground in McMinnville it was down to 86psi.

Because I know that with the weight of our rig we could actually run our rear tires at 90psi I worry a bunch other than it’s best to keep the psi the same on all rear tires. But because we were traveling a short distance and we were not running at freeway speed or in hot weather I only stressed over it a little. But if it had dropped much more I would have found a spot to pull over and broke out the compressor.

Once we were all set up I called a local Les Schwab Tire Shop and they confirmed they had a lot that would handle rigs our size and we plan to stop in on our way out of town on Wednesday morning.

At the end of the evening I went out and checked the psi one last time and it had dropped to 55psi.

Even though I had tested the possibility of having a leak in the actual tire monitor sensor before I figured I would check again and removed it overnight. When I got up this morning (Tuesday) and checked the psi with a hand gauge it appeared to have only lost a couple psi. But it was so close that I will air the tire up this morning after quite time is over and let it sit all day while we tour the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum. Yup, we are going to see the Spruce Goose!!

This guy did a bunch of low fly overs while we were walking around outside of the museum.

This guy did a bunch of low fly overs while we were walking around outside of the museum.

The Museum hours are from 9 to 5 and by the time we rolled in yesterday and took care of business it was already 2pm so we just walked over and checked out the outside exhibits (which is free). The $25 entry fee is only good for one day so we want to get our money’s worth and be able to take our time.

IMG_6830 IMG_6825

We will do a separate update just for the museum. But beware, I’m sure it will be heavy with pictures!!

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3 Responses to Travel day to McMinnville

  1. Dave we had a leak on an inner tire when the rig was brand new. Yes, it was a bad valve extension. You might try taking off the extension all together, put the tire sensor in place, and roll down the road for a bit to test the theory. I’m seriously thinking about going to the Dually Valve product (a one piece valve with no extension) when I get new tires next time.

  2. colibabas says:

    I had a hunch McMinnville and the Aviation Museum was your destination. One of my favourites…Enjoy!

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