Minor repairs to our Home on Wheels

First things first, we got a call from Diane’s doctor and the lab tests came back CLEAN!!!! Almost 4 year’s cancer free!!!! Even though there have been no reason to think otherwise it’s always a nail biter when this time of year rolls around.

Thursday morning rolled around and our service tech “Dan” walked up to our door right at 8 o’clock like he said he would and got right to work with no lolly-gagging (I like this guy). He only had a couple small things to do so we decided to hang around.

None of the things we had done were earth shattering but hey, it was all covered under warranty so why not get it done and let a shop do the work. What did we have done you ask??

#1- on one of our day/night shades a night shade would not stay down so we had a new unit installed.

#2- the front Fantastic Fan squeaked so loud that you could hardly talk over it so a new unit was installed.

#3- Remember when we were locked in a few months back by a defective dead-bolt? Well we had a new one installed. May still not use it while inside lol!!

#4- the finish on the 2 basket strainers in the kitchen sink was poor and it really bothered Diane so we had 2 new ones installed.

#5- The locking mechanism on the dishwasher door has been broken since day one and we have always used bungee cords to hold it shut during travel. So we had that repaired.

#6- One of the two HDMI splitters went belly up and we have not been able to play DVD’s for some time. So we had a new one installed.

#7- We acquired a leak that was coming from the shower just a short time ago. So we traced that down and it was repaired.

#8- The new low profile air-conditioners they installed on the early model 2014’s are VERY loud. Far louder than the air-conditioners on our last moor home and others we hear around campground. And last year when our rear unit went bad and was replaced we noticed a huge difference in the sound compared to the original. The new one was easily HALF the noise level.

After some research I found out that the original units came with a 6 blade fan-blade inside and the newer units come with a 3 blade. And even though the performance is every bit as good or maybe better with the new 3 blade they are much quieter. So we bought 2 new fan blades to the tune of $23 and Tiffin paid for the install under warranty along with the other items.

Everything was completed and we were driving off the lot by noon with no money out of pocket (other than the small gratuity we slipped our tech. He was fantastic.) Once again we had a good experience at RV Corral and will no doubt use them again if in the area and need any work done.

At this point our Home on Wheels is actually in better shape than it was when we left Lazy Days with it. I think the only things left on our warranty list to have taken care of are 2 windows. We have one that has had scratches on it from the beginning and one by the co-pilot seat that leaks. I actually have the leak stopped now by using some foam insulating tape but it’s not right so a new window is in the future. Tiffin has this on record so we can do it anytime. I guess the windows come with new window trim and because ours are painted and have some striping that matches the coach it might take a couple days to do the job when the time comes.

Once we rolled out we headed towards our new home for the next 4 nights at Armitage Park Campground.


We have a nice spot that is nestled in the trees. Great for shade but not so good for satellite. That’s ok because there are plenty of local stations we can get over our antenna if we want TV.


The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent with a couple walks by the river and a bike ride. We tried sitting outside to enjoy the evening but the mosquito’s won the battle and we retreated inside and chilled in front of the TV.


And it looks like there will be a gathering of Ural’s over the weekend. It should make for some interesting viewing. Here are a couple samples of what has rolled in so far.


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9 Responses to Minor repairs to our Home on Wheels

  1. debbiemc14 says:

    1. Yay for Diane’s good news!
    2. Don’t ya love when you can find a good repair service that gets things DONE?
    3. Urals, cool!

  2. sfischer1 says:

    So glad to hear that Diane has another “clean bill of health”.
    It’s good that your items are slowly getting taken care of on the MH, also.

  3. Dianne & Tom says:

    So glad for Diane’s good test results! And good that you got the mh repairs taken care of. Now you both can relax a bit 🙂

  4. explorvistas says:

    Woo-hoo times 4 for four years cancer free, Diane! Awesome news to have, for sure!


  5. Sandie says:

    Love to hear the good news about Diane. I know exactly what you mean about the nail biting time. We’re at three years now for Jim and we’re still going every six months. But those words cancer free sure are good to hear.

  6. Richard King says:

    Great to see the news about Dianne’s Lab results!! In comparison, the MH problems are just small irritants. Congratulations, Dianne.

  7. Dave & Diane says:

    Boy, ya got that right Richard!!

  8. colibabas says:

    Congrats Diane…that’s awesome news!

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