Round 2 part 2 of in southern Oregon. Good times with great friends

We have had a good stay for round 2 here is southern Oregon. We had a couple days of off and on rain but nothing bad and the state park was pretty empty for the first 5 days but then started filling up for the Memorial Day weekend which we knew would happen. But the sites in the F loop here at the Valley of the Rogue State Park are for the most part spaced out nicely so it wasn’t bad. And even though we were moved from the site where we originally had reservations the new site gave us no neighbor on our patio side which was nice.

For the most part Rich & Chris and Diane and I hung around camp catching up on old and new times, eating too much and not exercising enough LOL!! Something that is going to need to change pretty soon, for me anyway, or we will be taking a hard look at a new RV with a wider front door!!


Speaking of friends and eating, Wednesday afternoon we had a group of friends come out for a feast fit for a king. Rich did up a few Tri-Tips on the BBQ and everyone else brought a side dish so we had more than enough great food to go around and having all the friends together was priceless.

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And as an added treat our friends Lee & Coleen drove down in there “new to them” motorhome and spent the night.


The only thing that might have made the gathering any better would have been if I would have remembered to take pictures LOL!! I was so wrapped up in just enjoying the moment that I didn’t really give it a thought, well until it was too late.


Thursday after saying “see ya later” to Coleen & Lee it was a kick back day. Diane went in and got a haircut and had lunch with her friend Sheryl before coming home where we all just hung out. The weather wasn’t the greatest with off and on showers that kept us playing tag by sitting out under the sky and then moving chairs and hunkered down under the awning until the rain stopped again.


By the time evening came around it was too wet to have a campfire and all the moving of the chairs and relaxing was very tiring and we all called it and evening about 8:30 I think LOL!! That sitting around sometimes is more tiring than being active I think.


Friday morning looked a lot more promising weather wise. The clouds had started moving out of the area and some blue skies were showing.

Friday was also the day I had one last 2 hour appointment scheduled at Jeff Gogue’s Tattoo shop ( to finish my sleeve.

I sat under the needle for about 12 hours between two sessions having the grey portion of the tattoo done right after I stopped working and before hitting the road and during this visit I sat through one session of 5 hours and now this short 2 hour session to finish up.


Jeff has been featured in over 55 magazines and out of 101 of the top tattoo artists in the world he was listed as #18 in 2012 (


Jeff travels to other countries to enter contests and attend and teach at events which is amazing enough but people travel from all around the United States to have him do tattoo’s. Jeff pretty much does not take on new clients very often and I was fortunate enough to become one of Jeff’s clients back around 2010 I guess before he became so well-known so I am grandfathered in and am fortunate enough to be able to schedule time with him. But there are no walk-ins, as I left his shop this time I was told he is booked out through April 2016!! So even though I wasn’t planning on any more work they suggested I schedule some time just in case I changed my mind so I could get in during our next visit to the area next year, which I did.

On my way home and as I entered the campground I came across our friends Mike & Kathie who we met back in January while camping with a group in Quartzsite Arizona.

They were in the area having some suspension upgrade work done on their motorhome and knew we were in the area and booked one night in the state park. Once again I say, it really is a small world.


Because of the holiday weekend there were only able to get a site for one night but we were still able to have a great visit, have lunch and dinner together and share one night’s camp fire together before they lifted jacks and continued on their journey. And from the sounds of there (loose) future plan’s it might be a couple years before our paths cross again, but I’m sure they will. And when they do we will pick right back up where we left off, probably breaking bread and sharing a campfire LOL!! They also keep a blog ( that we keep up with their travels on as they do ours. So when the time comes that we are in the same area again we all will know and I’m sure will get together.

Then it was Rich & Chris’s turn to take off. After breaking camp they had some time to kill before checkout so they came over and kicked back and visited for a while before hitting the road for their long travel day of about 25 miles LOL!! Not 15 minutes went by before someone was backing into Rich & Chris’s spot after they left. So goes the holiday weekends in a state park.

20150523_120401_4 20150523_120928


After everyone left Diane and I sat and enjoyed the nice day a little while before she headed into town to get some potato’s to go along with our dinner. Our friends Maurice & Bonnie who we hadn’t had a chance to meet up with this time around where coming out to spend the evening around 4.


20150523_174250 20150523_173305(0)

We had dinner together and a great evening around the fire catching up. We met Bonnie & Maurice during our sand rail and dune riding days and have camped together and spent many many exhilarating and great days in the sand with them. And have spent many days in our Jeeps running trails while we lived here in Oregon. It’s never hard to look back and find numerous things to laugh about when we are together. Fun times and great friends.

That's me in the yellow buggy and Maurice in the blue having a little fun.

That’s me in the yellow buggy and Maurice in the blue having a little fun.

Diane in our yellow buggy and Bonnie in the blue one chilling

Diane in our yellow buggy and Bonnie in the blue one chilling

Or this. It may not look bad but he was buried way down there and water surrounded the finger. It took us an hour to get him out of that spot and nightfall was getting close LOL!!

Or this. It may not look bad but he was buried way down there and water surrounded the finger. It took us an hour to get him out of that spot and nightfall was getting close LOL!!

And I don't know why there are so many of our stories that are based on Maurice being in situations like this LOL!! HEY MAURICE!!!! You are not in the Jeep!!!

And I don’t know why there are so many of our stories that are based on Maurice being in situations like this LOL!! HEY MAURICE!!!! You are not in the Jeep!!!

(The san rail pictures are probably 5 or 6 years old)

A little after 10pm we decided to call it and evening and say our, see ya next years and away they went. (Oh, sorry about the pictures Maurice but I couldn’t resist the blast to the past after our evening together LOL!!!)

Well that catches us up to Sunday morning 5/24. I think our plans today are minimal (I hope), maybe I will do some cleaning on the coach, maybe we will take Diane’s car to storage, OR maybe we will just chill and watch the 99th running of the Indy 500 and have a nice quiet day (that’s my pick LOL!!). Only time will tell. But one thing is for sure, we have had a great time catching up with many of our friends over the last 6 days.

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6 Responses to Round 2 part 2 of in southern Oregon. Good times with great friends

  1. Don Capellani says:

    Do know what those tattoos are going to look like when your old .oh wait you already are.I had mine done when I was a teenager and you should see them now.they were also done by famous artist of the time with the latest ink doesn’t matter as you age they do to. Mine were done by Tatts Thomas and Cliff Raven in Chicago in 1956-57 .id send a pictures but blue blobs don’t photograph well. Did everyone’s donation to Amazon help fund that crap
    If you get an infection is it covered under Obama care?
    Just asking


    • Dave & Diane says:

      I know what ya mean Don, the sleeve I had done was to cover a 30 year old dragon tattoo I had done when I was taking martial arts that was looking pretty poorly after the years. Don’t even know it was there now. And I guess if I could have talked Jeff into doing the work for free the answer would be yes, the money we made from Amazon would have covered the bill LOL!!
      Obama care!!??!! Right,,,, I pay for my own insurance with no help from the government, OR anyone else.
      Hope all is well on your end.

  2. Mike Fischer says:

    Was great to see you guys again even if just for one afternoon. And boy did we luck out by having Rich & Chris “standing by” to feed us non stop! Did you make it out to see the hydroplane boat trials?

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Yup, we really enjoyed our short visit and Rich enjoys that kind of thing as well.
      Nope, didn’t see the boats today, we ended up watching the Indy 500 and then took Diane’s car back to storage and ended up going to Rich & Chris’s house to visit the rest of the afternoon and early evening.

  3. Juanita Capellani says:

    So how come my reply doesn’t show up

    • Dave & Diane says:

      I’ll tell you why Juanita, it seems to me that you have a standard statement where you change only the thing you are attacking such as “toys” or “tattoo” and then the rest of the post is simply copied word for word to promote your cause. I’m thinking we are not the only people you do this to and I have marked you as “spam” so your posts will NOT show up.
      I will also tell you now that this will be the last time I even acknowledge your responses. You have reached the door to door bible thumper status that puts there foot in the door as it’s being shut in my book . I’m sure your cause would not be very thrilled with the way you promote them.
      Once again, have a great life.

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