Round 1 in Portland complete

Is it too soon to be longing for the desert already this year? Maybe it’s just the big city making my mind wander to some of the wide open spaces and sparsely populated areas we have enjoyed in the desert.


I don’t know how we ever lived in the big city why back when. It just drives me crazy now, and more me than Diane. In the almost 3 years we have been on the road I can’t remember a time I have spent so much time in the RV while in an area and I’m content doing so to avoid the multiple lanes of traffic. At least when we lived here there were some down times where you could almost find an empty roadway but that sure has changed over the years. Of course we are not out on the roads in the wee hours of the night, there might be some mellow times then but that does us no good LOL!!


Heck one day while Diane was visiting her mom I didn’t really have any planes so I thought I would just go drive around and see if I could find anything of interest. But before long I found myself sitting in a line of traffic at a stoplight and it took the light turning green 3 times before I even made it close enough to have a chance to make it through during the next green. At that point I made a series of turns that put me on a route right back home and said to heck with it. Diane says I sound like an old geezer. But I say I know what I like and don’t like and if I have no REAL reason to be in that sort of traffic I’m not going to be. I’ve said it before that I hate big cities and that will never change. Oh well, enough of that LOL!!

This park is strict with rules. First time in 3 years that I needed to sign a waiver just so I could use the work out area.

This park is strict with rules. First time in 3 years that I needed to sign a waiver just so I could use the work out area.

Actually our stay in Portland has gone pretty much as expected (traffic and all). Over the last two weeks Diane has spent every single day except one at her mom’s from mid-morning until evening time playing games, watching TV, going shopping, cleaning or doing whatever. She still wanted to help get her more ready for the move but because the move date could still be 2 or 3 months away it’s hard to really do a bunch I guess.


Speaking of the move, the house that we thought her brother was going to make a move on fell through. I mentioned how hot the market is right now in Portland and Vancouver, well before he could even make an offer just 1 day after it went on the market there were 4 offers already on the table!! And because even though it was a house they liked it was not one they liked well enough to get into a bidding war over so back to the searching mode. So at this point they have until mid-July to vacate their current home and me in another, but the other hasn’t been found yet. A little stressful for them I’m sure.


The good thing is that none of this is really effecting their mom and they have a friend that has offered them the living quarters in there basement until something can be found if need be. A very nice gesture but added work. We told them they could sleep on our couch but would take no blame if one morning they woke up in Idaho, then Montana or Wyoming making their morning commute to work very long LOL!!

The pond and small sitting area here at the RV Park

The pond and small sitting area here at the RV Park

But our first 2 weeks in Portland has come to an end and it’s time to move on. We are headed back to a state park in southern Oregon for a week. This next week will be a busy one. I have 4 dentist appointments already scheduled at 10:30 each morning the first 4 days we are there and Diane has her doctor’s appointments and an appointment to get her hair cut. Plus I need to go to the DMV and get new tags for the Jeep. And we have 3 sets of friends that will be popping in and out to camp with us all ranging from 1 night to 4 nights each plus we have a BBQ planned one night where other friends will come out and visit that won’t be camping with us. A pretty full schedule (Ohhhhh that schedule word LOL!!) Then we need to get Diane’s car back into storage before we leave the area next week as well. It’s going to be a very full week but fun at the same time.

Diane getting a lesson on how to make authentic Chili Verde.

Diane getting a lesson on how to make authentic Chili Verde.

Then we will head to Eugene and have some warranty work done on the coach before coming back to Portland for another week of family adventures before hitting the road out of Oregon.

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6 Responses to Round 1 in Portland complete

  1. explorvistas says:

    I have to tell you, Dave…I am right there with you on the ‘cities’. We were back in Grand Rapids for a day last week, and the volume level was really noticeable. Then we went to Detroit. Oh, my. I’m happy to say we are back up in Northern Michigan now, and it is nothing but peace and quiet. 🙂


  2. I’m with you Dave on congested areas. I really don’t have a strong desire to head back east this summer, but we feel a bit of an “obligation” to see the family. I’ll just grit my teeth and think of the open spaces out west.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Yup, some things in life you just need to do so you can sleep with yourself at night. And there is just so much to see on the east coast but soooo many people around to make it tough.

  3. Boy do you comments about Portland fit our East Coast version in Myrtle Beach. Just so many more people in just a few short years on the road:o(( Like they say… “You can’t go home again!!” We really have to hunt for some open spaces on this coast;o(( We’re headed to Northern Maine for a reason:o))

  4. Dave & Diane says:

    Northern Maine is on our bucket list but it will probably be a couple years before we et to mark that one off. We will be looking for updates while you are in that area.

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