Oh the challenges of growing older

*(Once again we will splash in a few pictures to break up the read and I will say a little something about them at the end, COOL, cool)*

We have been in the Portland area for a week now and things have been going pretty much as planned.

The main reason we come to Portland is so Diane can spend time with her mom and brother, and of course visit what few friends we still have in the area. Diane’s mom will be turning 90 next month!! I’ve always said that I can only hope I’m doing as well as her at that age. But time eventually catches up with everyone. And for those that are lucky enough to have parents around long enough tough choices have to be made and dealt with. And that time has come for Diane’s family.

Maureen & Diane during a little visit to McMenamins Brewery in Fairview. Maureen is one of Diane's dive buddies.

Maureen & Diane during a little visit to McMenamins Brewery in Fairview. Maureen is one of Diane’s dive buddies.

Yep, her mom has always been a very active lady. Golfing, handing out fliers at the Blazer games and plays at the theater and swimming well into her 80’s. And she still lives alone in her own house. Yup, a pretty amazing lady. But almost 2 years ago she decided “pretty much” on her own “well will a little nudge from the courts” to give up her license to drive. You have to admit that would be hard for anyone.


Now fast forward and toss in a few other things that go along with the maturing part of our lives into the mix and we are at a point in time that Diane’s brother has just sold his house and is making an offer on a new home where their mom can also move into and everyone can live comfortably. The good thing is that the housing market is strong so his house had 4 offers and sold within a week and their mom’s house should sell just as fast. On the flip side the down side is the housing market is strong and as soon as a place goes on the market it’s gone within days making it hard to shop.


It’s a bitter sweet time. (Bitter) Diane’s brother has been in his current home for 13 years and has made mention that he has never liked it (sweet side, he finally found a reason to move into a house that he will be happy to live in). (Bitter) Diane’s mom loses just a little more independence (sweet side is she will be around family instead of living alone, she will eat better, she will have someone around for emergencies, and now the family won’t need to worry about her living alone. And obviously I could go on forever about the bitter sweet thing but those of you that have gone through this type of thing will already know everything there is to say. And for those that have not gone through it yet WILL know what I’m talking about in time. It’s an almost unavoidable and most often unpleasant part of life that has been being dealt with from the beginning of time.


Then there is the guilt side that comes along for siblings that live in different parts of the country, or in our case don’t sit still. It’s obvious to us that if it wasn’t for Diane’s brother stepping up to the plate we would probably be putting an anchor down and holding off on travel for a while. But because he isn’t ready to stop working yet and has no desire to leave the area at this point he’s happy and no doubt proud to take on the task at hand.


There is a funny side. As I mentioned Diane’s mom is turning 90 and she has told everyone that she figures she can make 100, so Diane’s brother spoke up and said he’s more than happy to live with her for the first 5 years but someone else is going to HAVE to take over for the second 5 years LOL!!! Well we all hope we have to test that statement.


So during our stay Diane is giving it her all to spend as much time as she can with her mom and helping in any way she can to take whatever pressure she can off her brother and mom. She has spent most of every day at her moms and really enjoying it. And Saturday 5/9 we all got together and looked at houses, in fact we were able to tour the house that he really liked and decided would be a great next home!! It was fun to share that exciting time. But of course they need to get an offer in place and hope there isn’t multiple offers like most home are seeing in the area. Time will tell.


We will be in Portland for another 3 weeks off and on between now and the middle of June and all we really expect is more of the same. Except Diane’s sister and nephews will be coming up in 3 weeks for a 90th Birthday Bash!! It might turn into a Birthday Bash / boxing up stuff for a move party. That just might drive her brother bonkers and ask us all to leave so he can handle things his own way LOL!!! And I wouldn’t blame him to be honest.

20150507_131806 20150507_131738

So at this point our plans are still intact but we are on a (could be changed at any moment) status.

Because I wanted to give Diane plenty of quality alone time with her mom and because I’m not a good sit around type I have tried to make somewhat good use of my time by spending some time checking out a few of the old stomping grounds. And that’s where the pictures come in.


The Columbia Gorge and the scenic highway 30 were always a couple of my favorite areas around Portland. So it’s natural that every time we visit I find myself in those areas. There are some great trails to hike, short and long, easy and difficult. And some great scenery.

On Mother’s Day we brought Diane’s mom out to watch a taped Dave Letterman’s Tribute that she thought she taped but somehow didn’t. Luckily Diane had it taped and hadn’t deleted it yet.

Diane and her mom watching a taped Dave Letterman's tribute on Mothers Day.

Diane and her mom watching a taped Dave Letterman’s tribute on Mothers Day.

We had a nice visit along with a little lunch and some pineapple upside down cake which was her only request for Mother’s Day.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you mom’s!!

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5 Responses to Oh the challenges of growing older

  1. explorvistas says:

    Great post, Dave. We definitely are right there with you, as Diana is taking care of her mom also.


  2. debbiemc14 says:

    So true. We’re at the beginnings of this on both our sides. But we have the flexibility to be near either if needed.

  3. Dianne & Tom says:

    As always, we enjoy following along with your adventures via your blog. Good that Diane is having this time with her mother during transition. While we were in Borrego Springs in December, I took a drive over the mountain to see the retirement apartment my parents were moving into on New Year’s Day in Fallbrook. They are turning 88 and 91 this year, and we are so glad they made this decision on their own. And, I have a brother there to help out, also. They have been very happy with their move and simplified life after living in a big house! Hope Diane’s mom and brother will enjoy the new home! You guys be well… look forward to seeing you in July! Hugs!!

    • Dave & Diane says:

      I remember you telling us about that. It sure would be a lot easier if Diane’s mom would agree to assisted living or at least let someone in and help with things and look out for her a few times a week but she will have NOTHING to do with that. That has been made pretty clear LOL!! Mom can still speak when she wants to. And we are looking forward to seeing you guys this summer as well. Yep, end of July or early August.

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